20190104_184203 THE PLATE IS EMPTY!!   WHAT’S GOING ON?!!   Readers, I cannot believe the selfishness of them tonight – it’s Slovenly Pizza night on the sofa, and just look at Young Lad’s plate!  Not a crumb left for me.  This is very poor, Friends, very poor.

It’s been an incredibly dull couple of days to be honest – Young Lad and I have been bored beyond belief.  Everyone has gone back to school/work apart from Young Lad who has been home alone for two whole, long days.  It was thought that I didn’t need to go to daycare as Young Lad was here, so I’ve spent two days lying on the sofa and doing very little.  I have had NO opportunity to act up as the over-flowing kitchen bin – which stinks – has been put outside each day and  all food is well out of my reach.  There are some golden chocolate coins in Lad’s room left over from his Christmas stocking, but I haven’t been able to get up there to them without Young Lad seeing me.

It really has been very frustrating and thank the Lord for my dear friend Ebony, who came to rescue me from the tedium yesterday to take me for a walk.  I was extremely upset on the way back from our walk to find that I wasn’t taken in to Ebony’s house – I tried my hardest to pull towards her front door but no!  I was dragged back to my own house.  This was very confusing because I ALWAYS  go into Ebony’s house and it’s been ages since I had a sleep in her bed.  Ebony looked quite relieved in all honesty as she is rather precious and territorial about her bed which I find highly irritating, but I was most upset.

At least yesterday we had some company in the form of Young Lad’s friend from up the road, who spent most of the day with us.  This friend makes a fuss of me which is rather nice, and the two of them tend to sit around eating lots of snacks, which is also rather nice.  Unfortunately they spent a large proportion of the day glued to the Xbox or TV, so much so that when She came home from work Young Lad’s eyes were completely square and his skin had a strange pale sheen.  This is an ailment known as Too Much Time on The Ruddy Xbox and Young Lad was banished from it forthwith.

Actually it had been quite hectic at times, with people knocking on the door.  The postman came with a recorded delivery, so Young Lad had to get off the Xbox and open the door to him, plus Lovelyneighbourontheright came round to check that we were both still alive.  Talk about busy.

I  rather feel that Young Lad is underrated as nobody said ‘well done’ for using his initiative in going to the BP petrol station to stock up on more snacks.  True, he could have taken me with him to stretch my legs but anyway – Young Lad even remembered to lock the front door!  Well done, Young Lad.

I haven’t seen a soul today, Readers, apart from Young Lad.  No friends came round, and if it wasn’t for the arrival of someone to give Young Lad a haircut this afternoon, we would have been completely abandoned here.  This really isn’t good enough and borders on Neglect.

He came home from work first today, and took me for a dusk walk down by the river.  There were lots of other dogs down there in the failing light; doubtless they had all been left alone all day by selfish working owners as well.  As usual when I’m with He, I behaved extremely well and didn’t roll in any cack, disappear off to the houses and recycling bags or snarl at any puppies.  I seem to only behave like this when She takes me out.  It’s fun.

So what of Lad I hear you ask.  Well, Lad has tried something new this week – a decision was made that Lad would try getting the train to school this term, rather than the extraordinarily late/slow/inefficient/unpleasant bus.  Poor Lad has been late to school for much of the last year due to this dreadful bus service, so a season ticket for the train has been purchased and Lad – who had misgivings about this – was persuaded that it would be ‘much more pleasant’.  On day one, Lad was miraculously up early and at the station well on time for the 7.26am train.  Marvellous – New Year, new start.

The 7.26am train was cancelled. The next train would not arrive until 8.15.  Thus Lad had to sit on the platform in the cold for fifty minutes and was still late for school. Yes indeed, this was ‘much more pleasant.’  Poor Lad.

Well, the bldyChristmasdecorations have been torn down and stuffed into a few boxes, which have been chucked back in the roof with a whiff of ‘that’s that for another year thank the Lord.’  As usual there has been little effort made to organise the decorations which means they will be hard to find in the boxes next December – though I have to say that I was impressed with the attempt to keep the lights tangle-free.  In an unusual show of foresight, each set of lights has been wrapped carefully around an empty Pringles tube in the hope that twelve months hence they will still be wrapped round the empty Pringles tube and easy to unravel.  I was far more interested in the Pringles tubes themselves which turned out not to be completely empty after all, but had the odd crumb of sour cream and chive.  I tidied these up.

Finally the Christmas tree was dragged outside – to be fair the non-drop Norwegian spruce has been as good as its word this year and even my attempts at looking in/behind/under/up the tree haven’t caused a shower of needles.  Not so dragging the tree across the carpet to the French windows; the needles lost the will to live and couldn’t hang on any more.  The carpet was plastered and as it has quite a coarse texture, I will be treading on trapped sharp needles for months.  So will Gingercat.  Nobody thinks about us in these things.

Last night I couldn’t get comfortable in my chair, Readers, and spent one minute twenty-six seconds scratching up the blanket, whining and barking at it.  I know how long it took as She recorded it and posted it on various Facebook pages and Instagram.  This is an appalling infringement of my privacy.  Yes it entertained people and lightened their day, but really it is so undignified.

Well hurrah it’s the weekend, which means I will have some decent company and several walks.  I’ve heard a whisper that I’ll be going to dear Ebony’s for daycare lots next week- bring it on, I say.

See you soon,


Author: boredbeagle

Slightly stocky beagle who lives with a family. This is She, He, Lad and Young Lad. And Gingercat. Generally doesn't get enough attention and so writes this blog to let everyone know what his life is like. You need to start from page one (First Attempt).. Go on, it's worth the effort.

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