australia_b915348b-000a-42e5-9891-bf2d04f8aceb Yesterday was simply marvellous, Friends, marvellous.  I was visited at home by people that genuinely like and understand dogs.  These people had come all the way from the other side of the world to see me!  Wow, I couldn’t believe it.  All the way from Australia they came, as they wanted to spend time with me.  What an honour.  Pardon?  Well, yes ok they have been to London to go on the London Eye etc, and visited loads of relatives, but the highlight of their visit to England was definitely coming here yesterday.  I’m sure they said so.  And I know for a fact that their dog is allowed to sleep on their bed with no shame or secrecy attached to it – indeed, this is celebrated.  So I had a wonderful day, rolling on my back in the sunshine while my tummy was tickled, and my ears were stroked, and soft cooing noises were made to me.  In fact, Readers, I even showed off a little!  Whilst balancing precariously along my spine on the grass, legs stretched out in an impressive yoga pose, one of The Australians said how long can he stay like that then, and there was some chuckling.  Well. It turned out I could hold this pose for a very long time, such is the strength of my core muscles and abdominals!!  I must have been upside down perfectly balanced on a narrow ridge of bone for a full ten minutes!  How everyone admired me.

Lunch was eaten al fresco, which was rather pleasant I must say, and it was the everlasting picky bits, which seems to be about the only “luncheon” She can ever think of.  At least there was no Chocolate Baileys Cheesecake this time, which did make a refreshing change.  Lad was here all day yesterday as his exams have now  finished bldypraisebe.   Lad tried hard to remove a Fish Fingers box from my mouth, after I had dragged it out of the recycling bag and run under the bushes with it.  Lad failed to remove it from my mouth, and it was one of the Australians who used something akin to the Heimlich manouevre, and stood behind me, grabbed the box and removed it successfully.  I didn’t see that coming, I have to admit.  Australian removal techniques seem to be more efficient.   However, if my family think they will try this, I will still have their hand off.

Earlier in the morning, I had a lovely walk at the river although we still couldn’t go up in the woods due to the ongoing camping holiday.  She says it will  be months before I can go back up there.  I was  thinking to myself that the Bastard Swans haven’t been down there for ages – I haven’t seen them now for months.  What a terrible shame.  Dear Chuck was down there, with his silky coat shining in the sun, and we spent a while inspecting each other’s rear ends as usual.  I would have preferred a slow, leisurely walk with plenty of sniffing, but oh no, we had to march fast as there was a lot to bldy do and we needed to crack on.  Readers, you can imagine the tune to which we marched round Far Field.  Yes indeed.  Something by Ted Drearen, or whatever he’s called; one of his rockier songs, obviously, as you can’t walk fast to a ballad. 

I was rather disappointed last night, Friends, to find that I wasn’t allowed to go to Young Lad’s cricket match.  Now, you know how I love walking round the cricket ground over and over and over again for a couple of hours, but no. This was deemed to be too annoying, as it means that you can’t sit and chat to people when  you have a Beagle on the end of the lead, barking every time you stand still. Standing still talking to people HAS to be the most boring activity ever, and yet She manages to do it for hours!  It’s so dull.  Anyway, I was left at home on the pretext that being “on teas duty” meant nobody would be able to supervise me.  What nonsense.  “Teas duty,” my foot.  How hard can it be – cups of squash, a plate of biscuits and some cake.    He, She and Young Lad all spent the evening at cricket, and I was left home alone with Lad, to watch the England match.  It was quite good but on the whole I slept through it.

Young Lad struggled to wake up early this morning, and to be honest this is only going to get worse this week.  Poor Young Lad has 2 cricket matches, a football match, and cricket training all in the space of four days.  This is an appalling amount of physical activity for Young Lad, and I worry about him.  Admittedly he is happily lying on the sofa at the moment in a very relaxed way, stuffing breadsticks, but I fear he will have wasted away to nothing by the end of this week.  Poor Young Lad.  Lad, on the other hand, is enjoying a life of leisure for one week, and we have the house to ourselves as everyone is at school/work.  I won’t tell you what we get up to.  What goes on tour….  

Lad made a late decision, today, to go out with his friends, so I was dropped off at Ebony’s house mid-afternoon.  I was disappointed with this, as I only had a couple of hours there – but this was enough to eat lots of bird seed, so there will be an interesting texture to my comfort breaks again tomorrow.  I also had a walk over the Rec with Ebony, and found myself running – yes, running! – at full pace, and really quite enjoying myself!  How light-hearted and energetic I was this afternoon.  Maybe it was the birdseed.  That said, I am very tired now and lying upside down in my chair with my eyes tightly shut.  He looked a little like this, on the sofa, just before dinner, albeit He wasn’t upside down.  This is due to poor He working ridiculously long hours at the moment – He and I have really been pushing ourselves too much.

Well, I can only hope that Lad stays at home with me tomorrow, and doesn’t make a last minute decision to abandon me in favour of his friends.  Plus there’s cricket training and I will be furious if I don’t get taken this time – there is bound to be lots of fresh bird poo around.

See you soon,


Author: boredbeagle

Slightly stocky beagle who lives with a family. This is She, He, Lad and Young Lad. And Gingercat. Generally doesn't get enough attention and so writes this blog to let everyone know what his life is like. You need to start from page one (First Attempt).. Go on, it's worth the effort.

One thought on “G’day!”

  1. Amazing! Glad your fans from Down Under got to meet you Russell. Penny says you’ll be putting Ted Drearen to shame with your fanbase soon


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