In The Pink

long grass I’ve had a cracking day today, Readers.  This morning I went for a long walk up into Top Field, which is extremely overgrown and full of very long pink frondy grass stuff.  At times I couldn’t be seen beneath the rosy swathes of plant life, and it was quite a job walking through dense grassland that was taller than me.  I really feel the council should cut the grass in Top Field so that I can walk through it in greater comfort.

We walked for an hour and it was very nice, I must say.  She finally had a day off work which doesn’t seem to have happened for a VERY long time, and the weather was lovely.  The walk had started well as on the very first path, who did I see but the nice older gentleman who always has a bag of dog biscuits!  I saw him giving these out to other dogs so I ran up to him and sat down very nicely.  The nice older gentleman gave me a biscuit as reward for my good  manners.  Then, seconds later, what do you know but Sausage Sue was coming up the path – I decided not to push my luck and did not run up to Sausage Sue, begging for treats.  This was unusual for me and Sausage Sue did remark on this, but I can’t abide greed and know when to stop.

Further on, nearer the river, I found a cracked bird’s egg on the ground.  I ate it, hoping there might be a baby bird inside as I quite enjoyed the one I crunched in the garden the other day, but alas it was empty.

This wasn’t bad really, considering it was only 10am at this point.  Prior to this I had stolen a suet fat ball while She was stocking up the bird table – the packet was opened rather clumsily and one escaped, so I snatched it and ran off under the fir tree.  They’re not the easiest things to eat as a suet fat ball is quite hard and chewy, but I managed. 

Despite being quite tired after my long walk, this afternoon I was put in the back of the car and driven off to visit our good friend Sicknote.  I know exactly where the dog biscuits are kept in her kitchen. Now I haven’t been to visit Sicknote for ages so it was rather a treat – unfortunately Sicknote lives with Delilah the basset hound, who is under the misapprehension that I am a relative of hers.  Delilah has grown enormously and is now nearly as big as me, which makes it tough-going when she decides to launch herself bodily at me.  Delilah is nothing if not persistent and I had no choice but to growl at her quite a lot. In the end I capitulated and let her chase me round the garden in a silly manner for a little while – it was all rather ridiculous but it made Sicknote and She laugh for some reason.  

Once we’d gone indoors I had hoped I could have a nap but no, Delilah kept up her barrage of assault.  We did quite a lot of jumping around at each other with our mouths open and teeth bared until She ruled that this was No Longer Friendly Play and pulled me away.   I went and sat near Charlie the older brown labrador who is infinitely more sensible than Delilah.

It’s been a funny old week.  Yesterday was the awful experience of Carpet Cleaning Man and what a palaver that was again.  I hate his machine with a vengeance – what a racket.  Yes the carpets look cleaner but who cares?  Lad was here to ‘supervise’, which  meant making Carpet Cleaning Man a cup of tea and filling in the amount on the cheque. Then, just as everything became peaceful again, Young Lad arrived home from school with Detention Friend who decided to stay overnight.  This was fun because Detention Friend bothers to give me some attention unlike my own family, so I was thrilled when he threw a tennis ball round the lounge for me, and I ran after it. Twice. It’s a little repetitive after that.

She came in from work to find an extra mouth to feed so made a big macaroni cheese – the plates and big bowl had a nice amount of cheese sauce left on them when they went in the dishwasher.  Then She told Young Lad that he needed to take me for a walk after tea, as I hadn’t been out all day (I didn’t care), and Young Lad started moaning, so the goalposts were moved to loading the dishwasher and cleaning up the kitchen instead.  At this point Detention Friend said he would much prefer to take me for a walk than clean up the kitchen so Young Lad had to reluctantly put my lead on me.  It was great fun going for a walk with Detention Friend and Young Lad, although I feel it was unfair of the latter to say that if I had a comfort break, Detention Friend would have to do the deed with the black bag.

Lad stayed behind and cleared up the kitchen so all was well.

At bedtime I had a marvellous choice of people to sleep with – normally my preferred room-mate is Young Lad but with two of them in the same room it was terrific fun moving from one bed to the other.  It was nearly 11pm before I had finally found a comfortable spot and we’d all stopped laughing.

Lad was made to mow the lawn today – I do feel that Lad should be allowed to relax a little now that his exams are over- and it was difficult for him to fit this in between his money-making schemes.  Lad has gone off to a town far away for the evening now, to see his friends and have fun which is much over-due.

It’s very quiet here this evening.  He and Young Lad have been playing cricket in the garden for a while but two things happened; 1) it was realised that there is no wine in the house and 2) Detention Friend rang to say he needed his phone charger/clothes/scooter that he left here this morning before school. Thus Young Lad and He have walked up the road to return these things and buy a bottle of wine, thus killing two  birds with one stone.  He was riding Detention Friend’s scooter up the road.  It is not intended for people of He’s age.

Friends, my home is actually relatively clean for once which is due to someone having a rare day off, and spending half the ruddy morning with the bottle of Viakal and scourers.  There has been scrubbing and hoovering and all sorts going on – it will be filthy again by Sunday.

As you can imagine I am totally exhausted by today with its hour’s walk through long pink grass and lengthy sparring session with Delilah.  I don’t intend moving out of my armchair until bedtime.

Bye for now,





Author: boredbeagle

Slightly stocky beagle who lives with a family. This is She, He, Lad and Young Lad. And Gingercat. Generally doesn't get enough attention and so writes this blog to let everyone know what his life is like. You need to start from page one (First Attempt).. Go on, it's worth the effort.

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