Here I am, Friends, sitting at the top of the stairs receiving the news that we’re going out for another walk.  As you can see, I was beyond excited and could hardly wait.  There will be dogs all over the world, in these strange times, who share my reluctance to go for yet another walk – never before have dogs been walked so much by so many.  It drives you nuts.

Happy Easter, by the way, as it is Easter Sunday as I write.  It doesn’t feel like Easter Sunday as all days are simply merging into each other and everyone keeps saying things like “is it Tuesday?” because nobody has any idea.  Easter Sunday is normally a day of celebratory lunches with families, egg hunts and church services – but not this year.  It has been very strange for everyone.

However, as I was out on my walk in the woods by the river this  morning, there were many things to be noticed that we usually don’t have bldytime to notice because we are always in such a bldyrush.  Imagine this, Readers; today we saw a flock of geese fly above us honking loudly, and we actually STOOD STILL to watch them.  This was followed by an unusual white butterfly with orange-tipped wings, a bird of prey of some sort in Top Field and a brace of ducks waddling along the river bank.  Normally we would charge straight past of all these wonders, but today there was nothing to rush back for – no football matches, cricket matches, homework, laundry – and so we stopped and watched everything.  Friends, I know there are bad things going on in the world right now, but you have to agree that sometimes it does us good to slow down.  I slowed right down this morning, and thought about the things for which I’m thankful – such as our beautiful river walk, and nature and sunny days.  Even She gazed around our little part of the world and saw how beautiful it is.

As usual, we hadn’t gone out early enough to beat the rush down at the river and there were many joggers/cyclists/families with pushchairs.  We kept our 2 metre distance at all times and headed straight up to Top Field which we knew would be quieter.  On the way home from our walk, we bumped into  She’s friend – we’ll call her Angel because she is one.  Angel is a nurse and is currently working in the ITU department of the hospital, which is a pretty tough place to be right now.  She chatted to Angel for ages, about their families and jobs, and mostly about what it’s like working in intensive care during the coronavirus pandemic.   It sounded difficult. Angel deserves a medal, as do all her fellow Angels.  I might dedicate my blog to her tonight – and I don’t do that lightly!

To be brutally honest though, I lost interest fairly quickly and wandered off to eat some long grass.

Back home, someone kindly put the cushions and rug on the garden sofa for me and quick as a flash, I was straight up there and nodding off.  It was another warm day with golden sunshine, and so another barbecue was attempted on the small bucket thing.  This was more successful than last time as Young Lad and She left the coals to go grey, which took about an hour, rather than losing patience and slapping on the burgers or salmon while they were still black and stone cold.  A very nice lunch was eaten in the garden – Lad had his dressing gown on which I felt was a touch common for Easter Sunday lunch, but everyone seems more relaxed about decorum at the moment.  I think we need to watch this, as standards are slipping.

This afternoon was frankly strange – as Young Lad and Lad SPENT TIME TOGETHER!  Without being forced to!!  Oh happy day, as they kicked hard footballs deliberately at each other, and wrestled violently on the new garden sofa – the fun!!  Then Young Lad gave Lad a quiz, with questions like, “what happened at the Battle of Dunkirk?” which was an easy one, followed by “what happened at the second battle of the Alamein” or “Barbarossa?”  which were a bit more tricky.  Lad changed the subject to “which teams did Eric Cantona play for” and the such like.  Hours of simple, enjoyable fun Readers, and if they had stopped slapping each other every so often, it would indeed have been quality time.

I’ve been fairly well-behaved for a couple of days, I have to say.  This might be because I was in a lot of trouble on Thursday.  (Was it Thursday?  Who knows?)  She left home at 7.20am to go to work, and Young Lad arrived in the kitchen at 7.40am to get his breakfast – but in that small window of time I had opened the cupboard that used to have Gingercat’s food in it.  To my utter joy someone had forgotten that they now have to put it Up High, and a new box of food sachets was in there!  It was behind a glass vase, so I pulled that out the way and it smashed into smithereens on the floor.  I stepped over the shards of glass and dragged out the box of cat food – Readers, I ate 7 sachets.  Very, very quickly indeed.

Oh the shouting and moaning – of course She was cross about the glass vase being broken so  I had to be spoken to about that, and as for the seven sachets of cat food…. I had dreadful wind all evening, with a terrible meaty odour, and was shouted at again.  Plus of course I’ve put on weight – yada yada yada.  Who cares?  I had a cracking time.

Lad has been in a fairly pleasant mood of late, as he no longer has to spend long hours studying hard.  I was very jealous of him this week, however, as he went to help out with some pressure-washing in dear, dear Ebony’s back garden – how come Lad gets to go down there but I don’t?  Heaven knows I’m missing Ebony and dear Pippa dreadfully.  I feel Lad should take me with him, but of course I’ll be told that we aren’t allowed to visit other people. 

SHE goes to visit other people!  Okay, only from the pavement but still.  Yes, Readers, there has been more enforced enjoyment of home-baking for the weary neighbours – I feel nobody has the heart to tell her to stop – so this weekend LovelyDor down the  road was taken some brownies, Ebony and Pippa’s Pack Leaders have been force-fed shortbread again, as has a friend round the corner – it just never stops.  I feel She became over-excited in Sainsbury’s yesterday because they had flour on the shelves (not for long) – and so we had to celebrate this rare event by more baking.  I’m going to let  you into a little secret, though.  Her good friend Loadsakids was spared being forced to accept a huge tin of Millie style cookies, as THEY WENT WRONG!!  Oh I tried not to laugh – the cookies ran all over the tray and didn’t cook and everything had to be scraped into the bin.  Obviously I licked up anything that was on the floor.  She was most perturbed by this epic failure and a lot of head-scratching went on to work out what went wrong.  Perhaps the baking could be given a rest for a while now.

Young Lad is shouting happily from the other room where he is on the Xbox online with his friends – this is the only way young people can socialise at the moment, so they must be cut a little slack.   It is very nearly time for Sunday tea, which I believe might be smoked salmon sandwiches in an attempt to remind ourselves that it’s Easter Sunday!

What does the week ahead hold, I wonder, Friends.  Much the same as the last three weeks, I would think, and still nobody will know when it’s Wednesday.  I quite like this slower pace of life, and I have lots of company at home all day.  Every cloud and all that.

Tonight’s blog is dedicated to all those Angels working in intensive care units across the country – really, there are no words. 

See you soon,


Author: boredbeagle

Slightly stocky beagle who lives with a family. This is She, He, Lad and Young Lad. And Gingercat. Generally doesn't get enough attention and so writes this blog to let everyone know what his life is like. You need to start from page one (First Attempt).. Go on, it's worth the effort.

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