Loud and floral

s-l640 A large person has just walked past my house, Readers, wearing a very loud, flowery top.  There was a lot of this top and it was somewhat gaudy. They walked much too close to my car, and I had no choice but to bark hysterically at them.  I felt sure that an item of clothing as large and forbidding as this meant there was going to be trouble.   Thankfully they carried on up the road, clearly put off by my scary bark.

As you can tell, I am feeling better.  The drugs given to me by the Evil Vet on Monday were something else, and it took me over twenty-four hours to recover. My pupils are still a little on the dilated side even now, if truth be told, but I am able to hold my head up straight again.  I’m still limping slightly, mostly for effect, but am in better shape than in my previous blog.  Honestly, fancy drugging me like that! No wonder that particular drug is locked away safely at the Evil Vet’s. She had to go and pay the bill today –  please note it is now three days since She should have paid the bill, but was too scared to.  Thankfully the Evil Vet’s bill was actually not as bad as expected, because they are in fact Wonderful Vets who never over-charge, rather than Evil, which is simply my opinion.  I certainly hope I don’t go through that experience again.

Yesterday was sad because Nana aged 87 went home.  I had enjoyed having her here, and many of the weeds in the garden have now been removed.  Young Lad and She drove Nana aged 87 half-way home, where they met Funnygit the brother and swapped over.  Then Young Lad and She had a splendid hour sitting in a traffic jam before even reaching the motorway. They seem to do this a lot.  To while away the hours, they put on the 1970s Cd and say loudly and tunelessly along to “I love to love,” and the such like.  I’m  very glad I was at home with Lad during this, where it was much quieter and more tasteful.  Two hours later they arrived home, and She had to go straight back bldy out again, as Lad had bldy failed to tell her that his medication had bldy well run out.  There was a gentle chat about taking responsibility for one’s own bldy medication at Lad’s bldy age. As you can tell, patience was wearing a little thin.

Then there was barely enough time to knock up a quick risotto before Young Lad had cricket training. I was taken to cricket, Readers, as I hadn’t had a walk for several days due to the drugs.  What a lovely evening we had, wandering slowly round the boundary  a couple of times, with no rushing and shouting.  I was allowed to sniff at leisure and managed to find some bird poo.  This is rare, Readers, and was only because I was still limping a bit.  The kindness won’t last. We drove Young Lad’s friend home after cricket training, and subjected him and I to loud, bad singing of the Jackson Five etc.  It was shocking, and the poor boy went and told his mother about it.

Today has been fun.  This morning I slept in my chair while Lad did some revising (though this now coincides with a New Scheme to make money using the stock markets and his mobile phone.  I’m not sure he knows what he’s doing but top marks for trying.)  Young Lad was watching a Harry Potter film, and She went to meet Loadsakids for coffee.  This was greatly needed, it seems, and they spent the hour doing the usual what have your teenagers/dogs been doing to drive you insane, and lots of murmuring sympathy for each other. She complained about the bad behaviour of Lad, Young Lad and myself, whilst Loadsakids reported incidents of siblings hitting each other over the head with the Xbox remote control. Somehow a coffee with Loadsakids always puts a spring in her step, and perspective in her life, and there was a nicer atmosphere when She came back.  This didn’t last, however, as it was discovered that the laptop has helpfully done a Windows 10 update, whatever that is, and now half the stuff is missing, including the ability to connect to the internet.  This is vexing in the extreme, and required a visit to the computer hospital. where it has been booked in for an expensive reinstall tomorrow.  Whilst trying to park there, another driver gave her a cross look as She hadn’t parked well, so She reversed off and tried again.  This was a mistake.  Some misjudgement was made and the side of the car scraped along the wall.  There is very little paintwork left on our car now.  Oh dear.

Then, Readers, the highlight of my day!  I was taken visiting to her friends Batch, Mrs Batch and Baby Batch.  This was wonderful.  For nearly two hours I lay on the floor and had my tummy rubbed, was told how wonderful I am, and generally looked after properly.  There was an unfortunate moment when Baby Batch tried to hoover me up with his toy Dyson, but apart from that it was fabulous. She of course ignored me, working hard with Batch on a Top Secret Project that I’m not allowed to tell you about.  It’s totally absurd but there you are.  The good thing about the Batch house is that Baby Batch drops food under his highchair, on his highchair and around his highchair, so I very  kindly cleaned everywhere up for them.  It was nice.  I licked the skirting boards for them, too.  I think they were pleased about this.  What a fun, different couple of hours.

Tomorrow Young Lad has been promised a trip to Solo: Star Wars with his friends, which will involve a lot of hanging around in car parks waiting for the film to finish.  Lad has been promised a trip to the shopping centre, to buy a suit.  This will be his first ever suit and is an Important Moment.  Lad will need a suit for the party once the bldy GCSEs are over – will they ever be? – and for Work Experience.  Lad is not keen on going shopping for a suit tomorrow, and has expressed this politely. She says they bldy are going.  He says they’re bldy not going.  The debate continues.  He will be home from work a bit earlier tomorrow, which will be nice, and I’m hoping He takes me for a gentle walk as She says I’m better now and we can do a four miler. At speed.

Well, I only had a short walk round the Rec today, and I’m tired out.  I think it was the excitement of visiting the Batch house that wore me out, too.

See you soon,


Author: boredbeagle

Slightly stocky beagle who lives with a family. This is She, He, Lad and Young Lad. And Gingercat. Generally doesn't get enough attention and so writes this blog to let everyone know what his life is like. You need to start from page one (First Attempt).. Go on, it's worth the effort.

One thought on “Loud and floral”

  1. You’re always welcome over here, Russell – Baby Batch hasn’t quite refined his Spoon Control yet so there will probably be plenty to clean up. Plus, Mrs Batch loves all dogs – she’s desperate to get one herself. Would you recommend a Beagle?


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