20180408_090257 This diagram, Readers, shows what a pleasant start to the day it was today.  Gingercat and I decided to go back to bed after our 6am comfort break and breakfast, and have another forty winks or so.  You can see that I have carefully placed my floppy ear so that I cannot hear anyone shouting get off the bldyJohnLewis duvet cover, or anything like that.  It was extremely comfortable and I only wish every day started like this. 

It’s been a nice weekend on the whole, though I have been moaned at a lot.  Yesterday morning’s walk was epic, as I found no less than three piles of cack in which to roll; one near the river and two in Top Field.  She was furious with me as I had grey green streaks all over my back and under my neck.  It had to happen, really, as right at the beginning of my walk I saw Teddy the Copper Australian Labradoodle, and a comment was made about how clean I looked. Not for long.  I was dragged home with loads of tutting, and had to be put in the bath yet again.  I cannot believe that the Value Shampoo that I told you about in one of the first blogs, STILL hasn’t run out!  So anyway, I then stank of wet dog and was made to sit in the garden in my bed.  Luckily the sun was out briefly and dried me off fractionally.  Young Lad came out in the garden to play football again, and kicked another ball over the fence.  He had to amuse himself by seeing if he could throw a tennis ball in through the very small bathroom window at the top of the house.  Of course he couldn’t, but it kept him out in the fresh air for twenty minutes.

Readers, I have spent some time reading through all my blogs, from the very first one up to the present.  A few things have struck me.  

1)  There seems to be too much mention of my flatulence.

2) The Christmas lights mentioned somewhere in February have still not made it up to the loft, and are still dumped in Lad’s bedroom.

3)  The shark jigsaw (December/January) never has been finished and has been given up on.

4) I can’t believe you find all this drivel interesting.


Anyway, it was a pleasant trip down memory lane for me, as I read each entry and corrected some shocking typos. 

Being Saturday yesterday, there was some hope that Young Lad might find something to do and actually leave the house for a while.  He hasn’t been out of the house since last week’s cinema and Pizza Express trip, apart from the unfortunate incident on Friday, which I won’t go into.  But Young Lad appears to be extremely happy doing bugger all at home, and stayed here all day.  Lad also stayed here all day, but at least he was revising.  There was an offer to take them out for tea and cake somewhere in the afternoon, which was politely declined by both.  Notice that nobody offered to take me out for tea and cake, and I wouldn’t have declined.

He was out somewhere all afternoon, but Young Lad and She decided to make a large healthy curry for dinner, not realising that He would have eaten.  Thus the large curry was far too large.  Young Lad had a huge appetite thankfully – it must have been all that hanging round the house all day – and ate two large naan bread as well as the curry, rice and popadums. They watched a bit of the Commonwealth Games in the evening, for want of anything else to do, and there was some oohing and aahing about the vault gymnasts and their amazing bldy upper body strength!  I found it incredibly dull, to be frank.  I was quite tired, anyway, having been taken for a second walk, which was mostly on the lead as I had been bathed and was not allowed to roll in any stuff again.  It was marvellous down there late afternoon – so many friends were out walking!  Not only Jake the gun dog, and dear Chuck, but no – both my very best friends were down there, in the shape of dear Pippa and dear Ebony.  We were all very well behaved, but apparently the naughty kittens that live with Ebony have been appalling.  They are well known in our area, for stealing items of clothing from people’s washing lines and laundry baskets. (They once ran off with Lad’s Cub Scout uniform, during the extremely brief period he was in the Cubs.)  This time, it seems, the naughty kittens had stolen a Liverpool football kit from some children over the road.  That is less embarrassing than the underwear they frequently bring home, however – and imagine what a fun game it is, for Ebony’s Pack Leader to work out whose knickers belong to which neighbour so she can return them.

I digress, but the point I’m making is that cats can behave abysmally as well, when they feel like it.

This morning, then, started well and all was peaceful.  She “popped into town” but Homeless Guy wasn’t outside Sainsbury’s today, so that’s £1.50 saved.  Then I had my two mile morning walk, and yet again, I found plenty of cack to cover my neck, ears and face with.  The foxes have been busy down there.  We went up into Top Field, where I met NicedogwalkerLady and her husband, who had to be shown all the cack plastered over my neck.  There is no need to draw attention to it like this.  NicedogwalkerLady’s husband tried to explain the scientific reason that dogs roll in fox poo, but She refused to believe it and said I do it to wind her up.

We looked after the Cockapoo from next door for a while when I got home – he didn’t jump on me as much as usual, so may be learning his lesson, the little pup.  However, to give me some peace, He and Young Lad kindly took the Cockapoo out for a walk over the rec, so I could have a doze. Then it was Sunday lunch which smelled good, but the tray of roast potatoes wasn’t dropped on the floor this time with lots of bad language, unfortunately. That was epic, last week. This afternoon He, Lad and Young Lad all went to the pub to watch Wet Sham.  The mind boggles.  I went for another walk – much more fun.

Sunday evening, Readers – I do love Sunday evenings.  Soon there will be Sunday tea, followed by chilling out on the sofa in front of the telly.  I have most of the sofa, of course.

I think there has been another technical hitch with Facebook again and my blogs haven’t posted there for a couple of days.  This really isn’t good enough and She needs to sort it out.

Bye for now,


Author: boredbeagle

Slightly stocky beagle who lives with a family. This is She, He, Lad and Young Lad. And Gingercat. Generally doesn't get enough attention and so writes this blog to let everyone know what his life is like. You need to start from page one (First Attempt).. Go on, it's worth the effort.

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