Gale force

IMG_1987 What a night!  Well, Readers, they said it would be windy but by golly, that was violent.  Both the wind inside the house, and out.  I was rudely awoken from my sleep at 4am by the howling gale, and the rattling windows.   I decided to go out in the garden for a comfort break, and took my time absorbing the atmosphere of a hurricane.  It was quite magical, spoilt only by the screeching at me to hurryup and bldywellgetbackin.   No sooner had we settled back to sleep, than Gingercat started yowling from the kitchen to be let in.  This went down like a lead balloon.  Gingercat and I were exhausted by the time everyone left for school and work, and needed another sleep.  It was quite funny, Friends, because as they were all getting ready this morning, the lights kept flickering and a Power Cut loomed.  There was some shouting of hurryup and getintheshower  & usethehairdryer before the power goes off.  They seemed to be dashing around a lot (well, not Lad, obviously) and there was some frantic wondering of where the bldytorch is.  If they tidied out the disgraceful cupboard under the stairs, they might find the bldytorch.

In the diagram above, you can see me contemplating life, in a very nice armchair.  This is where I went Visiting the other week – I’d never been in this person’s house before, but felt strongly that the armchair had been put there for me.  They didn’t seem to mind and even gave me a cushion.  It’s nice to be appreciated for a change.

Readers, I have some Wonderful News.  My young friend J saw the Evil Vets at the Marsden Hospital yesterday, and they told him the horrible things they’ve done to him for three months have been worth it, and the Nasty Thing he’s got is now much, much smaller.  He will still have many happy visits to the Marsden and enjoy the Therapy Clowns, as some Zapping now has to take place – I don’t think this is the technical term, and it sounds much like squeezing anal glands.  But it is very good news, and J’s Pack Leader can relax and celebrate at ParkyCentres this weekend.  If she can stay awake long enough.  She and J’s Pack Leader are sharing a room, as they are well known for being complete lightweights and going to bed early.

I’ve had a lovely day at dear, dear Pippa’s house. We had a smashing walk this afternoon, but mis-timed this to coincide with a downpour on the way back.  We were soaked.  Thankfully Pippa’s Pack Leader is kind and caring, and rubbed me down with a towel.  Not once did she moan Ihaven’tgotbldytimeforthis.  When She came to collect me tonight, there was a discussion about how much I had smelled today.  It was a little undignified to hear them laughing about the moment I let one go, then stood up and looked round at my bottom to see who had done it.  It’s very childish, to be frank.  Anyway, dear Pippa seems a lot happier this week and I feel sure it’s my presence that has caused this.

Young Lad is exhausted again, having had to walk all the way home from school for the second time this week.  In actual fact, he had a lift with a friend’s Grandad, but has only just owned up to this.  So all sympathy for him has disappeared fairly promptly and he’s being told to turn off Chicago Fire and finish the thank you letters.  He appears to have gone deaf.  Lad is in the other room on the Xbox, but has been told firmly that Next Week we go back to Normal Rules.    He is looking forward to the Party tomorrow night where they will be able to relax.  He and She are glad they haven’t got  girl versions of Lad, as they will all be In A Bad Way at this party.

With a bit of luck, I may get some attention tomorrow as She may not be working.  This is excellent news, as I can do something Naughty while She “pops into town” after the school drop off, and then we’ll have a long walk.  Later in the afternoon, Grandma is coming to stay while She goes to ParkyCentres.  I’m pleased about this, as Grandma loves me unconditionally.   There was a big food shop tonight, in theory to stock up here for the weekend.  There seems to be a separate bag being organised, with her friend Gordon in it, some lemons and lots of snacks.  I haven’t worked out what this is for  yet, but I like the look of the snacks.  Good quality.

After tea tonight, He started bagging up the recycling, ready for the dustmen tomorrow.  I tried to help by snatching a plastic tray that had contained Lightly Dusted Plaice Fillets, and running off with it.  This is all part of Organising the Recycling and I didn’t take kindly to being chased.  Growling and snarling was needed.  

Well Readers, I’m truly sorry to break it to  you, but there will be no blog for a couple of nights at least.  I’m sure you understand why.  I, too, feel it’s selfish, but there you are. I can only hope She is wracked with guilt during the Many Activities, and thinks about all those of you for whom this is the highlight of the day.  I have recently been told of Readers laughing at bus stops while reading this, and snorting out loud in the Quiet Carriage of the 7.50am train to Fenchurch Street.  You will all have to go without my thoughts on life until Monday, I’m afraid.

See you soon,


Author: boredbeagle

Slightly stocky beagle who lives with a family. This is She, He, Lad and Young Lad. And Gingercat. Generally doesn't get enough attention and so writes this blog to let everyone know what his life is like. You need to start from page one (First Attempt).. Go on, it's worth the effort.

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