Deck the halls


Evening all!  Sorry there was no blog last night; I was too busy whining for some pizza crust (it being Friday Night.)  To be honest, I was quite tired after a day with Ebony as I really do try to keep up with her on our walk, and it’s exhausting.  Glad to say it wasn’t me being told off yesterday; Ebony was Extremely Bad while we were out, and I sat there as good as gold.  Homeless Man by the River has packed up and gone, and had tidily left some bags of rubbish by the bin.  Ebony decided to empty these and run around the field with their contents.  I didn’t, reader. I just sat there, appalled  at her behaviour.

Today I have Done My Best to be Helpful.  It is the time of year where the Christmas Decorations are put up, and She has been very stressed and bad-tempered.  She decided to put up some pretty icicle lights along the guttering – really, what’s the point? – and spent a happy hour up a ladder today trying to putthebldythingsup.  This appeared to be tricky, as although the box said “7.4m of lights” there were actually “3.0” m of lights and they didn’t even reach the front door.  She was perplexed and asked niceneighbourontheleft to have a look and see where She’d gone wrong.  It appears She has gone wrong by buying some rubbish cheap lights.  So Young Lad and She stomped into town which was bldyheaving  (it being two weeks before Christmas) to take thesoddinglightsback  and start all over again.  They were so exhausted they had to stop off in Costalotta to refuel.  Anyway, reader, while they were out I thought I’d do my bit by emptying out a box of decorations across the lounge floor (see diagram, top.)  It would save them a bit of time when they got back, and you never know, there might have been a chocolate tree decoration from last year in there.  There wasn’t.  But of course, I was shouted at when they got back, for my behaviour.  She has finally managed to put up lights around the guttering (why?) which involved standing on a ladder in unsuitable footwear, and a large  tree is now in the lounge.  This is a Swedish Nordic Non-Drop, but I’ve managed to shove my way under it and it definitely isn’t Non-Drop.  There was a brief hold-up when nobody could find the box of tree decorations.  Despite Young Lad having helped to get 5 boxes of crap down from the roof this morning, there was no sign of the baubles.  They had to search the cupboard under the stairs, which still hasn’t been tidied out – wouldn’t this have been an ideal opportunity?  By now in a foul mood, She went back into the roof and found the box of baubles right by the entrance.  

The tree is now decorated and leaning at 45 degrees.  The chocolate decorations haven’t gone on yet – hope they haven’t forgotten about them. I have a feeling She hid them in the cupboard above the oven, so expect they will have gone the same way as the advent calendar over the radiator.  Lad is now revising Physics, under duress, He is asleep and Young Lad is watching rubbish on the telly.  It’s quiet, at least for the moment.

Yesterday was fun, being at Ebony’s.  Everyone was quite late home as the traffic was bldyawful and the town was gridlocked.  She bumped into her dear friend Loadsakids in Tesco after work, but surprisingly not in the Drinks aisle.  She and Loadsakids had a good chat which went something like this: “bldyteenagersbldyChristmasbldyhomeworkbldyteenagers”.  This is the form, generally, of their conversations but they both feel much better whenever they’ve met up.

It’s very cold here today.  There was a Sharp Frost last night, which is a good thing, apparently, in that it makes “clearing up the garden” with those little black plastic bags much easier.  Things are easier to pick up when frozen, it seems.  I’ve had TWO walks today, reader, no idea why.  This morning was lovely because the sun was out, even though it was freezing, and lots of friends were down there.  I need to apologise to Teddy YET AGAIN for her ignorance as She still hasn’t got it right.  Teddy is an Australian Labradoodle. not a common cockapoo, and it’s very hurtful being mistaken for one.  She needs to listen to people better.  Nicedogwalkerlady and her husband were there, and assured her that the shooting we could hear was a long way away, so there wouldn’t be any intestines in the Top Field.  However, we were taking no chances , and went to the Far Field instead.  There was some fox poo in that one, so it worked out well.  The music we had to march along to today was Bonnie Tyler “I was lost in France.”  Nope, I’ve no idea why that was going round her head, either.  It was a toss up between that or Mariah Carey.

Then I’ve had another walk this afternoon, which I think was to de-stress from the Christmas decorations.  Met Ebony and guess what?!!  I’ve been invited there on Christmas Day!  New readers will not know that I am very upset because They are all going to pretty AD’s house for Christmas lunch, but I’m not allowed to go because of their cat Nasty Git.  So I was going to  be dumped somewhere on my own while they all had a lovely time and drank wine.  But Ebony’s Pack Leader has taken pity on me, and said I can go there for Christmas lunch instead of being Alone and Unloved.  What a wonderful woman.

I’m a bit sad that the viewers from America are showing a lack of commitment.  It’s only the Australian lot flying the flag for my blog internationally.  Come on America, make a bit more effort and spread the word.

Frankly I’m exhausted by two walks and emptying out the Christmas decorations, so time for a sleep I feel.  Tell your friends.

See you soon.


Author: boredbeagle

Slightly stocky beagle who lives with a family. This is She, He, Lad and Young Lad. And Gingercat. Generally doesn't get enough attention and so writes this blog to let everyone know what his life is like. You need to start from page one (First Attempt).. Go on, it's worth the effort.

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