20181120_104103 This morning, Readers, I was left for TWO AND A HALF HOURS!!  On my own!  This is unacceptable and I was bored out of my mind.  Now, I knew that on the list of jobs for today was tidying up Lad and Young Lad’s school books and bits of paper – so I decided to get a head start on this while She was trudging round Tesco.  I carefully pulled the pile of books onto the floor and made sure the papers scattered around well.  And look what is at the front of the pile!  Yes my very own book!  I had a quick read and chuckled a bit – really, it’s very well-written though I say so myself – and it brought back some happy memories.  Good Lord, fancy me writing a book.

Anyway, I was still bored so I went and opened three cupboards in the kitchen.  Anything remotely edible is now of course up very high, but I did find a new pack of suet fat balls for the Stupid Starlings, and I dragged those into the dining room and ripped the packet open.  I ate one suet fat ball and left a nice mess on the carpet.20181120_114837

Readers, She STILL wasn’t back from Costalotta  Tesco, and in sheer desperation I had no choice but to go into the study and try opening a cupboard or two in there.  I left the art and craft stuff alone today in favour of Lego City Fire Station.


All in all, a very satisfying use of time and it served her right for taking so long.   

Once She finally came home and stopped moaning about the mess, we went out for a Fast Power Walk.  It was teeming down with rain and really rather icy, and I just don’t know what possesses people to drag their dogs out in such inclement weather.  Who is meant to enjoy it, for heavens’ sake?  Plus I was kept on the lead as it was so wet and muddy and She didn’t want any bldychance of me rolling in anything.  We did a fairly brisk two miles and that was more than enough.

Once back in the warmth of home, I was banished to my bed in the kitchen to dry off as I was so muddy. This suited me just fine as She was beginning to get on my nerves.

What do you know – an hour later as I’m in a heavy sleep, I’m dragged out of bed and the lead is put on me as we are going out visiting.  Off we went to see Sicknote and as usual I behaved abysmally.  I was ‘rude’ apparently by running straight into the kitchen and sitting by the treat tin without saying hello first, and then I was “bad-tempered” “miserable” and “anti-social” for growling and snapping at young Delilah the Basset puppy who tried to make me play with her.  I have absolutely no idea what Delilah is doing when she rushes up at me wagging her tail, or thumps me with her large paw, but I find it quite disturbing and I have no choice but to show some aggression.

In the end I just climbed onto She’s lap and went to sleep.  It was very tedious listening to her and Sicknote talking incessantly for an hour and a half.

On a brighter note, I’ve had a good time in the dishwasher tonight as it was lasagne and we all know the state the plates are in for that particular dish.  There has been a surge in culinary effort recently, Friends, which has been a little alarming.  On Sunday She made a hearty casserole with herby dumplings and roast potatoes.  Nobody liked the dumplings and Lad said they were like rather solid yorkshire puddings.  Young Lad just gagged.

And tonight in addition to the home-made bldy lasagne, there is a home-made apple bldy crumble in an attempt to make Lad and Young Lad feel cared for.  If only the same effort was made for me occasionally.

In fact I was so hungry this afternoon that when Young Lad was back from school and had a plate of fruit toast for a snack, I had no choice but to leap up and snatch two pieces, sprinting fast to  under the dining room table so nobody could grab me.  Perhaps if I was fed properly this wouldn’t be necessary.  I was shouted at, of course, and told I’ve been naughty all day but I don’t really care.

Poor He has been out in the cold and wet all day today at work so was probably grateful for the lasagne and the  apple crumble.  Even though He will have had a big hot meal at lunchtime, another one is always welcome, as I know all too well.

Talking of which, yesterday I was impeccably behaved at dear, dear Pippa’s house all day.  Then Pippa’s Pack Leaders walked me home in the late afternoon, and they were impressed by the speed with which I ran from the front door to the kitchen counter where Gingercat had just been given his bowl of food.  Quick as a flash I jumped up and had that bowl out from under his nose and ran off with it.  Pippa’s Pack Leaders were astonished at how fast I can move sometimes.  Gingercat was rather annoyed that his dinner disappeared while he was on his third mouthful, and Lad had to open another packet of food for him and then give me my proper dinner.  It was fun.

Well tomorrow is another day, Readers, and I wonder what I will get up to. They’re all out at work/school so I will be going to dear, dear Ebony’s for the day.  At Ebony’s house I will not be opening any cupboards or chucking any piles of books around, as I don’t need to.  I will be cared for and loved – some would say indulged – and it wouldn’t hurt my own family to take note.

I suppose I ought to apologise to Sicknote for my rudeness again today.  I struggle with the whole “fun” and “joyfulness” thing.

See you soon,



Author: boredbeagle

Slightly stocky beagle who lives with a family. This is She, He, Lad and Young Lad. And Gingercat. Generally doesn't get enough attention and so writes this blog to let everyone know what his life is like. You need to start from page one (First Attempt).. Go on, it's worth the effort.

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