Macaroni Please

20180216_153701 Yesterday, Readers, I was very bored so I looked through the Cupboard That Used To Have My Food In It.  Of course, my food is now on top of the fridge, so in frustration I took a packet of macaroni off the shelves and chucked it on the lounge floor.  They are jolly lucky that I didn’t split the packet open.   I did think about it.  I had been left for over an hour, while Lad was driven somewhere to ‘hang out’ with his friends, and Young Lad had to go back to JD Sports to change his purchase for something that actually fits.  Young Lad has now learned that it’s important to try clothes on before buying, and that a haphazard “it’ll do” approach doesn’t work with everything in life.  Oh, and a new rucksack had to be bought for Lad, as I’ve ripped up his old one, looking for snacks.

Apart from this period of being left, the day was pretty good.  I had two lovely walks, and yet again the sun was shining.  Nicedogwalkerlady was down by the river, but seemed to have mislaid some of the three hundred brown labradors, as there were only a small group with her.  That’s a little careless.  I rolled in some cack in Far Field, but it was dry cack so didn’t leave much of a mark and certainly didn’t necessitate all the moaning at me.  When we got home, the sun was so warm that I sat in the garden to bask in it.  Gingercat spoiled the moment by jumping on the fence above me, and frightening the life out of me, but up till that point it was a serene few minutes.

20180216_122549   This diagram shows me sunbathing.  You can see how happy and smiley it made me.  The evening started well, although we Deviated From Pizza last night, which was a mistake.  Lad was still hanging out, so it was decided a healthier option was needed, Friday night or no Friday night.  Why paella was chosen, I’ve no idea.  Vegetables and rice, innit.  She once made it several years ago, and nobody liked it then.  Nothing has changed.  Young Lad ended up with a small pizza from the freezer after all, and Lad made himself fish fingers and chips when he got home.  There was paella left in the saucepan for him but he gagged  didn’t notice.  After an evening in front of the telly, it was time for bed and I was very glad about that, having had two walks.

Today we all had a bit of a lie-in, as He wasn’t at work.  The normal routine of ‘popping into town’ was adhered to, but there is some concern about Homeless Guy outside Sainsburys.  He hasn’t been on his corner for quite some time now, as he  has been ousted by some other people with sleeping bags.  It goes to show that, as if he doesn’t have enough to deal with of a day, even his favourite spot isn’t secure.  This makes you think, Reader, about how hard some people’s lives are. This was pondered about over  a small Americano, which I for one find quite ironic. Then it was time for my morning walk, which was  splendid today. We bumped into Barney the Oh So Adorable Beagle, and needless to say he was as enchanting as ever.  Hmm.  Once safely over the bridge and away from rival beagles,  we went through Top Field, and, Readers, today we went into Top, Top Field!! We don’t often go up there – and sometimes there is a good old rabbit carcass for me to roll in.  There wasn’t, but I did find a massive pile of Something and rolled over and over, waving my paws in the air.  She was well ahead, and by the time She saw me and started frantically blowing the whistle, it was far too late.  I was completely plastered.  Anyway, it was good for her Exercise Quotient to have to run uphill in wellington boots to drag me out of it.  I had to do the walk of shame all the way home, on the lead, with any passing dogs being warned not to come near me, “he stinks.”  Even my friend Lexie kept her distance.  Once home, I was dumped in the bath and shampooed from head to tail.

Lad needed another long lie-in today, and was taken a toasted muffin with Nutella and a cup of tea just before lunch.  I’m sure you’re thinking the same thing, that he is thoroughly over-indulged. Oh to get such treatment.  To be fair, Lad has cut the grass this afternoon, and “done the edging.”  What a waste of time.  The grass soon grows back and covers up his nice straight lines.   Lad is supposed to be doing any outstanding homework at the moment, in a futile attempt to ensure he’s on top of things before returning to school on Monday.  He is actually looking at designer belts on his phone.  I’m not sure which subject this is for.  He and Young Lad went to the tip earlier, to dispose of many bags of cut down Ruddy Buddleia (see earlier blog) and lots of wine bottles.  Then, because it’s such a beautiful day, I was taken out for a second walk!  He and She took me back to the river – Young Lad had been told he HAD to come, but just in nick of time, two of his friends rang the doorbell and said did he want to hang out again.  (Dreggs.  Ham salad baguette and a Coke.) What a lovely second walk I had – I met le petit chien Jade, whose Pack Leader comes from Paris.  I do sometimes wonder what would make someone leave Paris to live here…..but anyway.  Lexie was down there for her second walk of the day, too, and this time she was allowed to get close as I’d had a bath.  And then, Readers, guess who caught me unawares from behind?!  Yes, it was dear, dear Pippa.  We bounded around again and she knocked me flying as usual, but I loved it. The only time I was a teeny weeny bit cross was when she took my stick away from me.  It was an extra special stick that I’d found, but Pippa ran off with it.  I know one must share with one’s friends,  though.  Grrr.

Part of the reason I had a second walk today was to ‘de-stress’ from doing Young Lad’s English homework with him.  This  needs the bldypatience of a bldysaint and makes one’s blood pressure rise somewhat.  Young Lad still needs to write up her his notes in best, but this has been saved for tomorrow, as there is only so much one can bldytake.  As a result, I am exhausted from all my walking today – nigh on four miles – and will be snoring heavily this evening. Dinner could be interesting tonight – Lad and Young Lad have been asking for a while for a Chinese meal, and as takeaway is Out Of The Question due to Price, Calories and TooManyAdditives, home-made Chinese is being attempted.  Luckily Ken Hom’s recipe for crispy prawns and egg-fried rice is fairly straightforward, though I think we all know the most popular part of the meal will be the Prawn Crackers.  (Can’t see it being the sweet and sour vegetables.)  I’ll let you know, Readers.

Sorry there was no blog last night – this was due to driving halfway around the county to take/collect Lad from hanging out.  This is what passes for your bldysociallife if you have bldyteenagers, apparently.  And then they don’t eat your paella.

Bye for now,




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Slightly stocky beagle who lives with a family. This is She, He, Lad and Young Lad. And Gingercat. Generally doesn't get enough attention and so writes this blog to let everyone know what his life is like. You need to start from page one (First Attempt).. Go on, it's worth the effort.

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