Spicy Snack

20180109_181223 Today was very confusing, Readers.  I was meant to be going to dear, dear Pippa’s again for daycare, but sadly she wasn’t well – or pretended to be ill as she didn’t want me there, who knows – and so I couldn’t go.  This caused a flurry of text messages at 7.30am to find someone else to have the bldy dog.  Thankfully Lad wasn’t going into school till a bit later, and lovelyneighbourontheright agreed to let me out at lunchtime.  However, all this change unsettled me, and I felt the need to raid the food cupboard once Lad had finally gone to school.  I knocked the tins onto the floor as they are boring, but behind them found a pack of Chilli Edamame Beans  left over from Christmas!  I know!  A very upmarket snack , and spicy to boot.  I cleared up the half packet that was left, and had another look behind the pasta packets.  Hidden away I found a pack of dog chews – about 8 of them – which was just the thing after the Chilli Edamame Beans.  I spat the packaging onto the floor.  I must admit I felt a bit puffed up after that so went for a sleep.

Lovelyneighbourontheright came to let me out at lunchtime, but I was finding it difficult to move.  The combination of chilli and eight dog chews was a bit bloating. Anyway.  Lovelyneighbourontheright cleared up all the tins that I’d knocked onto the (dirty) kitchen floor, and tidied up.   I just want to make a point here – there were a pack of Blueberry Muffins left out on the worktop last night.  This morning, the pack had been broken into, and half a muffin eaten.  This isn’t an issue for Neighbourhood Watch because I know who it was.  Gingercat.  He does exactly the same to packets of scones.  Just rips the packet, and eats the top part of the scone/muffin with his manky fishy cat breath.  Does he get shouted at?   Moaned at?  Nope.  Gets away with bldy murder, that cat.  (Be assured, She does throw out the rest of the cat-chewed muffin, and doesn’t give it to her offspring. The birds get it, and drop bits for me. Win win.)

So needless to say I’ve been told off, once She got in from work and found out about the food cupboard.  I heard her muttering that they’ll have to get bldychildlocks put on it – you would have thought this might have occurred to them several years ago.  She is going to add this to the bldylist of things that need a handyman in for, such as the broken light switch in the downstairs toilet (well before Christmas that happened, and still nobody has bothered to do anything about it.)  And an electric towel rail in the new small bathroom as it’s bldyfreezing and nobody wants to use the shower at 6am in minus 4 degrees.  And the toilet seat in the downstairs toilet that veers off sharply to the right if you sit down too quickly.

There has been other tension here tonight, Readers, too.  Lad is in even more trouble than me.  She received a phone call at work this morning from his school, to say he hadn’t turned up for his exam.  This was concerning, as it either meant he was still asleep in bed, had been involved in an accident, or had got lost via KFC on the way to school.  Much  frantic phoning around was needed.  Finally Lad turned up at school, saying his bus was delayed.  There has been a lot of firm discussion of the Need To Let People Know and Bldywellcommunicate   and Do You Know How Bldy  Worried I was  and that sort of thing.  Young Lad and I kept out of the way while this discussion took place.  In fact, Young Lad has worked quite hard revising for a Maths Test tomorrow.  I know!  I’m surprised, too.  Young Lad is in for a tricky day tomorrow, with PE, after-school Football Club, and Indoor Cricket Training in the evening.  This is a lot to ask of someone who rarely leaves the sofa.  I feel for him.

Dinner didn’t go down well tonight.  She attempted cauliflower cheese, mashed potato and baby carrots, but nobody liked it.  This is because all the vegetables were Old and Past Their Best.  She was wittering on about why do cauliflowers sometimes go allbldygreyandwatery  and there was a lot for me to clean off the plates as they went into the dishwasher.  I didn’t mind it being grey and watery.   It looked like glue.  Poor Lad and Young Lad. But I fear the addition of cauliflower to the chilli edamame beans and dog chews might prove challenging for everyone.  The scented candles (hooray, two have burned out!) have been lit in readiness.

I saw a viewer had popped in from Bangladesh today!  Welcome, though I imagine it was a mistake.  America and Australian friends – try spreading the word a bit further?  You are big countries, and I still feel your nation could manage more than half a dozen.

Tomorrow will be excellent as I’m going to my dear friend Ebony’s house. Here I will be allowed to sit on the sofas, get into her bed and generally make myself at home.  I am FED UP with the fact She is working every day, and intend to make my feelings known.  But at the moment, those chilli edamame beans are beginning to repeat a little, so I’ll settle down for a sleep.

Before I do, a quick shout out to my young friend J in the Marsden, who only has one more night of horrid things being done and then he can go home.  J’s Pack Leader is looking forward to this immensely, as she has spent six days eating microwave ready meals.  I would love to spend six days eating microwave ready meals.  And I do hope that dear, dear Pippa feels better soon.

Bye for now,




Author: boredbeagle

Slightly stocky beagle who lives with a family. This is She, He, Lad and Young Lad. And Gingercat. Generally doesn't get enough attention and so writes this blog to let everyone know what his life is like. You need to start from page one (First Attempt).. Go on, it's worth the effort.

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