20181026_185220 This plate in front of me has NOTHING on it, Readers!  Not a single crumb of pizza crust or small carrot stick. This is neglect, pure and simple as it is Slovenly Pizza Night and I always cadge some small morsel from them.  I cannot believe that I wasn’t given anything, despite the begging, whining and standing on my hind legs.  Just look at the hurt expression in my eyes! It’s appalling.

This sad state of affairs may be due to it being half term, so everyone has been at home today.  Thus nobody feels sorry for me or disposed to giving me titbits to atone for being out all day.  Humph.  In some ways it’s been pleasant I suppose, with everyone here and a generally more relaxed feel than there is normally on a Friday; for a start Subbuteo has been out on the lounge floor this afternoon and that NEVER happens.  He, Lad and Young Lad were all playing very nicely together until Lad got cross because he wasn’t winning so he quit.  This is very disappointing behaviour from Lad who should know better,  having been told “quitters never win” and similar soundbites for most of his childhood by He.  Lad decided that he suddenly had more important things to do than continue losing at Subbuteo and went in the other room.

Gingercat likes Subbuteo as the soft, green felt is very comfortable for sitting on. This is Gingercat’s favourite boardgame after Monopoly.  I’m not sure the game of Subbuteo football is aided by a lot of ginger hair on the pitch and it does slow the ball down rather, but there you go.  A family day is a family day.

Young Lad has done a small amount of homework which is a small amount more than Lad has managed.  Lad says he will do it another day.  He has been saying this for  a week, but I do feel it’s more important for Lad to sleep until lunchtime than worry about homework.  It’s very dull after all and there is always tomorrow.

Readers, during my walk today He sustained an injury.  This is a terrible thing to happen when out walking one’s dog and I feel very sorry for He.  I can hear you asking, oh no!  Did He have a terrible fall?  Did He tumble down a rabbit hole and break his ankle?  Did a branch fall on him?  It was none of these.  Young Lad was being very silly with my long pink ball flinger thing, and swinging it around his head – sadly Young Lad let go and the long pink ball flinger thing flew across the field and hit He hard on the forehead, cutting it in the process and causing blood to fall.  Poor He. Young Lad did have the grace to feel bad about it, albeit briefly.

I’ve been so irritated today.  As they have all been at home, a decision was made to have a chilled afternoon watching some telly together – Lad suggested Game of Thrones Season One and this was agreed upon, so long as somebody threw a blanket over Young Lad’s head whenever there was an inappropriate scene.  You may  be thinking that Young Lad must have spent the whole afternoon with a blanket over his head and you’d be right.  Anyway, due to the insufficient room on the sofa for all four of them,  MY chair was dragged over and She sat in it.  This meant – I can hardly believe it myself – that there was nowhere for me to sit but on the floor!  What the actual heck!  So i whinged and moaned, and finally squeezed myself into the chair as well, but it was an awful squash and She simply wouldn’t get out. The selfishness.

Now, this is similar to the last two nights where I have settled down for the night on Young Lad’s pillow.  It is exceedingly comfortable and I couldn’t care less that Young Lad can’t get into bed while I’m on his pillow.  The answer is simple – Young Lad simply needs to find somewhere else to sleep.  Pushing me and saying repeatedly “come on Russell, I need to go to bed”  just isn’t on.  That said, it’s preferable to She coming in and putting her foot under my bottom whilst shouting “MOVE IT!” 

There has been more futile tidying up today – it does make me laugh.  It looks fairly tidy by the time most of us go to bed, but Lad stays up late watching rubbish on the telly and eating snacks till all hours, and the tidiness factor diminishes somewhat. Then Lad is moaned at the next day and the cycle starts again.  

Guess what was walking across our front lawn this afternoon?!  A pheasant!  You would think from this that we live in a rural idyll rather than a late 60s housing estate, but there you are.  Lord only knows where this pheasant had come from or where it thought it was going, if indeed it could think at all, but I can’t imagine it lasted long further down the road where there’s a blind bend that cars come racing round.  Lad noticed the pheasant first and said “oh look, there’s a pheasant or turkey” which showed reasonably good knowledge about the avian world, I felt.

Poor He has had a difficult day really – the injury from the long pink ball flinger thing was just the start of it.  He had to take his car in for a service, whatever that is, and was displeased to receive a phone call outlining the need for three new tyres, new brake pads, discs and various other bits.  He was also displeased to hear the bill.  Poor He. I’m glad I don’t have these problems.

Well, half term has flown by and very little seems to have been achieved.  But then that’s generally the way of things here.

It makes me tired, just thinking of all the things that haven’t been done!

See you soon,




Author: boredbeagle

Slightly stocky beagle who lives with a family. This is She, He, Lad and Young Lad. And Gingercat. Generally doesn't get enough attention and so writes this blog to let everyone know what his life is like. You need to start from page one (First Attempt).. Go on, it's worth the effort.

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