Cream crackered!

20180307_180731 Good grief I was bored today,  Readers.  Well, in the hour and a half that I was Left Alone after they’d all gone to work/school.  I’d been given my Kong ‘filled’ with a scrape of left-over Shepherd’s Pie, but this only kept me entertained for a pathetic two minutes, so I had no choice but to go through the cupboards.  Firstly I pulled out the carrier bags again, and threw them on the kitchen floor, and then to my joy, found a new packet of cream crackers.  I took these upstairs for a change of scene, and munched through them, leaving three in the bottom of the pack. This was Good of me and shows that I am Not Greedy.  I didn’t even leave any crumbs on the stairs, but do I get any thanks for this?  Of course not.  Once I’d finished those, I was still bored so I went to the back porch for a look round.  Readers, it was disgraceful out there.  We have run out of recycling sacks it seems – to be fair She has tried to get some more but the local Recycling Sack Collection Point hasn’t had a delivery for ages and have also run out.  Now, what would you and I do in this situation?  Yes, exactly.  We would neatly stack the boxes, tubs, yogurt pots and plastic bottles in  a black sack, or perhaps a large cardboard box, until such time as there is a Delivery of Recycling Sacks.  What do my family do, in their usual slovenly way?  Chuck it all in the back porch.  Honestly, it looked like one of those TV programmes about hoarders, where the local council pest control people have to go  in and sort it out.  Shabby, isn’t it.  So I thought of myself as the local council, and helped out by moving some of the mountain of detritus out of the back porch, and into the lounge.

IMG-20180307-WA0002  In this diagram, you can see how I have placed the recycling around the lounge floor.  The Weetabix Minis box took quite a lot of ripping up, I can tell you, but the Alpen muesli box is made from much thinner cardboard and is easier to destroy.  At the top of the diagram, quite hard for you to see, is a pasta packet that I’d found behind the cream crackers.  I hope She wasn’t banking on that pasta for tea tonight. I’m sure it has helped them, by removing some of this from the back porch, and might spur them on to doing something about thebldymess.

Do you know, I managed all of the above in ninety minutes!  Thankfully, Ebony’s Pack Leader then came to rescue me from my boredom, and I had a marvellous day at Ebony’s house, where I was as good as gold.  She had the good sense not to take me home until fairly late, so I didn’t have much opportunity to play up before they got home.   Ebony’s Pack Leader is wise, like that.  Yesterday was equally lovely, as I was at Pippa’s house for the day and again, behaved impeccably.  There was no blog last night – things are slipping,  I fear, as There Was Too Much Bldy Other Stuff To Do.  I can only apologise.  Actually, you’re very lucky to be getting a blog tonight, because those sharp-eyed friends will have noticed it’s Wednesday.  Normally on Wednesdays there isn’t time to bldysneeze let alone write a bldyblog, but tonight is an exception as there is much Guilt about Not Doing It Last Night.  Rightly so.  

Young Lad has been to Indoor Cricket Training tonight in a freezing cold sports hall.  I would not have enjoyed that, but luckily Young Lad did.  He’s had a rather sedentary week if you ask me,  as Lunchtime Basketball was “off” today, as was after school football.  This only leaves walking home from school, and cricket.  He was given a lift home from school.  Which only leaves cricket.  Young Lad was quite disappointed again yesterday.  You will remember the farce that was Food Technology – The Fruit Salad last week, whereupon they weren’t allowed to chop up their fruit, so had to spend an hour eating it.  Well, Readers, the Expensive Fruit had been replenished ready for Food Technology yesterday.  Young Lad was so excited.  However, this time the teacher said, “We are now one lesson behind everyone else, so you’ll have to make your fruit salad at home and take a photo.”  This was disappointing again, for Young Lad.  One does wonder why making a Fruit Salad at school is proving so challenging.  Anyway, He and Young Lad spent a happy twenty minutes in the kitchen last night, peeling and chopping until Young Lad had FINALLY made a bldy fruit salad.  There was a huge sigh of relief all round, and a very untidy kitchen.  Young Lad was exhausted by his efforts and lay on the sofa eating his huge fruit salad.  All of it.  I think He was disappointed that he didn’t get any as reward for supervising, and I certainly was offered sweet FA.

Lad had a long day at school yesterday as he had to stay behind to do Art.  Now, for his GCSE in Art he has chosen a really rather wonderful subject for his drawings.  Me!!  The thing is, I am incredibly handsome and photogenic as many of my nicer Readers have pointed out – and Lad has realised that he’s more likely to get a Top Grade if he uses a subject like myself.  His drawings are pretty good, yes it has to be said, and he has a little talent, but to be honest, I think a lot of it is down to the subject matter.  The only thing I’ve objected to was the need for photos of me with my mouth open.  Now, my mouth doesn’t stay open for long, so it’s quite tricky to take a picture of it – dear Lord, did he faff around at the weekend cajoling me into showing my teeth.  It was very tiresome.  Anyway, what a thrill!!  I’m the subject of Art GCSE.  That sounds very important to me.  Tomorrow Lad has to stay late at school for his Maths Tutor.  This is a Top Week for Lad, and I suspect he feels quite blessed.

Golly, look at the time.  Well, it’s later than usual, Friends, but a blog has been written, Wednesday or no Wednesday.

See you soon,



Author: boredbeagle

Slightly stocky beagle who lives with a family. This is She, He, Lad and Young Lad. And Gingercat. Generally doesn't get enough attention and so writes this blog to let everyone know what his life is like. You need to start from page one (First Attempt).. Go on, it's worth the effort.

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