Parchment-Paper1I was extremely bored yesterday morning, so removed a roll of greaseproof baking paper from the cupboard, ripped it up and spat it round the lounge floor.  It was something to do. I’d been given a Kong with a smear of cheap imitation Philadelphia cream cheese in, but that didn’t last long, so I needed something else to do. I’m extremely annoyed that that food cupboard has been re-arranged so that all I have to entertain myself with is Tupperware and irritating rolls of baking paper and clingfilm.  But there we are.  I was nearly caught in the act yesterday morning, as Young Lad and She made an unexpected return home from school/work and I was not comfortable with this.  There had been yet another Incident of some sort, dear God, and Young Lad needed to  lie on the sofa – this is his preferred position, as we all know.  I was scolded and moaned at for the state of the bldylounge with ripped up bldybakingpaper spat out all over the place.   Thankfully Pippa’s Pack Leader Male turned up at that moment to take me to daycare, so I could escape from the telling-off.

Today was lovely;  sunny and pleasant, and I was just in the mood for gentle strolling at the river and mooching around. Of course, this wasn’t allowed and due to A Bit Of A Day yesterday it seemed She needed to stomp even more than usual.  This annoyed me, so up in Top Field I made my point by waiting until She was at the far side, before taking a comfort break right down at the beginning.  By the time all the stomping back to my comfort break site had been managed, it was difficult to remember where it was and an awful lot of scouring of the long grass was needed.  At this point I found some cack in which to roll, a bit further over, so now there was a decision to be made: continue searching for my comfort break, or pull me out of the cack.  I found it very amusing. Served her right for the ridiculous walking speed.  Dear Chuck was in Top Field, running away from his Pack Leader, and eventually he hid under a gate so that nobody could find him.  I wasn’t the only one being annoying this morning.

Today has been noisy due to the frantic hoovering that’s been going on.  I was tired after our three mile walk, and it’s plain selfish to start hoovering when I’m trying to sleep. Admittedly the house was disgusting and some cleaning was long over-due, but really the timing could have been better.  Thankfully there was some peace later on, as Young Lad had a football match for the school, which She went to watch.  Young Lad is excellent at football.  He runs around  a lot, points a lot and shouts advice to the other players a lot.  This appears to be more important than actual ball skills, but it takes all sorts.  Well done, Young Lad.  This has been an energetic week for him, with basketball club at lunchtimes, cricket yesterday evening and a football match today.  And don’t forget those end-of-year exams. Young Lad was very pleased to have scored 17 out of 30 for Geography, as this is over half and “will do.”

Lad only has one more day at school and then is on “study leave.”  In truth this means that Lad and I will lie in bed longer than usual, and I’m looking forward to this. We’re all looking forward to four weeks’ time, when the bldyGCSEs are over and the house can reappear from under a mountain of index cards and post-it notes.  Lad and He have gone to the pub tonight to watch Wet Sham, and this will be very therapeutic for Lad at this stressful time, I’m sure.  Or perhaps not.

Readers, there hasn’t been a blog for a couple of nights, and for this I apologise.  Wednesday had its usual tightbldyschedule what with cricket in the evening – in truth the laptop had been taken along to cricket last night, with the intention of writing the blog, but it seems drinking a gin and tonic in the clubhouse was more appealing.  What a shoddy attitude.  No thought whatsoever for all the loyal Readers who were waiting eagerly for my wise words. I behaved impeccably at Pippa’s  house yesterday, as usual, and even went in the river for a drink during our walk.  My split toenail is getting better, thank you for asking, and I’m not limping as much, although apparently it’s hard to tell as I am uncoordinated and have a clumsy gait at the best of times.  Such warm, kind words.

This blog has taken ages to write tonight due to lack of concentration.  Young Lad and She were determined to watch the finale of Season3 Scandi Nordi depressing noir type thing, before season 4 starts tomorrow. (Shoot me now.)  So there have been lots of pauses from typing, with gasps and staring at the telly, and the occasional shout of, “oh no, look out!!”  Dear Lord.  Gingercat and I have slept through this nonsense.  And then, once Young Lad had retired to bed, you would think some proper work ethic might be shown in finishing tonight’s blog, but no.  Guess what’s on now.  You’re right. Ambulance.  Really, it’s no wonder Young Lad shows difficulties concentrating on his homework, when this is his role model.

Lad says it’s traditional on the last day of school, for students to be rather mischievous and play jolly pranks on each other and the staff.  Lad claims that he and his little group of quiet, bookish type friends have not yet planned any hilarious wheezes.  Readers, I think we all find this doubtful.  Lad has been told that his  bldy passport will be confiscated and he won’t be going bldy anywhere in the summer holidays, if he steps out of line. I don’t like this assumption that Lad will  be in trouble tomorrow, any more than the assumptions I will misbehave when people are out of the house.  Yes, these assumptions are based on years of experience, but that’s not the point.  Benefit. Of. The. Doubt.

I’ll let you know what jolly japes Lad and his friends get up to.

Bye for now,


Author: boredbeagle

Slightly stocky beagle who lives with a family. This is She, He, Lad and Young Lad. And Gingercat. Generally doesn't get enough attention and so writes this blog to let everyone know what his life is like. You need to start from page one (First Attempt).. Go on, it's worth the effort.

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