Rock Cakes

20180313_175412 Well, Readers, a busy couple of days.  I did warn you there would be a lack of blogs this week, as She is toobldybusy, and it seems I was right.  I had NO opportunity to play up when everyone went to work/school yesterday, as Ebony’s Pack Leader turned up to collect me before She and Young Lad had even left home!  So there was no bin-raiding, cupboard-emptying or recycling- ripping yesterday morning.  Bah.  Then, at the other end of the day, I was left at Ebony’s house until late because Young Lad was the first person home, and therefore meant to pick me up.  However, Young Lad, “forgot”, despite two text messages reminding him, to which he answered, “ok!”  His short term memory was extremely short yesterday, and by the time he’d typed “ok”, he’d forgotten what the instruction was.  Poor Young Lad.  So I stayed at Ebony’s until He got in from work and even had a second walk with my dear friend!  She was very cross when She found out about this aberration on Young Lad’s part, and banned him from the Xbox today in the hope that it might help his short term memory problems. This seems unkind. Anyway, I had a lovely day with Ebony yesterday, and there was no horrid fishwife shrieking at her as she bounded across the fields in search of rabbit carcasses.  

There was a half- hearted attempt at a roast for dinner last night, to make up for the indolence on Mother’s Day.   This is always a good choice from my point of view, due to the gravy and sloppy plates in the dishwasher. Then there was a Quiet Hour after tea, in which Lad did yet more revision, and She asked Young Lad repeatedly if he had any homework to do.  Young Lad repeatedly said no, but didn’t bother to check. He loaded the dishwasher with my help, and then went to watch Eastenders or some such nonsense on the other tv. It was all very peaceful, until Young Lad remembered, after an hour and a half, that he did indeed have homework to do.  It turned out this was  to collect together the ingredients for today’s Food Technology lesson – in which the giddy height of Rock Cakes was to be reached.  Young Lad had to be told, calmly and quietly, that 8pm the night before Food Technology is NOT the time to announce that he needs 250g of unsalted butter.  Young Lad needs to learn about Time Management, much like the rest of the family.  And thankgod Tesco opens at bldy7am.

Readers, there has been a welcome lull in the Nordic Scandi Noir Drama Dreary type stuff lately – honestly, I was sick to death of it.  But no longer – they’ve found yet another production from Danish TV with a lot of Darkness and Subtitles.  Give me strength.  So I slept through that and was jolly glad when it was bedtime.  Actually, I was so exhausted from my day at Ebony’s that I was in a VERY heavy sleep when Lad tried to put me in the garden before bed.  Readers, I was highly irritated at being pushed off the sofa, and I growled and whinged at him.  Unfortunately it was in a rather high-pitched silly voice, where I was so sleepy, and didn’t sound very masculine at all, so I don’t think Lad was frightened.  Lad just said, “Russell MOVE”,  so I growled a bit more and wrinkled my nose to show  him who is in charge.

I was SO close, this morning, to half a croissant.  So close, Readers.  Lad was, as usual, multi-tasking slowly by eating his breakfast and getting dressed at the same time – he didn’t have time to finish his Large Lidl Croissant, and chucked the end of it in the bathroom bin.  What an appalling waste, I thought to myself, and made a mental note of where it was.  I sat by the bathroom door and stared hard at the bin, willing the croissant to levitate through the air towards me.  It didn’t.  And then, to my utter annoyance, She put the bin in the bath and pushed it right up the far end, so that I couldn’t reach it.  I mean, how many of you have your bathroom bins in your bath of a day? Exactly.  Golly I  was annoyed.  I deliberately went downstairs and walked all over the kitchen floor that had just been washed to make a point.  On the upside, though, when She and Young Lad left for school/work, I was thrown a rawhide chewy shoe.  I haven’t had one of these for months, as nobody ever remembers to buy them, so this was a treat.  It does, in fact, keep me busy for about ten minutes, which is 9.5 minutes longer than the Kong.

When Pippa’s Pack Leader Male came to pick me up for daycare, he found me upstairs.  I did say to you all in the last blog, that I would start from the top of the house and work down, and I do keep to my word.  Unfortunately there was bugger all to do upstairs .  I had opened a cupboard in the kitchen and chucked the tin foil on the floor, but that is all I managed to do.  Disappointing.  Anyway, it was a top day at Pippa’s house with her jumping all over me and a splendid walk – this culminated in me rolling in some cack, over and over again.  I stink.

Readers, I’ve had a right result tonight. Young Lad was STARVING and couldn’t possibly wait the fifteen minutes until dinner was ready, so decided to eat one of his Rock Cakes.  He sat down with this on a plate, on his lap.  Friends, you should never take your eyes off your food.  I don’t.  With one graceful leap, like a salmon rising from the stream, I snatched that Rock Cake and ran off with it.  I can tell you, Young Lad’s Rock Cakes are a TRIUMPH.  Absolutely delicious, and well worth the bldy trip to Tesco at 7.20 am for the unsalted butter.  Oh, it was divine, just melted in the mouth.  Needless to say I was shouted at and told to get in my bed, but I’d do it again in a flash. Mmmm.  I’ll be dreaming of that tonight.

Lad started an interesting discussion at the dinner table tonight, by saying he wants us to move house to another town, so he can be nearer his friends to hang out.  This was talked about calmly and gently, and nobody said don’tbesobldyridiculous haveyouanyideawhatthatwouldcost  or anything like that.  It wasn’t a long discussion.  

Oh dear God, the second episode of the Scandi Nordi Noir thing is going on.

Ebony’s house for me tomorrow, Friends, as none of my family give a monkey’s yet again.

Bye for now,


Author: boredbeagle

Slightly stocky beagle who lives with a family. This is She, He, Lad and Young Lad. And Gingercat. Generally doesn't get enough attention and so writes this blog to let everyone know what his life is like. You need to start from page one (First Attempt).. Go on, it's worth the effort.

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