Stem-and-calyx-pepper The green part of the pepper is called the stem, Readers, as you can see from this very informative diagram.  Hitherto I had always known it as a stalk, and it was this very thing that I chucked on the lounge floor this morning.  Whilst they were all out at work/school etc, I dragged the bag of potato peelings in from the back porch and much to my joy found a manky old bit of red pepper in there too. So I ate all round the nice red flesh but the green stalk (sorry, stem and calyx) were rather bitter so I left them on the carpet.  I also spat a few seeds on the carpet too. The potato peelings were all over the hall.  This is the second morning running that I’ve entertained myself like this, as Ebony’s Pack Leader found a similar mess when she came to pick me up yesterday.  But does anyone learn their lesson and put the kitchen waste outside into the green bin? Of course not.

Yesterday was fun apart from that, as I spent the day with dear, dear Ebony.  It made a change to have some company and be in a house where the White Goods don’t keep breaking down, causing a lot of bad language.  Young Lad was supposed to come and collect me when he got in from school, but Young Lad forgot as he was so tired from walking all the way home and needed a sit-down on the Xbox straight away. Poor Young Lad.

Actually, Young Lad held forth at tonight’s Dinnertime Debate for a change.  He was most incensed about an incident during woodwork today, whereby they had been playing Bingo, and ‘Matthew’ won within a ridiculously short amount of time, and there was no WAY Matthew could have won fairly!  She said “why were you playing Bingo in woodwork?” which shows just how much She misses the point, and Young Lad said it was a warm-up.   Personally I can’t see the link between Bingo and a butt joint, though who am I to argue?

It was a funny old evening here yesterday as She went to Lad’s school after work, for a Welcome to Sixth Form Evening and He went out for a curry with his brother and old friends.  Lad opted out of attending the Welcome to Sixth Form Evening as he has now been there four days and feels he knows everything there is to know.  This meant that Lad had to cook dinner for Young Lad and look after me.  Lad cooked fish fingers and chips, as that’s as far as his repertoire extends.  Young Lad said he doesn’t like fish fingers any more and there was a bit of a row.

When She finally stomped home from the Welcome to Sixth Form Evening, Lad was told there are a lot of important things he needs to think about.  He carried on watching “Power” or some such silly series and ignored her.  I don’t blame him – one wants to relax in the evenings. not think about serious things. For goodness’ sake.

Today She took me for a lovely long walk at the river, in the morning sunshine. We marched over the bridge into Top Field where there were lots of rabbity smells but She would keep telling me to hurry up.  Back down by the bridge, whom did I see but dear, dear Chuck whose coat was gleaming more than ever in the sunlight.  He was so beautiful, my Chuck!  Readers, you won’t believe it but Chuck’s Pack Leader has been reading my book out over the tannoy at Sainsbury’s!  Yes!  If you remember, he did the same thing with my blog last year in the run-up to Christmas.  I’m really very touched by the effort to which he goes on my behalf.  He did make a snarky comment about my spelling, but I pride myself on how few mistakes I make.  What he calls a mis-spelling, Readers, I call an abbreviation.  We will agree to differ.

Oh the moaning and fussing this morning.  As you know the dishwasher is showing an error code of E09, and is doing bugger all to wash the dishes.  I know, the glamour in this house overwhelms me at times, too.  So much phoning around was needed to ascertain how old the dishwasher is (18 months) and whether it’s still under guarantee (it is) and other dreary things like that.  The lady on the phone asked for the model and serial number, which meant She had to hang upside down inside the dishwasher and squint at some teeny weeny writing.  Anyway an engineer is very helpfully coming out to deal with error E09 a week from now, which means it’s like the olden days until then and they have to wash up.

It was decided that a good comforting Roast was in order tonight, to keep everyone’s energy levels and spirits up, as they have been flagging a little since the weekend. Mmm.  The standard wasn’t good.  The stuffing was virtually raw and the Yorkshires rather flaccid if you ask me.  I’m not convinced it was comforting at all.

Then I was dragged out for a second walk over the Rec, but this was an ill-conceived idea as it was chucking down.  This didn’t stop us and we trudged round the field in the rain.  She was wearing flip-flops, and clearly hadn’t looked out the window before setting off.  This is shoddy planning.  And then the complaining when we returned home, that I smell of wet dog!  Work it out then!!

Tomorrow I am home alone, although of course various neighbours have been drafted in to take responsibility for things.  LovelyDor down the road has been ordered to come and let me out during the morning – I might not want to go – and dear Pippa’s Pack Leader is going to take me for a lovely walk at lunchtime.  I know for a fact that She popped into PetsRVetsRToysRUs or whatever it’s called today and I suspect I’ve been bought a bone in the hope that it will keep me quiet for a couple of hours.  We all know it won’t.

Talking of neighbours, Lovelyneighbourontheright came round yesterday with a plate of Melting Moments.  I think they were to cheer us up after losing Grandad.  Melting Moments do in fact melt. and do in fact only take a moment to eat.  I have to say they are delicious.  

Oh dear.  Young Lad’s Geography teacher has sent his book home saying that he has only done half his homework.  One half was to cover the book with pictures of human and physical geography, which Young Lad did, and the other half was to cover the whole thing in sticky back plastic.  Putting sticky back plastic onto a book with pictures Pritt sticked on it, is even trickier than a book without any pictures on.  After all the stress of the dishwasher this morning, I feel there will be a lot of very bad language before the evening is over.

Thank you for all your kind messages about Grandad.  Somebody did point out that there was another thing Grandad and I had in common, which I had failed to mention.  It is a side effect of enjoying rich food and lying on the sofa where air can become trapped.  Nuff said.

Bye for now,




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Slightly stocky beagle who lives with a family. This is She, He, Lad and Young Lad. And Gingercat. Generally doesn't get enough attention and so writes this blog to let everyone know what his life is like. You need to start from page one (First Attempt).. Go on, it's worth the effort.

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