Working Hours

5060156533345Unbelievable.  Readers, I don’t know how to put this, so I will be blunt.  She has INCREASED her working hours, and I will be abandoned home alone MOST OF THE WEEK!  Can you believe it?  I get scant love and attention as it is, and now this.  I am at a loss for words, which is unusual as you know.

Yet again, Ebony and Pippa’s Pack Leaders are stepping in and taking care of me. Frankly I can’t wait to see them.  It is all too clear how important I am in the scheme of things in my own home.

I can only assume that Gingercat is upset about the extra working days, as he has been behaving very strangely.  Gingercat was sitting in the bath this morning, looking ridiculous, and then climbed into the bathroom sink.  He peered up with an “aren’t I cute?” look on his face but he really didn’t look cute, he looked half-witted. Then yesterday, as Young Lad was putting away his clean clothes, Gingercat climbed into his drawer – the one labelled Tshirts and Joggers – and went to sleep.  Gingercat is quite fat so Young Lad couldn’t shut the drawer, and Gingercat stayed in the drawer all day.  Can you imagine if I’d climbed into the sink or a drawer?  I would have been shouted at.  But oh no, it’s enchanting and sweet if it’s Gingercat.

Today was Back To School for Lad, and He and She were at work so Young Lad was home alone with  me. Now, Young Lad isn’t meant to be on his own too long due to one of the myriad of medical conditions that are prevalent in this house, so of course the neighbours were called upon to check in on him.  Saturday:  Lovelydor down the road has to do our washing, Tuesday: Lovelyneighbourontheright has to supervise the offspring.  How we depend on everyone else.  And in a further example of this selfish abuse of people’s kindness, another neighbour round the back has now been drafted in to give Young Lad a lift to school of a day.  Shameless.

Yesterday was relatively nice as it was the last day of the school holidays, and She, Lad and Young Lad were at home.  Well, Lad stayed in bed, and Young Lad said he fancied one final portion of toast and butter from Costalotta before his annual eye test, so there was a detour there.  Nobody gave me any toast and butter.  She says there will be no more trips to Costalotta for quite a while now, as there is no bldy money left, plus of course She’s working every wretched day.  

It was very warm yesterday despite being September – an Indian summer I think they call it. I was extremely hot out in the garden but chose to lay in the full sun and pant heavily anyway.  We delayed my walk until the evening when things had cooled down. Our walk was marched in time to a Beach Boys song, so it was rather jaunty.  Thankfully that nasty habit of singing aloud in Far Field seems to have abated.  We saw Teddy the Australian Copper Labradoodle, whom I haven’t bumped into for ages.  He tried to make me play, but I wouldn’t.  Teddy has recently had a hair cut by the look of it, and I’m glad nobody tries to do that to me.  Poor Teddy.

Walking back up the road in the balmy evening, I was excited to see Ebony’s Pack Leader sitting outside in the sunshine, quaffing a cheeky prosecco.  What a civilised thing to do, I thought to myself and typical of a person of her class.  I was rather keen to join her, and sit in the sun watching the world go up and down our road at teatime, but no.  I was yanked indoors and moaned at for dragging Gingercat’s food bowl outside. Nobody in my family sat outside in the sun drinking a light sparkling wine.

Partly this was because there was a pathetic effort to make up for the increased working hours by cooking a home-cooked dinner.  This makes one feel less guilty about neglecting everyone.  A curry was decided upon, and Young Lad decided to help.  I must say it smelled delicious, and the rice that inevitably fell on the kitchen floor was light and fluffy.  There was some korma paste stuff all down one of the cupboards too.  

Down at the river tonight, we saw Rocco the Inspirational Three-Legged Labrador’s Pack Leader.  She made a HUGE fuss of me and is clearly a Russell fan.  It’s a good job someone is.  I was shouted at for grabbing piles of manky stuff in my mouth and eating it – someone has kindly cut the grass down there, and there is lots of loose stuff all over the place.  Somehow this clumps itself together into nasty-looking clots, which I suspect are held together with decomposing rats.  It’s nice.

Tonight it is fairly peaceful.  Lad is in the bath, whilst Young Lad and She are watching Bake-Off.  This episode is all about traybakes and there are some questionable flavours being added to perfectly decent sponge cake.  Spinach, anyone?  How ridiculous.  Though I would eat it.  Young Lad loves watching Bake-Off, and it comes right up there with Masterchef, Police Interceptors and 24 Hours in A &E for him.  What an eclectic mix.

Well, Readers, as if there wasn’t enough excitement on the domestic appliance front with the washing machine exploding, yesterday the dishwasher had a sinister E24 warning light on it!  The drama never ends.  After much googling it was decided that E24 means your dishwasher is filthy and you haven’t cleaned out the filters for years you slovenly wench.   After a quick clean of the filters, the E24 light went off. Phew.

So tomorrow I’m at Ebony’s house for daycare, and don’t forget that Young Lad is being dumped with someone round the corner in order to get to school.  Lad has his first whole day back at school, in the wonder of Year 12.  Who knows what will happen.

See you soon,


Author: boredbeagle

Slightly stocky beagle who lives with a family. This is She, He, Lad and Young Lad. And Gingercat. Generally doesn't get enough attention and so writes this blog to let everyone know what his life is like. You need to start from page one (First Attempt).. Go on, it's worth the effort.

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