absent Readers, it is unforgivable that there has been no blog for FOUR nights.  This really is atrocious and is due to me being away from home too much.  I simply cannot keep on top of Easter Holiday visits to family as well as writing a blog.  I’m sorry.

Thankfully I am now back home and I jolly well hope I’ll be staying put for a while.  As you know, I had a few days at Nana aged 88’s house last week, which was rather fun as I trashed her kitchen with the rubbish bag.  After one, yes just ONE night back home in my own bed (well ok, technically it’s not my bed)  I was put in the car again with a whole load of bags and my box of food.  This meant I was Going Away yet again!  Really this was too much and I had no choice but to sleep heavily throughout the journey.

Luckily, Friends,  when the car stopped I woke up to find myself at Grandma’s house.  This cheered me up  no end, as I love it at Grandma’s house with her very good standard of food and snacks.  I raced straight in through her front door, ignoring her completely as I ran to the kitchen.

And so passed a very happy weekend at Grandma’s house, with lots of people popping in for meals and subsequently many nice snacks on low level tables. There was a rather aggressive game of football in the garden one afternoon, which didn’t end well.  Readers, I watched in astonishment as Grandma and Young Lad tackled each other viciously and both fell over into a fence.  Now, Grandma is in her eighties and it is worrying when someone of that age falls over into a fence, but Grandma was completely unscathed and carried on with the game. Young Lad, on the other hand, was cut all over his legs and arms and had a nosebleed.  Really it beggars belief.

Lad and She were back home at our house, attempting to ‘do the garden.’ Well, it doesn’t look a lot different if I’m honest and I imagine there was some sitting around with a cup of tea.  I know quite well that they went to Express Pizza with Lovelydor down the road one evening, as it (and I quote), “wasn’t worth cooking a meal for two.”  What nonsense.

So there I was yesterday, being shoved back in the car to drive home with He and Young Lad, when Young Lad decided to throw a spanner in the works .  Lord how this irked me.  We had barely got out of third gear when Young Lad said he didn’t feel well and went all peculiar.  Oh no, I thought to myself, this is yet another of Young Lad’s funny turns.  I don’t find them funny, Readers, I find them rather wearisome.

Sure enough, we turned the car round and went back to Grandma’s house where I was dragged back in, and Young Lad was tended to.  I had  a sniff round the kitchen to see if any food had dropped in the short time I’d been away, but it hadn’t.  Then what do you know – just as I’m about to wander back in the lounge with everyone, three big burly people in green uniforms turn up, brandishing kitbags and machines that beep.  Well, Friends, I was NOT having Grandma’s house attacked by these green-uniformed threats so I barked very ferociously at them.

They all ignored me so I went and sat down.

Anyway, I then had to endure more stress as Young Lad’s funny turn became a wearisome turn, and then a rather drawn-out turn and it did go on.  Good grief, I thought to myself, that will do.

Once it was decided that the scary people in green would take Young Lad away for “checks” (I could have checked him in ten seconds for them – he was fine) I was left alone in Grandma;s house.  This was unsettling and tedious.  I waited and waited and waited.

Finally He and Grandma came back and sat down with a cup of tea and a hot cross bun.  This was an improvement on the evening.

Readers, I didn’t get home to my own bed until after 10.30pm.  This was rather late and I was cross.  I had very little time in which to see if there was any cat food out, before going to bed.  I sincerely hope that Young Lad has learned his lesson from this and considers other people in future.

Today has been marvellous, though, in comparison.  Everyone has returned to school/work after the Easter break with the exception of Lad who starts back tomorrow.  This meant that Lad and I were home alone all day!  It was heaven!  Lad doesn’t get up till late, which suits me down to the ground, and then basically spends the entire day eating whilst doing schoolwork and watching telly at the same time.  Lad should not be under-rated.   I sat quite close to him on the sofa all day long so that I was in catching distance of any crumbs.  It was lovely.

Talking of catching, guess what starts tomorrow night?  Yes indeed, it is cricket season and Young Lad has outdoor training on a Wednesday night from now on.  I can barely contain my excitement at the prospect of walking round the boundary many times on a chilly Wednesday evening, eating pigeon droppings.  It is the small things in life that bring the most pleasure, don’t you agree?

Well I’m really quite tired after She dragged me down to the river this evening – I was more than happy to not have a walk today but oh no, out we went for a couple of miles.  Wouldn’t it be nice to be consulted occasionally?

See you soon,





Author: boredbeagle

Slightly stocky beagle who lives with a family. This is She, He, Lad and Young Lad. And Gingercat. Generally doesn't get enough attention and so writes this blog to let everyone know what his life is like. You need to start from page one (First Attempt).. Go on, it's worth the effort.

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