tomato My beautifully white fur around my mouth has been stained bright orange, Friends.  This is due to putting my head in the dishwasher whilst dirty crockery was being loaded – unfortunately, Lad’s lunch had included a large bowl of Baxter’s cream of tomato soup and the upside-down bowl in the dishwasher dripped all over me.  This was very vexing as Baxter’s cream of tomato soup is delicious and high quality (and bldy expensive at £1.10 a tin) but I cannot clean it off my face as it is in such an awkward place.  This is wasteful.  Plus of course, tomato soup stains quite badly and one has to squirt a lot of Vanish on a white t-shirt and scrub it whilst swearing  if tomato soup is spilled on it – if anyone tries to squirt Vanish on me and rub it in, I won’t be happy.  It is very annoying being able to smell high-quality soup and not being able to lick it.  Such is life.

It’s been an interesting few days.  As nobody has been at school/work, I’ve had lots of very long walks and to make a change from the usual route, have been on the disused railway line several times.  This is partly to have a change of scene but more, I suspect, because there is a tea shop on the way.  I quite enjoy this tea shop as I can lunge under the tables to lick up any dropped food – the tables are very lightweight  metal and make a horrendous racket when I drag them with me.  Sometimes I have managed to wind myself round several chair legs AND the table legs in my quest for a small piece of scone or quiche.  So you see the tea shop on the disused railway line is very interesting, but the same can’t be said of the disused railway line itself.

flitch I mean, look at it.  It’s a straight path that goes on for miles. And miles.  It’s not too bad when the disused railway line is deserted, but once there are idiots on bikes riding up  and down it, and joggers, and parents with wide pushchairs, believe me the novelty wears off quite fast.

And so it was that I was rather glad to go back to the river today, and up to Top Field etc.  There are far more interesting smells and not as many aggressive men on bikes.  Though to be fair there were some teenagers in Top Top Field yesterday on those horrid BMX things that make such a noise, but I kept my distance and all was well.  There is also less chance, down by the river, for the unashamed advertising of my blog and book – everyone down there knows about them and are bored to tears by it all, but oh my, didn’t we take the opportunity to reach a new audience on the disused railway line.  It was embarrassing, Readers.  Two perfectly nice people stopped to stroke my velvet ears (this was prior to the Baxter’s cream of tomato soup spillage) and tell me how lovely I am, and just because they mentioned that their son in Australia has a beagle, that was it.  They had to be told all about the blog and the book, and be heartily assured that it’s available on Amazon au.  Honestly.

Young Lad has recovered from his football trip to Madrid – though I imagine the shame of his parents not packing any shinpads will be there for a while – and on Thursday, went over the Rec to play football with Detention Friend.  This didn’t go well, Readers, as despite coping with intensive football training and matches for five days in Madrid without a problem, a kickabout over the Rec proved a step too far and Young Lad sustained an injured foot.  Detention Friend helpfully offered to call an ambulance as Young Lad rolled around on the ground screeching, but luckily they phoned He instead, and He went over to the Rec and carried Young Lad back on his shoulders.  For goodness’ sake.  What a fuss!  Much ice, rest and elevation was needed for a couple of days, and the rest part of that suited Young Lad down to the ground.   This morning Young Lad had recovered enough to play football for his team (get on with it and man up were the words of encouragement from She) and much to his and Detention Friend’s delight, their team won for the first time ever.  There is a moral in that story somewhere, Readers.

I am helping Lad tonight, Friends.  Lad is writing an essay for A Level Philosophy called, “Idealism versus common sense” and I am adding to the excitement of this by trying to lie on his lap, sort of half on the laptop.  Lad feels this is not helping.  Neither did it seem to aid his concentration when I found my large knuckle bone from the basket earlier, and start scraping my teeth up and down it.  There is no sound quite like that of teeth scraping across bone.  Still, I feel it’s important that I accompany Lad on his academic journey and add to it where I can.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the lack of early alarm calls over the last week, and am not impressed that tomorrow we will be back to the shrill 6am beeping. Lad is not looking forward to this either, and he and I will both struggle to cope.

Today I had quite a treat, Readers.  Before football, She decided to make lunch for Young Lad, Detention Friend and another friend of theirs who was here.  Feeling smug and oh-such-a-wonderful host, She made a big plate of bacon sandwiches and took them in to the boys who were playing on the Xbox. This seemed a cracking idea, didn’t it?  Except that Young Lad doesn’t like bacon sandwiches and Detention Friend’s religion prohibits the consumption of bacon.  Whoops. Poor Detention Friend.  How utterly thoughtless and ignorant of She!  Back to the kitchen She went, and made a plate of cheese on toast instead.

Guess who got the bacon from the bacon sandwiches?  Well, ok,  Gingercat was given a morsel but I had the rest of it!!  Oh such a treat!  Never ever ever am I given things like bacon.  Hooray for Young Lad not liking bacon sandwiches, and for Detention Friend being Muslim.

Back to school/work for everyone this week, Friends.  Back to dear, dear Ebony and Pippa for me.  Happy days.

See you soon,


Author: boredbeagle

Slightly stocky beagle who lives with a family. This is She, He, Lad and Young Lad. And Gingercat. Generally doesn't get enough attention and so writes this blog to let everyone know what his life is like. You need to start from page one (First Attempt).. Go on, it's worth the effort.

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