New year, new me

IMG_20181231_201412_497 Actually that’s a complete lie.  Same me, begging/scrounging/looking winsomely at food all day long.  No New Year resolutions for me, Friends, other than to have more success in the stealing food area of life.  I’ve done quite well recently but there is always room for improvement.

New Year Resolutions – pah!  What’s the point?  Life goes on the same as it did yesterday, last week, last month.  Strip it all back and there is one basic need – eating.  I feel if more people lived by this simple mantra, the world would be a better place.  Really, what more does anyone need than regular food, a chair with a soft blanket and the occasional gentle walk?  People over-complicate things.

Happy New Year to you, by the way!  A little late at three paragraphs in, but the thought is there.  I hope your 2019 started in a better way than mine did.  I was having a wonderful lie-in, and for once NOBODY was up early – remarkably She came back to bed with a cup of tea and a good Peter James novel, and it really was a wonderful start to the New Year.  But then what do you know – it suddenly became important to clean my ears.  It was 9.30 on New Years’ Day – you would have thought this was quite low down the list of priorities but oh no.  I was attacked with cotton buds and a torch, as I was trying to sleep.  There was the usual fuss about “ooh they’re filthy” and I really do feel this was unwarranted first thing on New Years’ Day.  I mean did any of you have to endure forced ear cleaning first thing in 2019? Exactly.

New Year’s Eve on the other hand was quite enjoyable.  Oh there was no party, friends or socialising – Good Lord, no.  Well Lad went off socialising, but more of that later.  He, She, Young Lad and I stayed at home for the evening and had a marvellous time.  Let’s clarify that – I had a marvellous time.  Dinner was SparksMeanMarks ready meal curries with pilau rice, and a selection of Indian starters, plus garlic and coriander naan bread.  Readers, this was good news for me as ready meals come in those nice plastic trays and we all know that you can’t put those in the recycling  bags dirty, so I had plenty to do all evening!!   Yes indeed, I dragged them one by one under the dining room table and cleaned them out VERY thoroughly.  And chewed them up.

For your information, the SparksMeanMarks chicken korma was exceptionally tasty, and I infinitely preferred it to the vegetarian dhal.  The dhal lacked something, if you ask  me.  Meat.

I would have liked to try a samosa or bhaji but nobody gave me one.  The selfishness, even on New Year’s Eve!    To get my own back, I made a right racket chewing up the korma plastic tray, ripping it into bits, while they were trying to watch TV.  I was moaned at.  

It had been quite a good day in terms of food – whilst Young Lad had his friends here sleeping over the previous night, I had managed to snatch a piece of pizza off Young Lad’s plate when he wasn’t looking.  Then yesterday morning Young Lad was carelessly eating toast whilst playing on the Xbox and took his eyes off his plate once again – in one graceful leap I had his toast.  And again this morning.  Young Lad just doesn’t seem to learn.

So there was no light-hearted celebrating of New Year here last night, Readers, other than me with the ready meal trays.  She and Young Lad watched yet another episode of Chicago Fire and then we all shared the sofa to watch a film on Netflix.  Gingercat and I just slept as the film was boring.  He enjoyed the odd glass of red wine and Young Lad was on the Appletise – really they do know how to party.

Lad was managing much better, it has to be said, as he had gone to a town far away to join his friends for the evening.  Unlike the rest of his lightweight family, Lad stayed up to see in the New Year and indeed most of the next day as well. Lad is very tired tonight, I fear, and forcing him to play boardgames this afternoon was unkind.  Poor Lad.  Lad has been trying to plan a Philosophy essay tonight, which is not ideal when one hasn’t had much sleep and possibly the odd glass of sherry.  

Readers, did any of you go out for a nice New Year’s walk today?  So did I .  Twice.  This morning She dragged me on the usual three mile stomp at a silly speed, and because I’ve rolled in so much cack lately I had to be on the lead for most of it.  There were quite a few friends down there and one poor soul who hadn’t heard the eleven mini-mince pies story – yawn.  Then after lunch it was decided that Young Lad needed to Get Out and Have Some Air, so some bribery was used to make him leave the house and walk with She and He to the squirrel park, where there is a cafe.  Young Lad was promised a piece of chocolate fudge cake if he accomplished this without too much moaning.  I wasn’t promised anything but made to go along anyway.

Alas, the cafe in the squirrel park was shut.  Oh dear Lord, the huffing and puffing about “the bldywebsite said bldyopen till bldy3pm” blah blah blah.  We all stood for a few minutes considering our next move, which was to walk all the way home again.  Young Lad then had to bake his own cakes.  You should have seen the kitchen!!  How I laughed.

Well as you can imagine, I was exhausted from all this activity on New Year’s Day.  I climbed into my chair and tried to ignore all the racket as the Christmas decorations were taken down and boxed up, with happy sighs of “that’s that for another  ruddy year.”  Such cheer and bonhomie.

Readers, I hope you have had a lovely New Year and wish you all health and happiness for the year ahead.  She rather likes something Colleague once said:  “don’t look back, you’re not going that way.”  This is sound advice, Friends, although there might be the odd snack if you look behind you, in my experience.

See you soon,


Author: boredbeagle

Slightly stocky beagle who lives with a family. This is She, He, Lad and Young Lad. And Gingercat. Generally doesn't get enough attention and so writes this blog to let everyone know what his life is like. You need to start from page one (First Attempt).. Go on, it's worth the effort.

2 thoughts on “New year, new me”

  1. Glad to hear you have all had a pretty good Christmas and New Year. We have had a reasonable run with only 2 hiccups- Grandpa had a minor heart attack and spent a few days in hospital but as he is 93 no major actions to be taken. The other hiccup was Mac woke at 2am on New Years morning and started coughing. He was very lethargic and coughed on and off all day so ended up having a trip to the emergency vet as it was a public holiday. He is on medication and is much improved.
    Hope you all have a fabulous year.


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