Having a kip

IMG_5054 This diagram, Readers, clearly shows Gingercat and I trying to have a sleep yesterday, when everyone was at work/school.  We had prowled round the house after they left, and found that the door to Young Lad’s bedroom wasn’t shut properly, so we made ourselves comfortable.  Gingercat preferred the yellow blanket, whereas I settled down under the duvet and Manchester City blanket.  The reason the bed looks such a mess is that, if you remember, I had made the 13.5 tog duvet filthy the other day, so poor Young Lad has a thin summer duvet on, with blankets piled on top.  Very elegant.  Gingercat and I had been heavily asleep, when Lovelyneighbourontheright came in to let me out, and surprised us.  As you can see, we have been woken up very suddenly and are rather bleary-eyed.  Gingercat is actually saying something quite rude.

Anyway, prior to this I had been through the cupboard in the kitchen and chucked the carrier bags on the floor, then dragged the tin foil into the lounge and dumped it on the carpet.  It was something to do.  Thank goodness Lovelyneighbourontheright came to let me out and break up the morning, as it was a VERY long time until lunchtime, when Pippa’s Pack Leader took me for a walk.  The rest of the day  was uneventful until tea time, when it all became hectic as it was Wednesday Evening. The usual rubbishy dinner from the freezer was cooked; it is just possible that fish fingers are the best invention ever, She says.  Young Lad was at Indoor cricket which was a Fun Match this week, but poor Lad had still not made it home from school at nearly 7pm!  There was much worried text messaging and phoning him, to find out which ditch he was lying in, but No Answer from his phone.  This was concerning.  Eventually Lad turned up, having had his phone confiscated for Improper Use during the day, and the Confiscator had forgotten to give it back and gone home with it. This was annoying, but better than the lying in the ditch scenario. Lad was very, very cross about it all but I feel there is a lesson to be learned in there, Readers.   When Young Lad finished cricket, pity was taken on him for having a long day at school followed by Energetic Sport, and pity was also taken on Lad who had had a Crap Day and was so very late home.  Not usually known for such spontaneity and generosity, She stopped at the chip shop on the way home and bought them a £1.60 portion of chips.  To share.  And He fancied some too, so they were shared three ways.  Though nobody shared any with me of course!  Oh no.  I was secretly pleased to note that they weren’t the best quality chips, if we’re honest, and lacked any sense of crispness whatsoever.  Flaccid and uninteresting might be a better description.  Serves them right.

Today started in the usual way. Gingercat started yowling to come in at 5.40am. which meant whoever let him in managed to go back to bed for a very unsatisfactory twenty minutes until the alarm went off at 6.  I think Gingercat does this to wind them up. Then there was the usual stressy hour of trying to get everyone up, showered, fed and out the house.  Lad is finding it harder and harder to put his feet on the floor in the mornings, and move to an upright position.  This often takes a full 40 minutes.  I worry for Lad.  Young Lad is far better at this, as it then gives him lots of time to sit on the sofa before leaving the house.  Anyway, we tried the new routine of Young Lad walking me down to Ebony’s house as they left home. I don’t like this. I feel very panicky that I can’t see Pack Leader, who is loading up the bldycar, and I drag Young Lad back up the road towards her.  I can only stop panicking once Ebony’s Pack Leader is out on the pavement in the freezing cold, and I can see her.  Then I run like the wind down towards her, dragging Young Lad behind me once more.  This wakes Young Lad up, ready for the day ahead.  I had a smashing day with dear, dear Ebony and rolled in the most enormous pile of poo I could find.  It didn’t seem to be the normal fox kind, and Ebony’s Pack Leader can only think it is elephant poo. I stank.  Poor Ebony’s Pack Leader had to clean me up, which she does with kindness and a gentle touch.  Later we went out again, and Ebony and I played with a ball – Ebony was more successful at this than me, as she understands the concept of dropping the ball so somebody can throw it, and also doesn’t try to stick two balls in her mouth at the same time.  I learned a lot from her today.  When I came back home, my family were still out, so I went through her coat pockets and found some Polo mints.  I ate them, and threw the wrapper in the lounge.  My breath smells nice, even if the rest of me doesn’t.

They were all late home, as Young Lad had football after school, and then had to walk to his friend’s house to wait for a lift.  Lad had his Maths tutor after school again, so pity was taken on him (that’s twice in two days), and he was picked up to avoid the long bus journey. So it was jolly late by the time they got home and fed me – I was at the front door waiting for them, and barked loudly to show them my displeasure. Dinner involved slightly more effort tonight, and I should think so too, and there has been some baking.  I can smell shortbread, as we are going to visit Nana age 86 on Saturday, and bread pudding to use up the rock hard French stick that’s been lying around all week.  The bread pudding will be rubbish as there weren’t enough raisins, but I’d still eat it.  Not that I’ll get the chance.  The kitchen is filthy again, as you can imagine.  BUT, Readers, there was nearly a very sublime moment!  While a feeble effort at tidying up the kitchen was made, something fell out of the fridge.  Guess what it was?  That’s right!

55605e59450d68d0063e8e5e6e240cea6739fb38 HALLOUMI!  A blooming lovely big chunk of Halloumi cheese came flying out of the fridge and down to the floor.  It bounced on the open door of the dishwasher – Halloumi is quite rubbery, you see – and it was about to bounce into my mouth but it was intercepted just at the last moment.  Oh I was so close, so close to a big chunk of Cypriot sheep/goat squeaky rubbery cheese.  I was gutted, Readers, gutted.  It’s not like me to miss out on something.  

I’m quite tired after my day with dear Ebony, and I’m back there tomorrow.  I imagine we might avoid the part of the field that had the elephant poo in.

Sleep well, Friends,




Author: boredbeagle

Slightly stocky beagle who lives with a family. This is She, He, Lad and Young Lad. And Gingercat. Generally doesn't get enough attention and so writes this blog to let everyone know what his life is like. You need to start from page one (First Attempt).. Go on, it's worth the effort.

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