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IMG-20180103-WA0000 Evening, friends.  The thing is, I was the guest at Ebony’s house today and to be honest I was disappointed by her hospitality. True friends would give up their bed for their visitor, but no – she insisted on squeezing in too.  There simply wasn’t enough room for us both to have a comfortable sleep. That’s why I look so tired in this picture.

Anyway, sorry there was no blog last night.  The First Day Back at Work was oh so strenuous and She was too knackered  busy last night. To be honest, there wasn’t much to report.  I had actually behaved really well while they went back to school and work – but don’t forget Lad was here all day, on “study leave”.  So my opportunities for raiding the bins and pulling stuff out of cupboards was limited. Lad was Rudely Awakened when they left for work with a cup of coffee.  He soon went back to sleep, but was later Rudely Awakened again by an alarm clock carefully placed by his bed – this was in case he forgot what “study day” actually meant.  He finally got the message at lunchtime.  Despite the very inclement weather, and the fact that Lad and I were perfectly happy cuddled up under the new fleece while he “revised”, various text messages were sent all day telling him to take me out for a walk.  Lad lost the will to live just before they returned from work, and dragged me round the rec.  Or that’s his story, anyway. The empty crisp packets/selection boxes scattered round the house suggest a different story.

Readers, I feel some updates are overdue.  The shark jigsaw has still not been finished.  I know many of you will have been wondering.  It is on the snooker table, to get it out thebldyway but sadly nobody has managed to solve the puzzle.  They seem to have lost interest and have no staying power.  I feel it is a cop- out to claim it doesn’t have the right pieces, they are just lazy.  They need to learn from Lad, who completed Lego Tower Bridge when he was 10.  Go on, google it.  It has 4,295 pieces and costs over £200.  Compare this to a shark jigsaw that has 250 pieces and cost six quid.  I rest my case – no resilience whatsoever.   Likewise, only one Airfix model has been completed.  And Young Lad contributed nothing to this. 

Secondly, LovelyDor’s Christmas tree lights that she lent us to replace the ones I ate through, have been mistakenly stashed in the roof with the rest of the decorations.  She will have to go up in the roof when she has a bldyspareminute to retrieve them.   Thirdly, they had another Nice Family Film afternoon on New Year’s Day.  This time it was The Birds by Alfred Hitchcock.  Their parenting style is odd, if you ask me. And the ending was rubbish.

 Remember the nervous breakdown on Monday?  Her purse has now been posted Special Delivery, so She might be reunited with her Tesco clubcard and spending ability tomorrow.  I will let you know when it is safely back in her handbag, and we can all stop worrying.  

While I write my blog tonight, they are watching the news.  I can’t believe my ears.  Donald Trump has tweeted that his nuclear weapon button is bigger and more powerful than Kim Jong Un’s nuclear button.  Have I heard that right?  Wtf?

Last night He and Lad went to Wet Sham yet again.  I really don’t know why they bother, and She felt this was Foolish the night before Lad had a mock exam.  Lad said it was only English Language and doesn’t count.  It was nice though – Young Lad, She and I cuddled up under the fleece on the sofa (yes, I had been there pretty much all day), and watched Eastenders.  This was crap, but the cuddle on the sofa was nice.  Then She made Young Lad go to bed early as he “looked tired”, but this was really only so She could put another Nordic Noir Weirdo Crime thing on.  It was better than River Monsters (see previous blogs) but still a bit odd for my liking.  The wind was howling outside, thanks to Storm Eleanor building up, which added to the atmosphere of the Nordic Noir Weirdo Crime thing.  During the night Storm Eleanor really got going and my sleep was disturbed several times by rattling windows and trees.  This was annoying.

So this morning, everyone was up at 6.15 am, or at least, Lad was being encouraged to lower his legs to the floor from his bed and stand upright.  This took a further 30 minutes to be successful.  I was told to get out the way several times, as She tried to make packed lunches, and I was “underherbldyfeet.”  There were crumbs on the (dirty) floor as usual, and I even found some old cat biscuits under the fridge, which I coaxed out. I can’t help it if She chooses this particular time to make the packed lunches.  Most working mothers do it the night before, and show some sense of organisation.  I was quite annoyed when they all left, as the kitchen bin (full again, disgusting) was put outside the back door, the bathroom bin (also disgusting) was put into the bath where I can’t reach it, and all the bedroom doors were shut.  Boring, boring.  Thankfully Ebony’s Pack Leader came to my rescue and took me out for a walk with Ebony, even though Storm Eleanor was still having a go.  I tried so hard to keep up with Ebony, and had to bark at her a couple of times to get her to wait for me.  As a result I am really, really tired tonight, and can’t wait for bedtime.

Please tell anyone else you can about my blog – She wants to get more views.  God knows why.

See you soon,


Author: boredbeagle

Slightly stocky beagle who lives with a family. This is She, He, Lad and Young Lad. And Gingercat. Generally doesn't get enough attention and so writes this blog to let everyone know what his life is like. You need to start from page one (First Attempt).. Go on, it's worth the effort.

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