Spag bol

spaghetti-bolognaise-104579-1 Excellent.  Tonight it was spaghetti bolognaise for dinner, which is always messy and leaves oily tomatoey residue on the plates. I planted my feet firmly on the dishwasher door while they were loading it, and refused to budge;  this meant I managed to clear most of it off the plates before I was shoved away.  It was fairly tasty, though a dash of Worcestershire sauce would have given it a little more bite in my opinion. Readers, imagine my delight when I realised a chocolate cake was being knocked up as well!  This was a Guilt Cake, to make up for being away for the weekend.  You would think that something with less fat and sugar would be more appropriate if you love your offspring and want them to live long, healthy lives, but there you go. Anyway, there was cake mixture all over the place as usual, which was a treat.  I helped to clean up. The kitchen floor has even been washed tonight – wonders will never cease.

Lad was at home in bed today, due to a Bad Headache.  Regular readers will know these usually coincide with Double Games, and yes, it was Double Games today. He slept until 3.30pm, so wasn’t much company for me.  I did try to cheer him up by running round the lounge with a cat food packet, when he fed Gingercat, and I’m sure the ensuing chase made his head feel better.  His Art teacher has kindly emailed him a list of things he should be Getting On With, which made him smile.  I think.

Oh Readers, it was a wonderful morning at the river today.  First I bumped into dear Mr Squibb, who was on his way home for a bath and blow-dry. I get a rough towel if I’m lucky.  Then, who did I see but dear Teddy!  That cheeky young Australian  copper labradoodle – we romped around for a bit but then I bored somewhat, so ran off to look for some food.  I’ll tell you what REALLY annoyed me, though.  Teddy’s Pack Leader asked her how the weekend at ParkyCenters went – and then, what do you know, they’re comparing notes on the spa! Not content with that, Teddy’s Pack Leader even told her you can go for the day!  DON’T GIVE HER IDEAS!  I was annoyed by this.  Thankfully my dear friend Chuck was a little further on, and his grey marbled coat was magnificent again today.  The white bits were as the driven snow.  He really is the most spectacular creature. So  I left Teddy and the irritating spa discussion, plus his Pack Leader’s friend who is the Wrong Skin Colour for me, and American, and I ran off with Chuck for a while.  The river was very, very high today and one part of the field was flooded so we had to wade through it.  I was soaked and a tadge muddy.  Further on, in Far Field, I needed a comfort break, and thought it would be funny to wait till She was a long way ahead, then drop it in some very long grass.  It took her AGES to find it!!  It was hilaire.  But 10 out of 10 for determination, and putting one of those little black bags to use.  What a shame She had to carry it for half a mile to find a bin.  Bizarrely, our ‘power walk’ today was to the tune from the Benny Hill show, going round her head.   Most of you will have no idea about this, and are better off for that.  I think it’s because there was an article in the Torygraph about the increased popularity of milk bottle deliveries and this subconsciously sparked memories of Benny Hill.  

Back home from our walk, I was really, really muddy. I was still annoyed about the spa day discussion, so I shook myself violently from side to side in the kitchen, and plastered both the floor and her Work Shoes in mud spatters. Serves her right. I was  then shut in my bed in the kitchen to ‘dry off’;  She had a cup of tea and did lots of important emailing and telephoning,  whilst simultaneously watching Big Little Lies.  I could hear some of this through the wall, Reader, and I don’t think it was appropriate at all.  I hope She was concentrating on those emails – Lord knows what might have been written.  Then I was left in peace with Gingercat while She went to work, and it was bliss.  All the bins had been put out of my reach, which was a bit dull, so I had to content myself with making horrid smells in the lounge.

In other news, Young Lad has finally finished his Thank You Letters, as He and Grandma pinned him to the table at the weekend until they were done.  LovelyDor down the road might even get hers soon.  I had hoped that Grandma might finish the shark jigsaw when she was here at the weekend, but she was rather busy with the Daily Mail and Young Lad’s Thank You Letters.  It’s been quite a peaceful evening here so far tonight, as He is reading the paper, Young Lad is watching Chicago Fire having been told to turn off “Craziest Police Pursuits”, and Lad is walking around with the new red fleece draped over him, sighing.  I’m hoping that they don’t push the chocolate cake right to the back of the working surface tomorrow when they go to work, as I have my eye on it.  Nothing will equal the 10 square inch, 3 layer chocolate birthday cake that I ate in its entirety on Lad’s birthday last year, but this small, feeble version would do.  Unfortunately, Ebony’s Pack Leader has a nasty habit of moving everything off the working surface when she pops in to see me, and I’m chez Ebony tomorrow.  Humph.

Friends, I can’t guarantee there will be a blog tomorrow night, what with it being Wednesday and all.  Young Lad has Indoor Cricket in the evening, if you remember, (do keep up with our schedule) and it’s All A Bit Of A BldyRush.  I will do my best, but there are only so many bldyhoursinthebldyday.

I bet Megan Markle’s beagle shakes mud over her Work Shoes, and doesn’t get shouted at. I still want to live with them.

Bye for now,


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Slightly stocky beagle who lives with a family. This is She, He, Lad and Young Lad. And Gingercat. Generally doesn't get enough attention and so writes this blog to let everyone know what his life is like. You need to start from page one (First Attempt).. Go on, it's worth the effort.

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