Evening everyone – here I am, with my head in a GCSE Physics book.  This was yesterday evening, and it’s a good job I was looking at the book, as Lad didn’t seem to be.  By God it was boring.  The electromagnetic system was the page I was on – dreary beyond belief.  No wonder I fell asleep, and no wonder Lad didn’t seem keen on reading it.  Sorry for no blog last night;  partly I was too busy reading the above, and partly She finally got round to writing some Christmas cards which seemed to take most of the evening.  They won’t get posted for another week, mind you.

Well, yesterday was okayish – there was still a lot of snow on the ground and it was frozen solid into ice.  I didn’t enjoy my walk at all and made it perfectly clear to her, that it was hurting my bldy paws.  It’s all very well marching along in 2 pairs of socks and boots, but my bare pads stuck to the ice – it was awful.   I did my best limping action, and walked as slowly as possible, looking sad, but oh no, we still had to do the two mile 160 calorie power walk.  On freezing cold ice.  The only good thing is that She did slip several times – didn’t quite go over fully, but there were some undignified slides with arms windmilling in the air to stay upright.  I laughed, and momentarily forgot my freezing paws.

While She was “in town” in the morning, I didn’t get up to much, beyond the usual throwing the potato peelings round the back porch.  (Put. Them. Out. In. The. Green.Bin.)  What did REALLY annoy me, readers, is that I was thrown out of the lounge before they left, and the door was Firmly Shut.  Do you know why?  Yep.  At long last, the chocolate tree decorations have gone on the tree.  And it was deemed Too Risky to leave me in the same room.  They are nowhere near high enough to be out of my reach, and I had already tried standing on the sofa to see how far I could stretch.  But no chance yesterday or today, as I was Locked Out of the lounge.  Don’t worry, this attention to detail won’t last.

It was quite funny last night, friends.  She got in from work, and was conscious that the family would all be cold, and hungry.  So She sighed, and set about making lasagne which is, apparently, a rightbldyfaff at the best of times, and requires three hundred saucepans.   An hour later, and a filthy kitchen later, there were two big dishes of lasagne bubbling in the oven.  They smelled great!  Imagine how She laughed, when the penny dropped that Young Lad was at his friend’s house for dinner, and He was going out for a curry.  So there was only Lad and herself to feed.  Could have got the fish fingers out and saved a lot of work.  And all that washing up!!

Today has been great, as I’ve been out with Ebony.  It was soaking wet and we got filthy, as the snow has now melted and, as usual in this country, it’s now raining hard and turned everywhere to cack.   But Ebony’s Pack Leader doesn’t grumble about the state I’m in and shout “get off the kitchen floor” – no, Ebony’s Pack Leader lovingly gives me a bath.  Tonight I smell lovely, and am clean.  I don’t think it was “value” shampoo, either.  Ebony has nice stuff.  I’m in luck tomorrow, as He has taken a Day Off so I will have company All Day.  I imagine there will be some sleeping involved for both of us.

It’s getting a little tense here this evening with lots of the usual argybargy of youmusthavesomehomework  and noIhaven’t  and it’snottheendoftermyet!!   I’m getting tired  of hearing about Mocks and  Options and Your Future. Nobody thinks about my options and future.    Oh, we’re on to getoffyourphone now – this will rumble on all evening.

Reader, She spent ages last night with a needle and cotton, threading monkey nuts (in their shells) into a long line, to hang up on the bird table.  She had thought this was a lovely Nostalgic thing to do from back in the day, and that Lad and Young Lad would like to help her relive her childhood.  (They didn’t have much to do back then.  One summer She sat in a wigwam in the garden shaking a jam jar with milk in it until it turned to butter.  It took four days.)   Lad and Young Lad weren’t remotely interested.  Neither were the birds, who haven’t touched the monkey nuts.  But the funniest part is that in her nostalgic fantasy, She had completely forgotten how much it bldy hurts your fingers, trying to shove a needle through nut shells.  Stabbed to pieces.  Happy days.  

Well, I’m fairly exhausted after my walk and bath.  Time for another kip. I’ll let you know the instant they forget to shut the lounge door, and I reach the chocolate tree decorations.  May well be tomorrow.

See you soon,


Author: boredbeagle

Slightly stocky beagle who lives with a family. This is She, He, Lad and Young Lad. And Gingercat. Generally doesn't get enough attention and so writes this blog to let everyone know what his life is like. You need to start from page one (First Attempt).. Go on, it's worth the effort.

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