horror-clipart-shocked-face-3Oh it’s too funny, Readers.  My new game is just brilliant. Tonight’s dinner couldn’t be spaghetti based as I had eaten all the spaghetti, so in a cunning plan, a curry was cooked.  It smelled good, and there were poppadums and naan bread to go with it, but Oh Dear!!  Where’s the rice?  I’m sure there was some rice in the cupboard/whereisthebldyrice not on that shelf, or that one, and surely not behind the cereals, it never goes there……no, Readers.  There was no rice.  And I think we all know why, don’t we!!!  I told you, this is a top game.  Oh, I chuckled to   myself in the lounge as I heard her banging through the cupboards looking for the bldyBasmati.  Friends, She even texted lovelyneighbourontheright to see if she had any rice to spare, in order to save the curry.  Just in the nick of time, an old and probably out-of-date bag of Sharwoods noodles were found and substituted for the missing grains.  Young Lad wasn’t impressed and said it tastes better with rice.  Hee hee.

Apart from that I’ve been pretty well-behaved today.  During this morning’s school run I did open the kitchen cupboards and have a look through, but decided not to pull anything out today.  I went for a kip on Young Lad’s bed instead.  Then I had my morning walk, which was lovely as the sun was shining, and there were lots of friends down there.  I wanted to take my time and have a good sniff everywhere, but She said we were on a tightbldyschedule and kept shouting at me to hurry up.  It wasn’t very relaxing.  Dear, dear Chuck took my mind off all the shouting, and we wandered along together for ages.  Chuck’s Pack Leader is very funny and there is always a lot of laughing and sniggering.  I don’t understand any of it; neither does Chuck.  We only did two miles this morning, due to the tightbdlyschedule, and I have to say that made a welcome change.  I had a sleep when we got back whilst Frantic Hoovering was done yet again.

Then it was time to visit our friend Sicknote, and her Brown Labrador.  I had been told to try harder on the socialising front, and Readers, I did my best.  I’ll admit that there was a brief pause on the socialising front when we arrived, as I ignored Sicknote completely and ran into her kitchen to hoover up anything on the floor under the table. (There wasn’t much.)  This is rude, it seems, and one should always say hello first, before running off to look for food.  I do the same at Nana age 86’s house.  Anyway, I also stood up at Sicknote’s kitchen worktop to look for food, and also licked the front of one of her cupboards as there was something tasty on there.  I felt I was being far more charismatic and engaging than on my previous visit, when I was in a mood and  just went to sleep. During lunch I sat and whined and grizzled, begging for food, which was highly sociable of me, and barked grumpily at the Brown Labrador when he looked at my rear end.  See how hard I tried?  Then I stood on a chair in Sicknote’s front window and barked ferociously at anyone walking past.  I had a lovely walk over the fields , but She spoiled my fun by putting me on the lead once it was established there might  be large deer in the woods.  I don’t have a good track record with stags.  Anyway, it was a lovely day and made a nice change.  It would have been perfect if I’d been allowed to chase a deer, but there you go.

Young Lad had a good day at school, and is looking forward to next week’s Food Tech lesson, which is Fruit Crumble.  If it is anything like his Rock Cakes, we are in for a treat.  Young Lad is allowed to choose any fruit to put in his crumble.  Various things have been suggested, but he thinks he’ll opt for apple.  Some would call this playing safe, but I like Young Lad’s thinking.  If it ain’t broke…  He can’t even be persuaded to stick a blackberry or two in.  I’ll let you know how it turns out, if anyone drops any.  Lad has mostly grunted tonight but I think it was morse code for I’ve had a super day at school, thank you for asking, how was your day? I am lying half across Lad’s lap this evening, helping him with his Biology.  The Chemistry Tourettes from last night seems to have calmed down, which is a relief.  Poor Lad.  It’s hard for him to concentrate, as he is busy thinking of schemes to make money, at the same time as revising. Lad is very clever at doing more than one thing at once.  I do feel a bit sorry for him, though, as I know for a fact that left- over curry and noodles have been put into a tupperware box for his lunch tomorrow.  I hope he doesn’t open it on the bus, that’s all I can say.

An update, Readers.  Now, I haven’t mentioned Homeless Guy outside Sainsburys for ages, partly because he wasn’t there for quite a while, and partly because She’s been parking at Tesco to avoid shelling out on Dreggs coffee for him.  Nice.  Well, he is back outside Sainsburys, I’m glad to say, and the other homeless people that had stolen his pitch seem to have gone elsewhere.  Yesterday he seemed to be overflowing with coffee and hot drinks, so She gave him some money instead.  He doesn’t look very well and it is so bitterly cold. Some deep soul-searching needs to go on, if you ask me, about the avoidance tactic of going to Tesco.  Shameful.

He is upstairs having a warm bath, to recover from yet another cold day outdoors.  Thank goodness He had a nice hot curry to come home to tonight.  Shame about the rice! I’m exhausted after my morning walk, then going out visiting, so I expect He will join me on the sofa soon and we’ll both be asleep before the end of Eastenders. It’s Wednesday tomorrow, Readers, which is always problematic – tomorrow I have an assortment of arrangements for my entertainment. Lovelyneighbourontheright is going to let me out in the morning, then Pippa’s Pack Leader is taking me for a walk at lunchtime.  However, you and I know full well that this leaves several hours for me to find something to do.  Watch this space.  I hope they leave me that soppy Keep Your Dog Entertained for Thirty Seconds puzzle again.

Doubt there’ll be a blog tomorrow, Friends, as it’s Wednesday which is always Labour Intensive and Scheduled Tightly but the good thing is that Young Lad has his last Indoor Cricket session tomorrow night.  It will then be outside Cricket training, and I go along to this which is fun, as there is loads of birds poo on the ground at the cricket club, which I tidy up for the groundsman.

See you soon,



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Slightly stocky beagle who lives with a family. This is She, He, Lad and Young Lad. And Gingercat. Generally doesn't get enough attention and so writes this blog to let everyone know what his life is like. You need to start from page one (First Attempt).. Go on, it's worth the effort.

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