There’s A Hole In Your Pocket

hole This afternoon I got hold of someone’s pink hoodie, which was rather carelessly slung on the banisters, and took it into the lounge where I proceeded to rip through the pockets, looking for food.  There wasn’t any in there but it was worth a try.  I’ve made a right mess of the pocket and there is now a large hole which means nothing will be safely stored there ever again.

I was shouted at when She came home from work and the usual silly “WHO did this?” ritual went on for ages.

The problem was that Lad decided to go out this afternoon to a town far away, to see his friends.  Alas, Lad forgot to leave me anything to do, and if not provided with entertainment I have to go looking for it myself.  Which I did.  Lad will be reminded of his shortcomings on this front, when he gets home tonight.

I’m very sorry that there has been a bit of a gap since the last blog – it appears there hasn’t been bldy time to sit down and write my thoughts for the last few nights.  Tonight was also looking tricky as Young Lad had a cricket match scheduled, but it has rained loads again plus Young Lad’s team were down to seven men so it has been postponed.   So I have made it clear that before sitting down to relax with Police Interceptors or the like, one’s audience must be catered for.

I had lots of lovely walks at the weekend, in between the rain, and saw another dog jump into the river and swim after a duck.  I’m not sure if it’s the same duck that I tried to catch the other week, or another equally slow one.  It certainly made a ridiculous amount of noise honking and quacking and I am fairly sure that at least one of the ducks down there at the moment is lacking in the speed department.  My turn may yet come.  I rolled in some fox poo and had to be dumped in the bath when I returned home, but all in all it had been very pleasant.

Last night I had an evening walk once She returned home, which proved to be quite a popular activity as there were loads of working Pack Leaders and their long-suffering dogs down there.  I had remembered where the fox poo was from my previous walk and tried to run off towards it, but was caught just in time and put on the lead.  They spoil all my fun.

Today Lad took me out for a walk as he was still home on “study leave.”  This seems to be going on a very long time, and the only thing Lad is studying at the moment is his bank account.  Still, it’s rather nice having company all day and we generally like doing the same things, such as eating, sitting around and not doing a lot.  You’d be surprised how tiring this can be.

There is something dull called the Cricket World Cup on at the moment,  which has involved He and Young Lad going to the pub to watch it.  Frankly I feel Young Lad should be out in the fresh air rather than sitting in a pub with his diet Coke and crisps, but there you are.   Young Lad enjoys these excursions.

What Young Lad is not so keen on is detention this Wednesday for Failure To Catch Up With Work when off sick for a day many weeks ago – (Young Lad’s school attendance has been 100% for the last four years until this term)  and goodness me, Young Lad also has a detention on Thursday for being  five minutes late to school twice in a week.  There are a lot of roadworks at the moment, but that isn’t the point is it?!  Quite right that such high standards should be set. 

I have to admit that since Carpet Cleaning Man’s visit, the carpets have indeed looked a lot less grey.  It does grate somewhat when “NO SHOES!!! is shrieked at everyone when they step near the lounge – really, this is a home not a showhouse. And as for draping my old towels all over the kitchen floor for Gingercat and I to wipe our feet on when we come in from the garden – good grief! I carefully step around the towels just for the hell of it.

The recycling was looking far too tidy in its bag outside the back door today, so I grabbed a few boxes and ran off.  There is now a Flora margarine tub under a rose bush, an icing sugar box ripped up on the lawn and a Crunchy Nut cornflake packet near the football goal.  It looks much better.

There is some tiredness and tetchiness here tonight, due to Young Lad having medical appointments two days running and an inordinate amount of time being spent sitting around in waiting rooms.  Young Lad has been extremely hungry on both these occasions and I feel it is very poor planning that he hasn’t been provided with snacks.  Rummaging through a handbag produced a squashed banana at tonight’s appointment, which clearly wasn’t very tempting.  I imagine there are parents out there who organise themselves before the event and so their offpsring don’t go hungry.  And as for belligerently not buying a car park ticket yesterday in the hope that “we’ll get away with it” and “we’ve spent a bldy fortune on this car park over the years” is really low.  What sort of an example is this to set?  It’s common theft, Readers.  I would never be guilty of such a thing.

Yes indeed, it’s been very tiring today sitting around doing nothing.

See you soon.



Author: boredbeagle

Slightly stocky beagle who lives with a family. This is She, He, Lad and Young Lad. And Gingercat. Generally doesn't get enough attention and so writes this blog to let everyone know what his life is like. You need to start from page one (First Attempt).. Go on, it's worth the effort.

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