Rush Hour

rush hour Just look at it!  You go for a pleasant evening’s stroll at the river and it’s like the Central Line on a Friday teatime.  There were SO many dogs all standing around in one small area and I found it quite irritating.  Is it too much to ask that I can just have a paddle and meander along, without a Cockapoo puppy (foreground) jumping all over me, a brindle-coloured Staffie climbing into the river at the EXACT spot I wanted to, and dear Pippa bouncing around?! Honestly.  It was just the same story in Far Field too, and there were hardly any rabbit droppings left for me.

Humph.  It’s been a funny old week with very little attention as usual from my own family.  You will remember that somebody was working ALL week so I was farmed out to poor Ebony for four days, and left to my own devices for the fifth.  Of course I wasn’t to be trusted here on my own all day, so Lovelydor down the road was drafted in to come and let me out for a comfort break.  It was lovely to see her as I had been STARVED of decent company.  I will have you know, Readers, that I was immaculately behaved all day and did nothing naughty whatsoever.  Have I been thanked for this or given a treat?  No.  To make up for this I intend to drag the recycling all over the lawn once She has cut the grass this weekend.

I have managed to steal a very thick, stale crust of wholemeal bread that was put out for the birds, and I ran off with a carrot tonight that fell off the working surface as dinner was being prepared.  I’ve also had a great time in the dishwasher this week as there has been a lot of baking, involving a lot of chocolate, which has resulted in chocolatey brownie mixture bowls and beaters.  This afternoon there has been more baking, ready for Young Lad’s cricket match tomorrow morning, but disappointingly chocolate fridge cake was chosen, instead of cakes or brownies as it’s less bldy work and much bldy quicker.  From my point of view, though, there are less bowls, beaters and spoons to pre-rinse in the dishwasher.  I do wish my feelings could be considered when choosing which baked goods should be used to nourish two cricket teams.

I had a fairly good lie-in this morning which was much needed after the chaos of yesterday. The ruddy alarm clock didn’t go off at 6am yesterday, like it usually does, and the first I knew of anything was Lad charging around shouting  “Get Up!!!”  at everyone. Thus there was much swearing and running around trying to fit things that normally take an hour into a window of forty minutes, and failing.  Lad did manage to catch the train, which was miraculous, but everything else was very stressful and fraught.  Thank goodness today was Saturday so there was no repetition of this farce.  I took my early comfort break at 5am, and then went back to bed for a good couple of hours or so.

Today has been quite relaxed and pleasant.  Young Lad started the morning with a session on the Xbox, Lad slept in, and She ‘popped into town’ for a coffee with her good friend Loadsakids.  As usual they despaired about their offspring and dogs, and felt much better for this half hour of therapy.  Then She took me for a lovely walk and we went up into Top Field – this was spoiled rather by some silly  youths on their BMX bike things – hideously noisy – and we headed back down to the river. There was a very nice family crossing over the bridge towards us -they had a large Old English Sheepdog and a Labrador with them.  The Pack Leaders said “Oh look how handsome that Beagle is,” and stopped to make a fuss of me.  Then She said “Beagles are a bldy nightmare” and ruined the moment.  

This afternoon Young Lad popped up to visit Detention Friend and they went to the shop to buy loads of rubbish.  Then they came back here and watched a film – She said this was a disgraceful waste of good weather – but I feel some relaxation is needed occasionally so told She to leave them alone.    Detention Friend and Young Lad had to promise to go out in the fresh air after watching Fast and Furious 8 or whatever nonsense it was, and they very dutifully  kicked a football round the garden for fifteen minutes before heading inside again.  Look, Young Lad has a cricket match early tomorrow morning and will be outside for most of the day, for goodness’ sake!  What does it matter!

Hopefully I will be taken to cricket tomorrow, as you know how much I enjoy wandering around there.  There’s no guarantee, though, as She is in charge of refreshments (hence the baking) and can’t cope with making cups of tea and supervising me.  Really!  It’s hardly difficult.  I may have to rely on He to take me along and walk me round the boundary.

The afternoon tomorrow will be spent on homework as Young Lad has done diddly squat today.  Lad has worked tirelessly, of course, but Young Lad still has some way to go in this department.  I expect there will be a lot of moaning and nagging, but Gingercat and I will ignore it.  One would like to think that a wholesome, nutritious meal might be cooked for everyone at some point rather than opening the freezer, and I saw some salmon steaks going in the fridge today so fingers crossed.

Right, the lawn has been mown and is looking pristine so  it’s time to rip the recycling up all over it. I do find this funny.

Bye for now,




Author: boredbeagle

Slightly stocky beagle who lives with a family. This is She, He, Lad and Young Lad. And Gingercat. Generally doesn't get enough attention and so writes this blog to let everyone know what his life is like. You need to start from page one (First Attempt).. Go on, it's worth the effort.

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