Sausage rolls

sausage rolls Look, Readers, I realise an awful lot of my blog posts surround the subject of food but I make no apology for this. As if the korma from the other night wasn’t delicious enough, Young Lad came home from school yesterday with the results of his Food Tech lesson.  Oh my word – if I thought the Rock Cakes and Flapjack were a triumph, then these sausage rolls surpassed even those!  The pastry was as light as a feather and melted in the mouth.  Well it would have melted in my mouth if it had stayed there long enough.

Now don’t forget that Young Lad had said as he didn’t like the pastry of normal sausage rolls, he would use chicken instead of pork sausage meat.  And so these delicious sausage rolls contained chicken sausage and – get this! – Young Lad in an explosion of creativity, added chopped up apple for sweetness and some tarragon.  I know!  The result was utterly delectable – She gave me a small rather squashed up one to try, and I LOVED it.  Oh hurrah hurrah for Food Technology, that’s all I can say.

I’ve had a jolly nice few days as everyone has been at work or school, so I’ve spent the days with my dear friends.  Pippa and I spent the day together yesterday and I was as good as gold all day, and then today I’ve been at dear, dear Ebony’s house.  We’ve had two very long walks, it has to be said, and I’m exhausted so there will be a lot of loud snoring again all evening.  

Recently they have been watching something called Prison Break, which seems terribly exciting as every so often She or Young Lad shout “Oh no!!” and they seem very tense a lot of the time.  I will annoy them by snoring loudly over the quiet, sinister bits this evening but that serves them right for being at work and school all the time.  Or  not giving me any pizza this evening.  I whined and grizzled but all I was given were some carrot batons.  This is very poor.

Yesterday morning, Readers, do you know what I saw out the window?  Five flakes of snow!  Oh no, I thought to myself, not a return to The Beast From The East;  you may remember how much I didn’t enjoy that last year.  I can see nothing pleasant whatsoever in walking miles on cold, wet white stuff.  It’s only enjoyable when She falls over, and then it’s quite funny.  Luckily the five flakes of snow stopped quite quickly and I could go back to sleep.  I truly hope that’s it for this year’s snow.

Dinner last night was a selection of ready meals from Sparks Means Marks as She had been to London for work all day and so was too lazy   tired to cook, so Lad was delighted to be given a Four Cheese Ravioli – his all-time favourite – and there was Lasagne or Macaroni Cheese for He and Young Lad.  I was very, very happy last evening Friends, as I lay in my bed in the kitchen cleaning out the ready meal trays for half the evening.  I do love a good ready meal.  I wish She would go to London more often.  Lad was still hungry after his Four Cheese Ravioli, however, and had no choice but to cook  Young’s Cod in batter and chips a bit later in the evening. Poor Lad.

I’ve had a little problem with my rear end over the last few days and have been making some abysmal smells or so I’m told.    I feel that this is due to my very restricted diet of Healthy Dog Food and carrot batons, and if I was given more in the way of interesting treats such as pizza, I’m sure the fragrance would be better.  But nobody listens.

When She came home from work the other evening, there was some moaning because there was a tiny weeny bit of sick on the carpet- it wasn’t really sick but just some froth with grass in it.  There was no need for all the moaning and fussing about it, and it will soon come out with a squirty rub of Dr Beckmann carpet cleaner.  Neither Gingercat nor I were prepared to own up to the froth with grass in it; we know who it was but have made a pact.  Anyway the froth with the grass in it just blended in with the mud from Young Lad’s football boots that was all over the hall – and didn’t he get a telling off for that!  Poor Young Lad.  It wasn’t just his fault: Detention Friend had also  been in the hall with muddy boots and for goodness sake it’s a wooden floor, so really what’s the problem?  Yes, Young Lad could have swept it up if he had time but poor Young Lad was trying to cook himself and Detention Friend chips AND play on the Xbox at the same time, and he can’t be expected to do everything!!

I’m looking forward to a lie-in tomorrow morning, Friends, as I’m fed up with the early starts.  Yesterday morning one of the alarm clocks went off at 5.40am for heaven’s sake!  This was only ten minutes after I’d been out for my comfort break, and was most inconvenient.   I do wish some thought could be given to me occasionally.

Mmmm I can smell some food again – Lad has just returned from the gym and started cooking himself an American Extra Hot.  If I can find the strength I’ll stagger off the sofa in a little while and go and beg while Lad eats it – there is a small chance that he might give me a bit if I annoy him enough.  You don’t get anywhere in life by sitting back and being passive I have learned, and so one has to put one’s head above the parapet occasionally.  I just hope there is some pizza above the parapet tonight.

Enjoy your slovenly Friday night, Readers.

See you soon,


Author: boredbeagle

Slightly stocky beagle who lives with a family. This is She, He, Lad and Young Lad. And Gingercat. Generally doesn't get enough attention and so writes this blog to let everyone know what his life is like. You need to start from page one (First Attempt).. Go on, it's worth the effort.

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