20180916_115740 Today I was unusually light-hearted, and rolled around in the garden in the warm sunshine.  This is what happens when it’s the middle of September and unseasonably warm.  Of course, the moment anyone spotted me being fun-loving and smiling, they rushed out to take a photo as these moments are rare.  How patronising.

In fact it was so warm today that they ate Sunday lunch in the garden.  This doesn’t seem quite right – a hearty roast with all the trimmings just isn’t what suits sunshine and 25 degrees, but there you go.  The hearty roast was in an attempt to make up for the sloppy culinary effort last week, where standards were seriously lacking.  There was even a warming apple and summer fruit crumble for pudding, and really the whole thing was far more appropriate for a cold day in January.  Actually Lad said the warm sunshine was making him feel ill, and took his pudding back inside.  I can see his point.

I had a very disturbed night, Readers,  There I was, sound asleep in my chair during Match of the Day, when I was woken by loads of screeching tyres and such like from the Rec.  Half an hour it went on! Now call me old-fashioned, but I fail to see the attraction of nicking cars and driving them very fast round and round a recreation ground.  Some people have very little imagination if you ask me and surely their time could be better spent.  Anyway I imagine they enjoyed themselves and were very pleased with the mess they made of the grass.  I just wish they hadn’t made so much noise, as it was irritating.

Then at 2.20am I needed a comfort break. I was moaned at of course for needing to be let in the garden at this time, but it’s hardly my fault.  Stupidly She let Gingercat in at the same time, and then Gingercat started yowling at 3.30am.  So there was another trip downstairs to chuck him in the garden. More moaning, and more to the point I was woken up during all this.  THEN, would you credit it, Young Lad’s alarm clock went off at 4.30am!!  You really couldn’t make it up.  Young Lad couldn’t find his alarm clock so She had to stomp in there to turn the bldy thing off.  Young Lad said he hadn’t tampered with it but someone clearly had.  I was exhausted after all this disruption, and went back to sleep until I needed another comfort break at 7am.  It being Sunday She was in a right foul mood.  Lad and He had managed to sleep through everything – well done, Lad and He.

Of course there was a need to ‘pop into town’ after all this, to meditate and take deep breaths in Costalotta.  Some texting to Loadsakids was in order, and the usual subjects of bldy teenagers/bldydogs was covered.  Sometimes She and Loadsakids think about the afterlife and they are planning to spend it in a cottage in Italy, with chilled wine on the terrace every evening and lots of books to read.  I doubt very much whether teenagers, dogs or husbands feature in this plan.  Hurtful.

There has been  no sign of Homeless Guy Outside Sainsbury’s for a long time.  If you remember, I told you that he had moved pitch closer to Costalotta so that people didn’t keep going to Dreggs for his treats, but he hasn’t been around for ages.  The last time She saw him he looked a strange colour, and I fear he has  been very unwell.

He and Young Lad have been playing a lot of cricket in the garden recently, due to the lovely weather. This annoys me.  They make quite a lot of noise shouting “How’s he?” and Howzat?” and other ridiculous things.  I do occasionally join in and try to field the ball but it’s quite boring after the first minute.

Lad was rather irritated this morning, to be taken a cup of tea at 11am.  He had left EXPRESS instructions that he was not to be woken early, as he needed some sleep.  Poor Lad, I think he has every right to shout at everyone. 11am is laughably early.  I would have been furious.  Then to add insult to injury, She started creeping round his bedroom putting clean clothes away!  I know!  It’s outrageous.  No wonder Lad was in a shocking mood for the rest of the day.

This afternoon was gloriously sunny and although I was perfectly happy relaxing in the garden, I was dragged out for a three-mile fast walk.  It really wasn’t the weather for this, and several times I had to climb into the river to cool down. There were two young Pointers down there today, who kept leaping into the water from the bank, and of course there were the usual silly comments like ‘go on Russell, why can’t you do that?’ etc etc.  What is the point of jumping in, when you can carefully climb along the bank and tiptoe in cautiously?

He, Young Lad and Lad went up the pub later on to watch Wet Sham.  This was nice because it was very peaceful at home for a couple of hours.  The sun had gone from the back garden, so to my utter incredulity She made a cup of tea, put my lead on me and made me sit in the FRONT garden with her!  What are we, Northerners?  What on earth did that look like, to everyone walking up the road?! Dreadfully common. I was quite embarrassed, to be honest.  Things did then improve as it was time to do some baking for Sunday tea, and a vast amount of chocolate cake was knocked up in an attempt to pacify the neighbours who keep being dumped on.  A large cake was taken to the people round the back with whom Young Lad has invited himself to travel to school each day.  Really, I don’t feel a cake makes up for this exploitation of the local community.

Talking of which, it’s another busy week of course.  Everyone is at work/school tomorrow plus She and Lad then have to dash up to the Important Place in London for an appointment, and enjoy the Central Line in the rush hour. I am going to daycare at dear, dear Pippa’s house, thank goodness.  Hopefully She will be too bldy tired to cook a proper meal when they get back from London, so ready meals from Sparks Means Marks will be purchased, which is good news for me as I get the plastic trays to clean out.  I hope Lad gets the four cheese ravioli as I do rather like that one.

Gosh it’s tiring lying in the sun half the day.

Bye for now,








Author: boredbeagle

Slightly stocky beagle who lives with a family. This is She, He, Lad and Young Lad. And Gingercat. Generally doesn't get enough attention and so writes this blog to let everyone know what his life is like. You need to start from page one (First Attempt).. Go on, it's worth the effort.

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