IMAG0540 This diagram shows the trouble I had today, getting comfortable at Pippa’s house.  I had one heck of a job scrunching up the sofa cushions, to get them how I like them.  Even then, I was on a bit of a slope as you can see, and so it wasn’t ideal. I just had to make do. Sigh.  Now, Pippa’s house has recently had a lot of work done to it, and is Impeccably Decorated and Clean.  So it was better that I balanced precariously on top of the sofa, rather than shedding hairs on the new flooring.  I am thoughtful, like that.  I’m sure Pippa’s Pack Leader didn’t think I was out of order, treating her soft furnishings like this.  Anyway, I had a lovely day at Pippa’s, with people who are prepared to spend time with  me.  

The day had started really well, Readers!  Lad left his toast on his bedside table while he was in the shower, so I tidied that up for him. I left the satsuma though, as I’m not a fan of citrus fruit. Then, as soon as they all left for work/school, I prowled around and found a Tupperware box that had contained Tomato Pasta for Lad’s lunch yesterday.  Instead of taking it out of his bag and washing it out, the box had been dumped on the kitchen work surface, and I could reach it.  This was a right result.  It was a bit tricky to get the lid off – those Tupperware lids are bastards at times – so I just chewed through the bottom of it. Once I’d cleared out most of the tomato sauce, I chucked it on the lounge floor.


Lad won’t be able to use that pot for his Tomato Pasta lunch again.

So all in all, a cracking start to the day.  Toast and pasta sauce, plus the Guilt Chew they gave me as they left the house.  Yesterday was fun, as well, as I went to Ebony’s house for daycare, with the other people who Give A Damn About Me.  Sorry there was no blog last night – but She was oh so tired yet again after a bldynice twoandahalfbldyhour  drive back from seeing Nana aged 86, who had her Big Operation.  It seems the traffic was a little vexing, so by the time She was home, had eaten, given some attention to all of us, it was time for bed.  Ergo, no blog.  Two words, Readers;  Light.  Weight.  Incidentally, Nana aged 86 was doing well, and since returning to the ward from theatre, hadn’t paused for breath in three hours.  I am very pleased that she is ok, dodgy heart and all, even though she still can’t stand the sight of me.  I don’t hold grudges.  Anyway,  being there for Nana aged 86’s operation meant She could spend time with her brother Funnygit, in the hospital coffee shop.  This is always a Pleasure, and how they laughed as they bickered over whether to walk up the stairs to the ward or get the lift.  (Funnygit insisted on the lift.  There are only 2 floors, and I feel this is a poor show.)  Thankfully, He, Lad and Young Lad all managed to survive while She was away, and they managed the staple fish fingers and chips, which is the default meal when Pack Leader is not here.  Some vegetables wouldn’t have gone amiss, though.

Young Lad has had to walk all the way home from school by himself the last two days.  This is known as being a Latchkey Kid.  It is a very long walk and one would feel sorry for him, if he hadn’t let slip that a friend’s Mum also felt sorry for him and gave him a lift.  Young Lad enjoys being the first one home in the afternoon.  It enables him to sit on his backside in front of the Xbox with nobody nagging him.  He has been told he needs to draw the curtains, put on the lights/heating, feed Gingercat and me, and change out of his school uniform BEFORE he goes on the Xbox, but this is a lot of instructions to process, and it’s not surprising that he doesn’t remember any  all of them.  Apart from feeding Gingercat and I, as we don’t let him forget.

Anyway, I’ve digressed.  Yesterday at Ebony’s house was fun, although I was not happy to see Ebony’s Pack Leader Male waving a copy of the Screwfix catalogue at me. He is a lovely man, but Is On A Mission to keep me out of our food cupboard.  He thinks he has found the answer in the Screwfix catalogue and is coming round to Sort It very soon.  I thought he was my friend.  What I do need to tell you, Readers, is that I inadvertently told you Ebony and I were both well- behaved on our walk on Friday.  This is incorrect.  I was well-behaved.  Ebony was appalling.  She ran off with a fisherman’s rod bag  and had to be chased all over the shop.  Then she ran back and took his other bag!  I know!  Honestly, Ebony was screaming with laughter the whole time,  whilst her Pack Leader was Beside Herself.  The fisherman was Not A Happy Man, but if you will go fishing in a popular dog-walking area, what do you expect?  My behaviour was exemplary.    Then yesterday, Ebony ran off and didn’t listen to her Pack Leader, whilst I stood still and paid very close attention to her.  And what do you know?  We bumped into dear Pippa down at the river!  My two very best friends in the whole world- we played and played, until Ebony discovered a foxhole and put her head down it.  It was a lovely day, Readers, lovely.

Well it’s very peaceful here tonight.  He has gone to watch Wet Sham yet again – you would think the attraction would have worn off a long time ago. Young Lad is seemingly unencumbered by homework (“it doesn’t need to be in till Thursday”) so is watching yet another episode of Chicago Fire.  It’s an improvement on River Monsters or World’s Craziest Weather.  Just. Lad is busy on his phone.Very peaceful, but  it  won’t last.  She has just had a long chat to Nana aged 86 on the phone, and Nana aged 86 is Worn Out from a day of Xrays, Physiotherapy and other Tests. She still managed to talk without pausing for 23 minutes (this was being Kept An Eye on, as it was on mobiles.)  I, Readers, am exhausted from a day at Pippa’s today, and Ebony’s yesterday.  Oh what a surprise!  I’m farmed out for daycare again tomorrow as they’re all at work or school yet again.  

Why did they get me?  Why can’t I live with Meghan Markle?  I know for a fact she doesn’t go to work every day.  Or ever, really.

Tell your friends; you never know, Meghan might get wind of it.

Bye for now,


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Slightly stocky beagle who lives with a family. This is She, He, Lad and Young Lad. And Gingercat. Generally doesn't get enough attention and so writes this blog to let everyone know what his life is like. You need to start from page one (First Attempt).. Go on, it's worth the effort.

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