Bins down

20180227_113703 An excellent day, Readers, from the Bad Behaviour point of view.  While they were all on their way to work/school this morning, I had a look in the food cupboard, and decided to have a rearrange.  I thought the bag of Spiralli pasta and a tin of tomato soup would look much nicer on the lounge carpet, so I dragged them in there and dumped them on the floor.  There was also a pack of Basmati rice that had some left in the bottom, so I dragged that in the lounge, too, and ate the rice.  It was a bit crunchy.  I was moaned at, of course, when She got in, but I’d had a lovely time.  Then, later in the day when there was nobody here, I knocked the kitchen bin over and went through it.  There wasn’t a lot – for once it had been emptied and cleaned out today, but I did find a big pile of mashed potato that had been sitting in the fridge for a week and was no longer Fit For Human Consumption.  Luckily it was Fit for Beagle Consumption.  Fired up by my efforts, I wandered up to the bathroom and yes!  They’d forgotten to put the bathroom bin in the bath, so I tipped that over and went through it too.  I won’t tell you what I ate.

So all in all, an excellent day.  I had a good walk this morning, though it was rather cold at minus 3. Lots of my friends were out –  the usual crew of Chuck and Teddy – plus Rocco the three-legged Oh So Inspirational Labrador.  As usual there was ooing and aahing about how Inspirational He is, as he rolled around on his back waving his three paws. Dear me. It was bitingly cold down by the river, and we stomped along even more quickly than usual.  Over in Far Field I found some fox poo and rolled in it, so was put back on the lead and My Fun Was Over.  I was jolly glad to get home, I can tell you, as two and a half miles in that temperature was more than enough.   Even the Bastard Swans looked cold. It was the sort of day one wanted to be left alone to sleep on the red fleece, or empty bins.  But no!  This afternoon I was dragged out for a second time, over the Rec.  Admittedly it was a Short Walk, or would  have been, if I hadn’t been accosted by a small mongrel of some sort that was hell bent on chasing me. Kayleigh (really?) was a rescue dog from Cyprus, according to her Pack Leader.  He had no control over her whatsoever, and it was too funny watching She and Kayleigh’s Pack Leader trying to catch a very small but extremely fast dog.  They were rubbish!  Kayleigh kept darting between their legs or hands, laughing her head off, and I was very amused watching their inept attempts at authority.  It went on for hours.  Best laugh I’ve had for ages!

In between the two walks, I’ve needed to sleep on the fleece as it is very tiring, walking through the fields in sub-zero temperatures.  I felt very sorry for He today, as He works outside and had to go into work even earlier than usual, due to the Adverse Weather Conditions. It can’t have been nice working outdoors today – an hour was enough for me.  So He needed a hot bath when He got home, and luckily there was a Very Warming Shepherd’s Pie for tea; we even put the fire on!  Lad was extremely cold from the long journey home from school, and Young Lad was tired from Basketball club at lunchtime plus PE.  Readers, there was some disappointment for Young Lad today.  He had been so looking forward to his first ever Food Technology lesson – I think I would enjoy this subject – and poor Young Lad had eagerly packed his New Tupperware Box with ingredients for Fruit Salad this morning.  Imagine his sadness when he found out his Food Technology Teacher was off sick, and there was a Cover Teacher.  The Cover Teacher said they couldn’t make fruit salad, they would just have to sit and eat the fruit.  Now, call me old-fashioned but I wouldn’t have thought the Method for making fruit salad was too complicated for a non-Food Technology teacher to manage – it’s only a bit of chopping, after all.  But for Various Reasons this was not allowed, so Young Lad had to eat a punnet of raspberries, a massive bunch of grapes, an apple and an orange without chopping or mixing.  On the plus side, his bowels will be in good shape for a bit.

I’ve had a few views on my Instagram account!  Not many, in all honesty, but I don’t know what She expected.  Amazingly there have been no silly photos and comments of me uploaded today, as there has been Too Much To Do.  

Although they should probably be doing homework, everyone is on the sofa as it’s warm in here and nobody wants to move.  Lad is watching some absurd nonsense called, “The Walking Dead”, which is completely unsuitable for Young Lad but luckily it’s all filmed in the pitch dark and nobody can see the fake gore anyway. Talking of fake, dinnertime’s family debate was about whether Donald Trump was actually proving to be Quite A Good President.  I kid you not, Readers.  There was a lot of heated arguing, and eventually  a compromise was reached that if he kept off social media and acted with a smidgen of dignity, things would be better. What a boring conversation.  I fell asleep under the table, waiting for a bit of shepherd’s pie to drop.

Lad is in a bad mood tonight, as the “Beast from the East”, was forecast today and he was Absolutely Sure that his school would close. The Beast from the East turned out to be Light Snow from Below, and the three flakes that fell did not cause his school to shut.  He is very angry about this, and feels hard done by. 

Well, Readers, one of the main characters in “The Walking Dead” is taking so long to die, that everyone else has lost the will to live.  Do get on with it. Such drivel, and still all in  pitch black so we can’t see what’s going on.  Or isn’t going on. I’m off to my chair for a kip, as I’m absolutely cream crackered from trying to keep warm today.  On my Instagram feed (yep!  got the lingo!!) there is a silly video of me trying to get comfortable in my chair last night.  If you’re desperately bored, you could watch it.  It only lasts a minute – it did actually go on for three minutes but you have to trim it down to 60 seconds.  (Lad had to do this for her, obviously.)  I’ve no idea how you access my Instagram account.  Boredbeagle9 in case you want to search, but I’m sure you have better things to do.

Brr, keep warm, Friends.

Bye for now,



Author: boredbeagle

Slightly stocky beagle who lives with a family. This is She, He, Lad and Young Lad. And Gingercat. Generally doesn't get enough attention and so writes this blog to let everyone know what his life is like. You need to start from page one (First Attempt).. Go on, it's worth the effort.

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