Bin and done it

binWell Readers, I broke some new ground today.  Normally as you well know, I only knock the kitchen bin over and raid it once everyone has gone out.  This morning however, Gingercat started yowling to come in at 5.40am and She stomped back upstairs moaning that the bldy alarm would be going off in fifteen minutes blah blah blah.  Usually I follow and go back to bed but today was different – I knew for a fact that some crusts of garlic bread were chucked in the bin last night, and boy could I smell them.  So I waited a suitable amount of time until all was quiet upstairs, and then I knocked the bin over with a loud bang.

Well, what a treat!  I worked very fast pulling everything out of the bin and dragging stuff round the kitchen floor – it was pretty full as usual – and was delighted to find the garlic bread crusts. Plus quite a lot of other things.  By the time the penny had dropped with anyone upstairs, as to what the loud bang was, it was far too late and no amount of running down the stairs shouting at me was going to be effective.  I felt this was a cracking start to the day.

Not everyone agreed.

Now I know what you’re thinking – why on earth are they throwing crusts of garlic bread into the household rubbish bin?  This is environmentally unacceptable.  Anyone with a modicum of sense puts their garlic bread crusts onto the bird table, or at the very least into the food compost bin provided by the local council for this very purpose.  Or possibly just give them to one’s dog. I have no idea why my family put them into the bin, and have raised this with them.

There have been several questionable decisions here lately.  Last night was full of them!  After dinner, Lad and Young Lad were told they had to help empty the oversized paddling pool thing in the garden, as it was killing the grass and the water would soon be turning green.  Now, how to remove 2000 litres of water from the pool.  Oh Readers, how I laughed.  Instructions were read, a cap was unscrewed and an attempt was made to attach the garden hose in order to drain the water.  The only problem was that the pool was sitting at the bottom of the garden and there was no way in the law of physics that the water was going to run uphill.  It took half an hour for this to be understood.

So now what to do?  Well there was nothing for it – Young Lad and Lad were made to carry jugs/washing up bowls of water from the pool to the drain over and over and over again.  With three of them on it (for She did join in) this only took a couple of hours.  Or so it seemed.

Eventually there was enough water removed for the three of them to lift one side of the pool and flip it over – please don’t think this was a smooth, swift action – and so the pool was emptied.  In addition the garden was completely flooded.

Really it was just too funny.  They have no idea whatsoever.  The purchase of the oversized paddling pool is now being regretted and some investigation needs to be made into a more efficient method of emptying the bldy thing.  I’ll be very surprised if the pool sees the light of day again, regardless of how bldy hot it gets.

Young Lad is asleep on the sofa, as he is completely exhausted.  Partly this is due the pool-emptying fiasco of last night, but today Young Lad played in a Staff v Pupils cricket match after school for nearly three hours.  The pupils won, which is worrying.  Being Wednesday, we really should be at cricket training this evening but Young Lad was nearly asleep when he returned home from his school match, so the idea was knocked on the head.  Disappointing.

It’s very peaceful, what with Young Lad asleep on the sofa and the sound of blackbirds chirping in the evening garden through the open French doors.  If they turned off 24 Hours in A&E it would be even more peaceful –  the beeping! It drives me mad.  So does the silly dramatic music.

I’ve had two lovely days with dear, dear Pippa and we had such fun.  Yesterday I rolled in fox poo so Pippa’s Pack Leader had to bath me before I went home. Today i didn’t roll in anything but I still had a nice day.  I didn’t knock any bins over or anything at dear Pippa’s house.

Pippa’s Pack Leader and Ebony’s Pack Leader have both said that I would be much better behaved if I had a companion, and that She ought to get another dog for me.  I think the phrase was over my dead body.

Lad has been busy catching up with schoolwork as usual, and thinking of money-making schemes.  I feel Lad should be praised far more for the latter than he is, and I can see quite well why he doesn’t want to do shifts at Nandos – though I think I would quite enjoy this.

I’m so exhausted that I have been lying upside down in my chair waving my paws tonight.  I need to find the energy for a day at Ebony’s house tomorrow – usually I sleep a lot there, but it’s still exhausting.

See you soon,




Author: boredbeagle

Slightly stocky beagle who lives with a family. This is She, He, Lad and Young Lad. And Gingercat. Generally doesn't get enough attention and so writes this blog to let everyone know what his life is like. You need to start from page one (First Attempt).. Go on, it's worth the effort.

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