Cottage Comfort

So here I am Readers, as you can see by the photo, enjoying life in a beautiful country cottage a few weekends ago. I had travelled there in style in a large Range Rover, as this is the quality of life I was meant for. The weekend had been organised quite a while ago, in order to meet up with family and Have Fun.

We did have fun, Readers. Mostly I sat by the large outdoor dining table whenever the family was gathered round it eating, and I was given lots of titbits and snacks. As they spent most of the weekend eating and drinking round this table – and playing silly games with post-it notes on the forehead or a card game called Uno which involved a lot of shouting, I ask you – I was quite happy. The beautiful country cottage had a beautiful country garden, in which I had a comfort break the moment I arrived and quite a few more thereafter. I was moaned at, of course, because some members of the family wanted to lie on sunloungers with their friend Gordon – clink clink goes the ice – and it spoiled the ambience that I was needing so many comfort breaks.

On the second day a decision was made to walk to a ‘nearby’ pub. My New Buddy looked it up and felt the next village wasn’t too far away, and it promised to be a pleasant walk along a disused railway track.

It wasn’t that pleasant, Readers. Disused railway tracks are often infuriatingly inhabited by cyclists. Now I don’t mind cyclists per se, but when they creep up behind you and can’t be bothered to ring their warning bell, it is very disconcerting. This happened a lot and I had to keep moving to one side. Plus New Buddy’s estimate of how far away the pub was turned out to be slightly optimistic Friends – I really shouldn’t be made to walk over six miles on a Saturday lunchtime. I made a point of barking and whingeing so they couldn’t enjoy their pub lunch in peace.

But all in all it was lovely to get away from all the stress I’m under, and much fun was had by all.

Then of course, there has been the excitement of a big football match recently. Young Lad, She and I went to watch this at New Buddy’s house with New Buddy The Younger, and it was super fun. Well the football bored me rigid, but it was nice to be in a house with people who love me and give me attention for a change.

It’s very hot today, Readers. We are experiencing a mini-heatwave which means it will last three days and everyone will moan about it. I’ve even had to come in from the garden as the sun is too strong. Young Lad on the other hand has just been told to get off the bldy Xbox and go OUT in the strong sun, in the vague hope that he may turn slightly less pallid.

Young Lad has been out in the strong sun for three minutes. He has come back in and said the sun is too strong for him. Poor Young Lad.

Lad is heading off to the gym again – he does this every day. All this going to the gym has meant that Lad rarely has a top on and prefers to walk around bare chested. If questioned, Lad says he is hot. Nobody believes him.

She has been very busy at work doing Lots of Hours and doesn’t give me or Gingercat much attention. Or, in fact Lad or Young Lad. This is very poor parenting and we are left to fend for ourselves, with a plethora or post-it notes left lying around, or snippy text messages. Mostly these are instructions such as “tidy the kitchen!” or “page 34 Maths book,” and it is all very dreary. Lad, Young Lad and I keep our heads down and just relax.

Well the heat is quite exhausting me, Readers. I’ve chewed through the handle of Young Lad’s Nike school rucksack, just for the fun of it, and She was very cross as Nike Rucksacks aren’t cheap and I’ve got through quite a lot of them now. I don’t know why I chew the rucksack straps. There’s not really anything in it for me – it just gives me something to do. I’m not sorry I did it.

I was going for a nice walk into town to the cafe this morning, but it really is too hot so I have stayed in my armchair instead. I’ve got my eye on the bin, though, and as She is Very Tired, there is bound to be a mistake made soon and I’ll be able to go through it. I know there are some out of date yogurts in there. Yum.

I need to have a rest now, Friends, as I’ve worn myself out with activity today.

See you soon,


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