Burnt Toast

burnt toastI had quite a result early yesterday morning, Readers, as someone managed to burn Young Lad’s piece of toast and it was chucked out on the garden table.  When nobody was looking I ran out and grabbed it, swallowing it  down in a couple of quick gulps.  Burnt food isn’t my favourite in all honesty, but it will do.  I was even more pleased to notice that there was also a broccoli stalk on the garden table ready to go in the compost bin – once I’d finished the incinerated bread I went back and had the broccoli for my second course.  This would probably prove to be an interesting combination.

The house stunk once the toast had burned, and the ruddy smoke alarm went off making its hideous high-pitched shrieking sound.  As usual She had to run around waving a tea towel underneath the alarm to stop the racket – this was all rather stressful at 7 am.  It’s not a nice way to start the day.  Poor Young Lad then had to wait for a second piece of toast to be cooked and had no choice but to play on his phone for a while.

Readers, I have some bright orange streaks on the white fur on my back.  You may wonder where on earth these have come from.  Well, last night She was ridiculously late home from work and in a well-deserved attack of parental guilt, some ready meals from Sparks means Marks were purchased.  It was thought that a macaroni cheese and a four-cheese ravioli might pacify Lad and Young Lad, and make up for the lack of attention they had received.  Actually, Young Lad had cooked himself oven fish and chips when he came in from school, and Lad had also eaten plenty of snacks so they were hardly starving but that isn’t the point.  As it was, I was given the plastic trays from the macaroni cheese and the four cheese ravioli to clean out –  unfortunately the bright orange tomato sauce of the latter seemed to end up all over me, with a large splodge on my nose and also a couple of streaks on my back.  I don’t know how they managed to get there but it is very vexing.

She says it’s equally vexing that I managed to transfer some of the orange streaks onto the white John Lewis duvet cover last night, and no amount of Vanish will ever remove it.  That’s not my problem.

A couple of nights ago we were all sitting here, with the French window open.  I saw Gingercat run out to the garden and there was a whole load of kerfuffle under the fir tree – I too leaped to my feet and charged out, just in time to snatch a baby bird in my jaws.  I think it had fallen out of a nest, silly thing, I crunched through it quickly and all that was left was a small pair of feet.  You might be feeling sorry for the baby bird but to be honest this is nature.  It’s survival of the fittest out there, Friends, and that applies in a nice back garden with fuschias as much as it does in the wild.  I have no shame, I’ve been told.

I’ve had a few nice days going for walks with dear Ebony – I haven’t needed proper daycare this week as Lad is in the middle of exams and only going into school for a few hours.  It’s been lovely going out with Ebony but really quite exhausting and I have needed to sleep rather a lot.  Lad said that I barely moved out of my armchair for the ENTIRE day the other day.  Lad has no idea how tiring my life is. 

Wednesday evening was disappointing yet again, as it should have been cricket training evening, which I enjoy.  There was Young Lad, all ready in his new kit and new bldy expensive cricket spikes, but would  you believe it?  The rain started pelting down only thirty minutes before it was due to start.  So that was that.  Thankfully Young Lad has two cricket matches this weekend so I am really hoping that I am taken along to both.  I’m also hoping that He and Young Lad put a towel and pillow on the lawn for me to lie on again, if it’s nice and sunny.  I do feel He and Young Lad are very considerate towards me.

Lad is working very long hours as usual, and we will all be glad when these exams are finished.  I seem to remember writing exactly the same thing this time last year.  And these aren’t even the ‘official’ exams!  Just practice ones.  Give me strength.  

Some effort was made with dinner tonight, after last night’s reliance on ready meals.  Outdoor-bred pork sausages and lots of mash, with vegetables. Lad seemed to have an awful lot to say about today’s Philosophy exam and took ages to eat his, as it’s hard to eat and rant at the same time.  Personally I would just concentrate on eating. There was also some large-scale baking earlier in the week which pleased me no end, as the kitchen was filthy afterwards.  I have hoovered up pretty much every morsel of cake mixture or icing sugar, though I may be finding the odd hidden bit for days to come.   One of these days some baking will be undertaken and I will actually be given a proper piece of the result to try, rather than licking up tiny crumbs.  Young Lad stole two shortbreads and was shouted at – I mean really? We’re not allowed to quality control what’s  being produced?  

Somebody asked today, when am I going to write my second book? That’s a very valid point and I have tried to drop hints, but there is no bldytime to sit down at the laptop and convert the last year of blogs into bldy word format, then spend bldy  months editing them to find every mistake, and then formatting them all in the bldy publishing thingy.  I think you can see from this how the mood was.

Well, it’s time for another doze – you can’t get too much sleep, if you ask me.

See you soon,



Author: boredbeagle

Slightly stocky beagle who lives with a family. This is She, He, Lad and Young Lad. And Gingercat. Generally doesn't get enough attention and so writes this blog to let everyone know what his life is like. You need to start from page one (First Attempt).. Go on, it's worth the effort.

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