Sun worship

Yesterday was lovely, Readers, quite lovely.  The sun was shining, and for once there was less nip in the air. I was dumped at Ebony’s good and early for the day, and had a marvellous time.  As well as lovely walks, I decided to have a kip in the sun, in Ebony’s garden.

IMG-20180326-WA0001 This diagram shows the level of my discomfort.  At this point in the day I am forced to lie on a hard surface, and it is not conducive to a good sleep.  I put up with it for a while, but really it wasn’t good enough.  Thankfully, Ebony’s Pack Leader realised this was not good hospitality, and soon brought the cushion out for me.

IMG-20180326-WA0000  This diagram shows what the situation should have been from the start.  I am now clearly comfortable, and able to sleep properly.  Please note there is no room for Ebony on here, and she was still on the floor at this point.  But, as I’ve said before, I am the guest after all.  I had a lovely time, lying in the warm sunshine on a cushion, and having a doze.  We had two walks yesterday, Readers, and I struggled a little on the way back from the second one.  Then, would you believe, She came home from work and said She might take me out for another walk after tea, as the Hour Has Come Off and the Evenings Are Lighter!   I gave her a look that told her what I thought of this ridiculous idea.  Thankfully She had toomuchbldywork to do. Honestly.

Young Lad was the first one home last night, having “walked home from school.”  Yes, Readers, he was given a lift by someone’s Grandma again.  So Young Lad was home nice and early, and settled down on the Xbox with nobody to nag him.    It was halfway through the evening when Young Lad realised he had Food Tech today, and quickly announced all the ingredients he would need.  Young Lad has not learned his lesson from last time, but luckily all the ingredients for his apple crumble were in the house, so there was less swearing.  Lad came home from school and worked hard All Evening on his revision, poor Lad.  He did intersperse this with discussion over what new hairstyle to try, so I’m not convinced his mind was on his quadratic equations all the time.  It was Omelette with jacket spuds for dinner last night, as there seem to be a Glut of Eggs in the fridge.  Everyone seemed to like this dinner, and there was very little on the plates for me to pre-rinse in the dishwasher.  Disappointing.   After the Quiet Hour of homework  (dull), Young Lad and She watched Masterchef again – more pretentious nonsense.  Someone even cooked a biryani and put a pastry crust on it.  Is it a pie?  Is it a curry?  For the love of God. He finds Masterchef boring,  which surprises me as He likes eating food quite a lot. So He watched Eastenders in the other room.

Readers, I didn’t have a good night.  I had to ask for two Comfort Breaks in the night – nicely spaced out at 1.10am and 3.20am, so that I could deposit quite a lot of things on the lawn.  I’m not sure what I ate yesterday but it didn’t agree with me, and that rarely happens as you know.  There are four people in the house at night, but only one of them manages to hear me whining and gets up to let me out.  Strange, isn’t it.  She was not best pleased, after the 1.10am and 3.20am excursions, to be woken by Gingercat at 5am, yowling to come in.  There may be a case for getting the hearing tested of He, Lad and Young Lad. Anwyay, I needed to drink a lot of water in the night and just didn’t get a good night’s sleep.  I’m very  tired today.

Young Lad had an awfully heavy school bag this morning, Readers.  Not only did he have his PE kit, but also all the Food Tech things.  Realising that four huge cooking apples just weren’t going to fit in the box, one had to be ejected.  It was a terribly heavy weight for Young Lad to carry all the way to school.  Oh wait, he was given a lift from a friend’s Dad.  Thankfully She had a Day Off today, and could collect him after school so that Young Lad didn’t have to carry an apple crumble all the way through the town.  Poor Young Lad.  But Readers, the Crumble was as much a Triumph as the Rock Cakes!  I tasted a bit, when some of the topping fell off onto the floor.  Marvellous.  Young Lad is a talented cook.

I was left with a Kong this morning, filled with a couple of teaspoons of left-over fish pie.  Nice.  She popped over to a big town nearby, and sat in John Lewis, which hasn’t happened for quite a while. The over-priced coffee seemed to go before even half the newspaper had been read, and there was some debate as to whether to try asking for a refill.  On the balance of probabilities, this was considered likely to be turned down and anothersoddingtwopoundstwenty was NOT going to be spent.  Still, it was a pleasant hour, gazing out at the very clean, nicely ordered products that We Will Never Be Able To Afford or Fit Into (it appears one must be very streamlined to shop in the hallowed halls of JL.)  It did smell very  nice in there, though, and all was right with the world and safe. Temporarily.  The main purpose of the visit to the big town was to track down the Hair Styling Products requested by Lad – I did tell you his mind wasn’t on his work last night.

Later in the morning we had a nice walk in the drizzly rain, down by the river.  We stomped along to the rhythm of Wuthering Heights by Kate Bush, and I was mightily relieved that there was no singing out loud of that particular tune.  Can you imagine?  I didn’t see many friends, as it was raining and most of them were at home in the dry.  Even the Bastard Swans weren’t out.    There was a traumatic moment for me, when I saw a Lady with a carrier bag.  Now, this normally means there are treats in said bag, for a dog.  This Lady didn’t have a dog with her and was simply on her way to the shops, via the scenic route, but I didn’t realise this, and felt sure there were dog treats in it.  So I ran alongside her and gazed adoringly at her, making firm eye contact, and gesturing to the bag.  I could see that she had something in her hand as well, and felt sure it was a Bonio biscuit.  Finally she got the message and bent down to show me what it was.  It was a Marlborough Light. Disappointing.

Readers, I feel I ought to update you about poor Nana aged 87’s house.  I did, indeed, leave it a little on the trashed side, but luckily Nana aged 87 saw the funny side and so did her Friend What Helps Out, who had to help sort it all out. They found the bone I had buried in one of the beds, which is a pity, as I was saving it for my next visit.  Oh well. 

I am dreadfully sorry about the Facebook fiasco.  For some reason there has been a technical hitch, and my wonderful blog posts haven’t been appearing on FB for a while.  We have tried to rectify this.  I did think my viewing figures were a bit crap, to be brutally honest, and they have zipped right back up now Facebook is back on side.  There was even a viewer from Ireland the other day!  Top of the mornin to you!  And the USA again!  And France!  Bonjour! Combien le chien dans le fenetre?

Wednesday tomorrow, Friends.  Enough said?

Bye for now,


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Slightly stocky beagle who lives with a family. This is She, He, Lad and Young Lad. And Gingercat. Generally doesn't get enough attention and so writes this blog to let everyone know what his life is like. You need to start from page one (First Attempt).. Go on, it's worth the effort.

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