back porchThis is the state of our back porch, Readers, once I had looked for a snack out there.  I knew quite well that there was a broccoli stalk on the shelf waiting to go outside to the food bin, and I jumped up to find it; inadvertently knocking everything else off.  The appalling mess of flipflops, sliders and slippers aren’t my fault though – they are always like this.  Really it was extremely dangerous having sharp garden shears on the porch floor, along with secateurs and a small hammer; Gingercat or I could have seriously injured ourselves!  What a good job that dear Pippa’s Pack Leader tidied up the mess when she came to collect me for daycare.

I’ve had a lovely day at Pippa’s house with two long walks and plenty of sleep on the soft furnishings.  I was very well-behaved and wouldn’t dream of trashing the back porch at Pippa’s house.

You know, Lad has some wonderful qualities, Friends, though admittedly they are quite deeply hidden. I was so proud of him last night.  Everyone else had gone to bed but Lad was still up watching TV when he heard a horrible screech from outside the house.  Lad thought a car might have run over a cat, so he went rushing out to check.  It wasn’t a cat, but a large hedgehog.  What would you have done, Readers?  With a large hedgehog that had been hit by a car and was bleeding from its nose?  (I need to clarify at this point that the hedgehog was not squashed but of fairly regular hedgehog shape.)  Well blow me down – for all his posturing and arguing and belligerence the other 364 days of the year, Lad picked up that injured hedgehog and brought it indoors.  Once out in the back garden, he lovingly tended to its wounds with cotton wool pads, and then wrapped it in one of my towels and put it in a box. I imagine he talked soothingly to it in the hope that the hedgehog would recover.

The hedgehog died but that’s not the point.

Well done, Lad, for showing such tenderness towards a prickly flea-ridden creature in its final hours.  The pearly gates will surely be open for Lad one day.

Thankfully I was allowed to go to daycare at dear Ebony’s house on my own yesterday, without having to share it with Young Lad.  Ebony and I had far more room to spread out on the furniture in the lounge, which is as it should be. Plus there was a huge bonus in that some family came to visit and they were rather taken with me. I insisted on sitting on the laps of these visitors so that they could make a fuss of me, and Ebony became a little jealous of the amount of attention I was getting; look, I am the guest there, and it is only right that I have the limelight.

It’s Friday evening which means Slovenly Pizza night on the sofa, and it really is rather lovely.  She tried to be a little creative with the Tesco thin-crust cheese feast that She always shares with Young Lad – that’s three tiny wedges each – and chopped some baby plum tomatoes on top, with a drizzle of pesto. This was an attempt to recreate Express Pizza’s Pomodoro Pesto that you can order in some of their restaurants.  It tasted nothing like Express Pizza’s Pomodoro Pesto and was a cheap imitation.  I ate a crust, obviously, but I prefer my pizzas  not messed around with.

Young Lad has developed a sudden love of salted peanuts and there is a bag for him this evening, as a Friday night treat.  I enjoy this too, as once he has finished eating them there will be loads of salt all over his hands and sweat-top, so I stand on his lap rinsing it all off for him.  It’s nice. 

Very disappointingly Young Lad’s first cricket match of the year, on Sunday, has been postponed as there are still too many football matches on and sporty lads of Young Lad’s age can’t be in two places at once.  I am upset about this, as I was looking forward to a sunny Sunday morning walking round the cricket ground for two hours and clearing up under the picnic tables.  If you ask me, football is a WINTER sport and cricket is a SUMMER sport; it is now May 10th which is far more summer than winter!  But of course nobody listens to me.

I’m hoping for a bit of a lie-in tomorrow as is She as apparently it’s been a bit of a week yet again.  They don’t know the half!  “A bit of a week” my foot.  Try my life.

Doubtless the morning will begin with popping into town to do the food shopping and a slight detour to check if Costalotta is open again after its re-fit. Young Lad will be on the Xbox for ages, and Lad will have to get up ‘early’ (11am) to do a lot of revision.  I will be asleep in my chair ready for a long walk in the afternoon.  I’ve heard rumours that Young Lad also has a lot of revision to do over the weekend for some Year 8 exams or something, and this has not filled Young Lad with glee.   I imagine there will be some coaxing, cajoling and finally shouting at Young Lad over the weekend.  I will ignore them.

Oh good, the snacks are coming out and I can hear the chink of an ice cube into a glass.  That can mean only one thing.

See you soon,



Author: boredbeagle

Slightly stocky beagle who lives with a family. This is She, He, Lad and Young Lad. And Gingercat. Generally doesn't get enough attention and so writes this blog to let everyone know what his life is like. You need to start from page one (First Attempt).. Go on, it's worth the effort.

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