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Readers, in these difficult times of Lockdown I am doing my best to come up with ideas for you all, to keep you occupied.  There is only so much reading, cleaning out of cupboards and baking that you can all do and I’m sure you get bored from time to time.

Today I was bored.  I haven’t been left alone in the house for MONTHS due to Lockdown as Lad and Young Lad are always here.  So imagine my delight when they and She popped down the road to visit (from a distance) Lovelydor whose birthday it was.  Oh, they shut the kitchen door and put the bathroom bin in the bath, of course they did – but I’d already got something else in mind.  Now, Friends, due to the POURING rain today, they were only gone for five minutes as you can’t stand 2 metres away on the pavement saying Happy Birthday for very long, if it’s lashing down.  Five minutes was more than enough.  The minutes the seat belts were fastened in the car, I raced upstairs to She’s bedroom where I flung open the wardrobe door and pulled out the Dog-Walking Coat.  I was sure, Readers, sure that there were still some treats in the pocket from the last time it was worn on a dog walk, and so I ripped through the pockets trying to find them.  Alas, all I found was the white fluffy filling stuff which I spat on the bedroom floor – darn it, I was so disappointed. No treats found, but some ruddy great holes ripped in the coat – it looks a right state.

So I’m just making the point, that if all else fails and you can’t think of anything to do, ripping someone’s coat up is actually quite a good laugh.  At least it was at the time.

Yesterday I snatched Young Lad’s toast and ran  off with it, but this was his fault for not concentrating and watching Top Gear instead.

As I said, Friends, it’s been a wet, miserable day today but we really can’t complain as we’ve had nearly six weeks of lovely sunshine.  Today is the first day for ages that I haven’t been able to sleep on the new garden furniture but have had to make do with my armchair in the lounge.  I was quite happy here, but when She got home from work She said I had to go out for a long walk, rain or no rain.  This was vexing. I didn’t really want to go out in the rain but wasn’t given a choice.  Out came the welly boots and big coat, and we marched off down to the river.  For the first time in months, it was quiet down there and I didn’t have to try to keep 2 metres away from cyclists, joggers, large families on bikes and toddlers.  I did see one or two friends and She still managed to chat to people which was dull, but still – nobody in their right mind was out.

Yesterday’s walk was lovely.  We did our new usual route, right up into the Bluebell woods behind the quarry, round the fishing lake, through the pheasant field and back.  As it was fairly warm, I was allowed to cool off in the river and on the way back I saw my dear friend Pippa!  We bounded towards each other and crashed into each other – Pippa then jumped on me and knocked me off my feet.  I flipped over and landed on my back – golly it knocked the wind out of me – and it took me a little while to get back on my feet, but it was such FUN!!

This is Lockdown week 6 and so far, so good.  Lad is still remarkably pleasant which may or may not have anything to do with sleeping in very late in the mornings.  I don’t remember him being this pleasant at 6am each day when he had to get up for school. He has been busy in the afternoons doing gardening and odd jobs, and also finds time to watch a lot of History programmes about the war.  He tried to tell She all about this in the garden the other afternoon, when She had just come home from work and sat down with her book, and to be honest Readers, I felt her response was less than enthusiastic.  I feel this new interest of Lad’s should be celebrated and encouraged, not met with heavy sighs.  This does not count as Good Parenting.

Young Lad is, very slowly, getting used to the idea of Home Learning and is being asked to do four tasks a day. Well, this is the target.  It is rarely reached, Readers.  There is a lot of tension and strained conversation when Young Lad’s Home Learning is looked at.  Poor Young Lad.  Such a lot is expected and it really isn’t fair, Friends – this is War Time, after all, and we must cope in our own way.  If that involves watching many back episodes of Top Gear, so be it.  

Thankfully the evenings are more harmonious as Young Lad and She curl up for happy evenings of television.  I’ve no idea what they were watching last night but there were shouts of ,”NO!!!”  and  “SURELY NOT!!!”   followed swiftly by “YAY!!!” It all seemed rather over-dramatic and I’m not convinced that ridiculous level of emotional outburst was necessary or dignified.  It annoyed Gingercat and I as we were trying to sleep on their laps at the time, and were disturbed.

I heard some good news this morning, Friends.  Hurrah I hear you cry, some good news at last.  GREGGS ARE RE-OPENING!!!   The nation will once again be able to queue up with appropriate social distancing for their sausage rolls and pink buns.  I think this is an excellent strategy and will cheer Britons up in their thousands during this difficult time.  Well done, Greggs. 

I feel it must nearly be dinner time, and I need to make this clear to my family.  Tomorrow looks another rainy day and I really would be perfectly content to stay in but I expect I will be dragged out yet again.  She and her good friend Loadsakids are being  rather juvenile and over-competitive in their nature- watching on their daily walks – we are losing by two pheasants and a swan to Loadsakids’ four hares and a muntjac,  Give me strength.

Happy Birthday LovelyDor down the road – a lovely meal out will be in order to celebrate but you might have to wait a while for any restaurants to re-open.  But NO!!  Of course!  You could go to Greggs!

See you soon,





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Slightly stocky beagle who lives with a family. This is She, He, Lad and Young Lad. And Gingercat. Generally doesn't get enough attention and so writes this blog to let everyone know what his life is like. You need to start from page one (First Attempt).. Go on, it's worth the effort.

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