citizen Oh the palaver here last night, Readers.  Really, it’s too much and nobody ever thinks of me in these things.  Is it that selfish to ask to have a perfectly normal walk down at the river on a Sunday afternoon?

Anyway, let’s go back a little.  As usual it has been a very un-relaxing weekend with too much going out and coming back in for my liking. The ‘lie-in’ on Saturday morning was laughable – Gingercat started yowling at 5am, to coincide with me needing a comfort break in the garden.  Then we had all just gone back to sleep when He got up to go to work.  I didn’t get much rest.

I tried to sleep for a while in the morning while She was out doing the Bldy Huge Food Shop, Young Lad was on the Xbox and Lad was sensibly still in bed.  It was peaceful for a little while, but then She came home with six bags of food shopping, Young Lad was ordered irritably to put it all away and Lad sauntered downstairs in search of food.  There ended the peace.   Lad was made to hoover upstairs and then Do Revision until his eyes bulged and even Young Lad was forced into some homework.  There was a lot of moaning about this.  Finally I went out for my Saturday afternoon walk, and actually that was quite nice.

Sunday, Readers, is a day of rest is it not?  In this house that penny does not seem to have dropped at all.  The ruddy alarm clock went off insanely early – in fact only a few minutes after I’d gone back to sleep after my early comfort break – and then there was loads of rushing around as Young Lad had an Early Football Match.  As usual nothing had been organised the night before so there was a lot of searching for the right shorts and matching football socks.  At the last minute they left, picking up Detention Friend and his Mum on the way, and then promptly got lost trying to find the football pitch.  This didn’t bode well for the rest of the day.

I stayed at home with Lad and we relaxed a little while all this went on.

Then they returned in an even worse mood, as there had been talk of “food” at the pub after the match, but due to a mix-up in communication the pub was shut and there definitely wasn’t any food.  Young Lad and Detention Friend were very upset about this and so was She, as She had to quickly knock up a meal for everyone.  It was scampi and chips, Friends, and this is not Sunday lunch in any way, shape or form and is shoddy.

I thought I might be taken for my walk at this point but no, as She jumped in the car to take Lovelydor down the road out on her birthday.  First of all they were going to a fuschia nursery which sounds very dull if you ask me, and not much of a birthday treat, but this was to be followed by tea and cake which I would have quite enjoyed, if anyone had bothered to invite me.

Finally, it was time for my walk.  There were lots of dogs down at the river yesterday afternoon, and it was a perfectly calm Sunday stroll.  For a while.  We went over the bridge and up into Top Field, although with a little caution as there was a strange white van parked near the bridge with Nobody In It.  This made our look around for dead bodies even more important than ever.  Once in Top Field we could see a figure on the horizon, right at the top of the field, calling and whistling.  On closer inspection I realised that he was looking for his dog.  This didn’t interest me as there were a lot of rabbit droppings to eat so I ignored the man and we walked round Top Field, along the lane and back over the bridge.

Further up the path, right up near the houses, I was nearly bowled over by a German Shepherd who appeared out of nowhere running like lightning.  She couldn’t see any Pack Leader with the German Shepherd, and it was obvious the German Shepherd was lost as it was running in that slightly panicky way, and being remarkably intelligent, She put two and two together and decided this was the dog being looked for by the man at the top of the hill in Top Field which was bldy miles away.  What happened next beggars belief.  I was put on the lead, and dragged at a brisk pace all the way back along the path, over the bridge (WE HAD ALREADY BEEN OVER THERE!!!) along the lane, and back into Top Field! (WE HAD ALREADY BEEN RIGHT UP THROUGH TOP FIELD!!)   We never go twice, ever ever ever!

But no, we had to clamber right the way up to the Top of Top Field for the second time, in order to tell the man that his lost dog was half a mile away back down at the river.  I fail to see how this was any of our business whatsoever, and I really don’t know why we had to get involved which meant I was dragged over the same route I had already been.  Selfish to the core.

I was feeling quite cross, once we had clambered back down through Top Field with the man, and I have to say Top Field is quite thistly at the moment and hurts my paws, and of course there was no sign of the German Shepherd back down at the river by then.  I was in a bit of a mood, Readers, by the time we finally reached home and wasn’t feeling very charitable towards the German Shepherd as it wasn’t my fault it had run off in the first place.

As the evening wore on, and there was still no sign of Rea (for such is her name) once darkness fell – how do I know?  Facebook of course – I have to say I did start feeling a little more sorry for her.  Rea had been lost for six hours at this point and I can imagine her owners were frantic with worry – I would like to think my family would have been if I had been lost for six hours, but I’m not completely sure.

Many local dogs and their owners went out walking and looking for Rea, being good citizens and kind neighbours.  We didn’t of course, as I was far too tired from all the doubling back earlier on and anyway, She felt She would be more use on social media.

Readers, Rea turned up on her doorstep very, very late; just as I’d gone to bed.  She was none the worse for her hours and hours of running across fields though I imagine she won’t need much of a walk today.

The lesson I have learned from this, Friends, is that while I personally would have preferred us to mind our own business and go home, sometimes it is important to be a Good Citizen and one must put one’s own needs behind those of others.

And here endeth the lecture for this evening.

See you soon,



Author: boredbeagle

Slightly stocky beagle who lives with a family. This is She, He, Lad and Young Lad. And Gingercat. Generally doesn't get enough attention and so writes this blog to let everyone know what his life is like. You need to start from page one (First Attempt).. Go on, it's worth the effort.

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