Good As Gold

blog frideayHere I am, Readers, trying to cool off in the river this week.  It’s been ridiculously hot with temperatures today of 34 degrees and frankly our country is not cut out for this sort of thing.  Those of you that read my blog from Australia and the US, you can’t possibly understand what I mean – my home’s air conditioning is just the French door being open, and this simply isn’t good enough.  Today I have felt thoroughly miserable and have huffed and puffed round the house trying to find somewhere cool to lie.  There are other reasons for my state of discomfort but I’ll go into these later.

It hasn’t all been bad this week though!  On Wednesday evening I was allowed to spend the WHOLE evening at dear, dear Ebony’s house – I haven’t been there for months, actually  pre-Covid! Oh it was simply glorious.  Ebony and her Pack Leaders were just delighted to see me, and made such a fuss!  I never get this treatment at home and am generally ignored.  Ebony has another dog staying with her at the moment – an elderly labrador – but she was no threat to my friendship with Ebony or in fact my place in the pecking order at their house.  I sat on knees, I was given chocolate buttons, and generally treated like a prince.  It was wonderful to be back.

Now I know what you’re thinking.  With social distancing and everything, why was I at Ebony’s house?  Well, it was all because of Lad.  Poor Lad has had a difficult year – like most people, She says with very little sympathy – and Lad’s holiday to Magaluf with his friends was cancelled due to the worldwide pandemic.  However, there was good news as they managed to get a week on a Greek island instead!  Imagine their joy and exuberance.  Obviously nobody in their right mind would be travelling abroad on holiday at the moment, but please remember that Lad and his friends are 18 and so ‘right mind’ doesn’t really enter into things.  Anyway, a week prior to this She had given Lad a lift to the nearby airport to see him on his way.  What Lad failed to mention until quite late on in proceedings was that the return flight came in to a different airport, just a teeny weeny bit further away, as this made things cheaper.  Allegedly.

And so it was that on Wednesday evening, Young Lad and She set off on a road trip to the airport that isn’t very close by, to collect Lad late at night.  The journey only takes an hour and a half on a good run, Friends. However coming home wasn’t a good run as all the motorways were shut for overnight repairs.  This meant at least three different detours, including one right into London and back again, and there was some atrocious parenting in the car with a lot of awful language.  Lad and Young Lad really needed to see how to cope well in situations like these, not screaming, crying and shouting obsceneties as they circled round the Surrey countryside for the fifth time.  I know for a fact that Young Lad was quite traumatised by it all, especially when his mother got out of the car at a petrol station near Reigate and shouted at a random nice man , “do you have any idea where the xxxxing M25 is?”  This is not the right sort of example to set. 

So that’s why I went to dear, dear Ebony’s house as obviously I couldn’t be left alone for all that time as I might have got up to things.   I was so happy at Ebony’s, and as good as gold.

The next day, Readers, everyone was a little tired and fraught after the stress of the night before.  Lad had missed out on quite a  lot of sleep on the Greek island – I can’t sleep when it’s hot, either – and Young Lad was exhausted from 5 hours of sitting in the car.  I sensed a certain amount of tetchiness which was unfair on Lad, as really he should have been treated like the prodigal son returning to the fold.

What didn’t help matters was that the fridge freezer had packed up.  Now, Regular Readers will know the trouble we have with White Goods in this house – my blog has only been going for 3 years but since I started writing we’ve had to replace everything with a motor – and this time it was the fridge/freezer’s turn.  The problem was only noticed once the cheddar went mouldy and every time someone tried to pour milk on their cereal it was lumpy.  And so a repair man was called, and he very nicely ran some tests and said there was no hope, and that would be £70.

A new fridge/freezer was due to be delivered on Thursday afternoon.  She took me out for a long walk over in the woods to de-stress from everything, and Lad was left with instructions in case the new fridge/freezer was delivered in our absence.  It was.  Lad had to take all the food out of the freezer and put it in a big bag – it had mostly defrosted anyway.  Lad left this bag on top of the working surface and went out.  Later in the afternoon, Young Lad needed  a lift to hang out with his friends and She decided to stock up on fridge and freezer food as ours was all ruined.  The bag of defrosted freezer food was pushed right to the back of the working surface.

I still managed to get it.  Readers, I  had a marvellous time.  First I ate a bag of defrosted raw oven chips – Regular Readers will remember I did this once on Christmas Eve. Then I found a raw slightly defrosted salmon fillet.  A bag of peas and a bag of sweetcorn later, and I was full.  You see, I don’t over-eat!  I just take what I need.  I left the Young’s cod fillets and the Lidl bruschetta.

Anyway, the long and short of it is that I had a very swollen belly and a lot of dreadful wind for the night.  I farted loudly all night long and made whimpering noises in my sleep as my stomach hurt so much.  I also needed several comfort breaks in the garden during the night.

She was very cross with me, and had to clear up 10 piles of comfort break this morning, none of which were very pleasant.  Peas and sweetcorn don’t break down, as you probably know. She made a point of telling Ebony’s Pack Leader how bad I’d been which I consider disloyal and unnecessary.

The irony of all this, Friends, is that I had been to the Evil Vet that morning for my annual booster jab.  The Evil Vet had weighed me and congratulated She on keeping my weight stable over the year.

My weight is no longer stable.

Gingercat was meant to come to the Evil Vet too, for his annual vaccination.  However, Gingercat decided not to come home that morning and disappeared from the face of the earth – Gingercat is very clever as nobody had even got the cat basket out of the shed by then, so goodness knows how he knew about the impending visit.  She had to apologise to the Evil Vet and say ‘I can’t find the cat.’

Gingercat came home as soon as we returned from the Evil Vet.

Young Lad has been very busy hanging out with friends, playing football in his socks (don’t ask) and enjoying his first ever experience of a BB gun whatever that is.  I know She frowned a lot and said that doesn’t sound very nice but Young Lad had enjoyed a marvellous afternoon of fun so I don’t see what the problem is.

Lad said he had missed us while he was on the Greek Island with his friends, but Young Lad says he’s lying.

I will leave you, Friends, with a photo of Gingercat taken this morning.  Gingercat is very elderly and needs to grow up a bit.

blog friday 2

Stay safe, and don’t forget your masks.




Author: boredbeagle

Slightly stocky beagle who lives with a family. This is She, He, Lad and Young Lad. And Gingercat. Generally doesn't get enough attention and so writes this blog to let everyone know what his life is like. You need to start from page one (First Attempt).. Go on, it's worth the effort.

2 thoughts on “Good As Gold”

  1. Dear RusselL, we have missed you and it was so good to see you the other night. Can’t believe you ate all that frozen food. Although come to think about it, I can believe it!! You know I think ginger cat has the brains! As they say cats rule, dogs drool.
    Keep safe! xx


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