Spaghetti confetti

imagesEvening, Friends. Another interesting day yesterday – when they all left for work/school I was given a silly plastic “dog puzzle”, in which you are supposed to leave treats and it will take your dog all morning to find them.  This  is blatantly not true.  All you have to do is pick the toy up, bang it on the ground hard, and it all falls apart.  Ergo, treats fall out.  What a major design fault – some idiot was probably paid generously for this idea. So I was quite bored after breaking the puzzle apart, and had a look through the cupboards. Then I remembered my new game!  Let’s remove Important Ingredients from the cupboard to spoil the Gourmet Menu plan next week.  So I dragged out the packet of spaghetti, which was half full, and clearly there for a planned bolognaise or Pasta Bianco (Jamie Oliver recipe.)  I chucked it on the lounge floor, where it shattered into lots of tiny pieces, and ate most of them.  I did some find some bits that I’d missed tonight, which is always a result the day after.  Honestly this game is fun.   So there goes the Quick Spaghetti dish for next Tuesday. Hee Hee.

Pippa’s Pack Leader came round to collect me for daycare, and found the mess I’d made.  I had also thrown carrier bags over the kitchen floor.  Anyway, I had a splendid day at Pippa’s house and made myself at home. He picked Young Lad up from school and they were home nice and early, it being Friday, so we all settled down and waited for She to come home with the usual pizzas and Friday night treats. It wasn’t quite the usual Friday evening though, as She went out to the cinema with Loadsakids, as they both bldy well needed a laugh, and Lad was on the Xbox, so it was just He, Young Lad and me on the sofa for the evening.  Very pleasant I must say. And a lie-in this morning, which I needed badly.  But what do you know!  When I went outside for my early comfort break this morning, it was snowing again.  This is ridiculous.  I had more than enough of that a couple of weeks ago, and it is now mid-March, for the love of God.  The daffodils are out!  It has snowed in a rather pathetic powdery neither- one -thing- nor- the- other type of way all day, and it is BITTERLY cold again.  Down by the river there were very few dogs out this morning, and for good reason.  But of course we had to do the 3 mile power walk, due to the lack of power walks this week, due to being at work all the time.  Three miles in windchill minus 6, Readers.  It wasn’t fun.

At lunchtime Lad had to be driven to a big town  a little way away, for a friend’s birthday celebration.  This was a surprise for the friend, and nobody had any idea what was going on.  Lad was rather concerned about the dress code,which stipulated no hoodies or joggers.  Lad only has hoodies and joggers.  Or school uniform.  Eventually he found a pair of jeans, but was still stumped by the no hoodie rule.  He has worn a hoodie, but not put the hood up.  See what he did there?  Clever.  Anyway, whilst we were on our way back from the river in minus 6 degrees, Lad rang to ask if there was a setting on the tumble dryer to get clothes dry in 15 minutes.   She was rather short with him, I feel, and unnecessarily harsh in her words.  Well, I hope Lad has had a lovely time wherever he is.  He needs to be picked up at 11pm, and it is snowing heavily plus there is a night-time road closure for roadworks, so that could be entertaining.

Young Lad has had a busy day doing, er, one piece of homework.  He felt that was enough for one day, and has left the rest for tomorrow.  This is not good Time Management, and he may regret this.  To be fair, he did try to do a second piece of homework, which involved listening to Mozart and commenting on timbre and pitch, yawn, but it proved tricky listening to Mozart over the noise of rugby matches on the telly.  There has been a lot of activity in the kitchen all afternoon, as it is Grandma’s birthday tomorrow, and we are going there for lunch.  She has been in the kitchen most of the afternoon making a Chocolate Baileys cheesecake (yes, that old chestnut again) and a Huge Lasagne.  Can you imagine the state of the kitchen afterwards, Readers? Quite how these are going to be transported in the car with all of us (including me) tomorrow, I do not know. But it bodes well for a good spillage and something for me to clear up.  Especially if the roads are slippery.  I look forward to it.

Thankfully, as it’s Saturday, there was no dinner round the table tonight, and therefore no Dreary DinnerTable Debates. Honestly, it all gets a bit much.  The discussion about Wet Sham’s mismanagement and what needs to be done went on for forty minutes the other day,  Interminable.  If only The Wet Sham Board,  Vladimir Putin and in fact all world leaders  would  listen to Lad, the planet would be a better place.  He knows so much!  He’s very underappreciated, like myself. 

Oh dear Lord.  The Scandi Nordi Noir thriller thing is on telly tonight, so there’ll be an hour of Sinister Music and Danish musings.  Young Lad and She are looking forward to cuddling up and watching this. I can only hope there are some snacks to make it bearable.  I know I’ve finished all the little bits of spaghetti from the carpet under the table, so I could do with something.  Though I did have something of a result this morning – He gave me my breakfast at 5.40am when Gingercat wanted to come in, and then She gave me breakfast at 6.30pm when Gingercat wanted to go out!  Sweet!  Two breakfasts today!  I was given half a dinner tonight, which is just cruel in this temperature.  Plus I had no titbits from their meal – after all the bldycooking of Cheesebldycake and bldyHugeLasagne, there was no energy left for nutritious home-cooking, so  the cheaper version of Harry Ramsdens it was.  The batter isn’t quite as good, if truth be told.

Well, tuck in and  keep warm tonight, Readers.  Except those of you in Australia who doubtless have the aircon on again. Must be awful for you.

I’ll let you know if the Huge Lasagne and Cheesecake end up all over the car.  I would think it’s likely.

Bye for now,




Author: boredbeagle

Slightly stocky beagle who lives with a family. This is She, He, Lad and Young Lad. And Gingercat. Generally doesn't get enough attention and so writes this blog to let everyone know what his life is like. You need to start from page one (First Attempt).. Go on, it's worth the effort.

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