American Hot

Evening all, hurrah it’s Friday night!  Pizza on the sofa, and everyone in their pyjamas by 7pm.  Slovenly or what.  Well, I’ve whined and begged, which paid off in that She gave me a  tiny crust of margherita and several carrot sticks.  Lad has taken his pepperoni to the study to play on the Xbox (or the bldy xbox as it’s known here).  I’ve spent a while gazing at him and making my eyes go huge, and dribbled on the carpet, but he hasn’t let me have any.  Yet.  I’ll wear him down.

I know, I had another night off the blog last night.  Apologies, just toooo tired.  Yesterday was a fairly good one, in that we had a lengthy walk even though it was freezing.  There’s a homeless person camping down there at the moment – She was concerned for his welfare and tried to look in his tent.  Nosey cow.  Saw the usual crew at the river, plus Chloe, who always has it in for me; I can’t work out why. She’s a retriever, and they’re not known for their fighting skills, but she does have a good try with me.  Anyway, Chloe trying to take a chunk out of my neck meant she was in Big Trouble with her Pack Leader, and to be honest it makes a change for it to be someone else being told off.  I didn’t roll in anything yesterday, but still got moaned at for being half a mile behind her when her pelvic floor signalled it was time to Get A Move On.

Once home,  I had a little look through the recycling bags while She was distracted, making a Guilt Chocolate Cake ( because Young Lad had to walk all the way home from school by himself and be a Latch Key Kid while She was at work.)  I rearranged the recycling for her, and spread it out around the garden again.  Then She put some bread out for the birds so I sat under the bird table, waiting for some starlings to knock it off for me to eat.  They are so thick.  Very predictable, are starlings.  Before long, She went off to work so I was left with Gingercat for the afternoon.  It was boring.  Except when Gingercat chased a bottle lid up and down the hall.

Today, however, things were looking up again!  Another day at Ebony’s house, trying out her bed for comfort and generally making myself at home.  I don’t throw their craft stuff or potato peelings round the house, because I don’t need to make a point there. 

Now readers, here’s a thing.  I honestly THOUGHT I’d got away with this one!  While She and Lad were in London all day Wednesday, nobody noticed that I chewed through Lad’s school bag!!  Yep!  Epic!  It was only when Lad tried to put his rucksack over his shoulder that he realised the strap was in two pieces!  It was funny.  Bear in mind it was 7.10am and he was late for his bus and he’s always in a shocking mood in the mornings, you can imagine how amused Lad was!  There were some words that I don’t often hear.  She received an Angry Text Message from Lad, telling her how comical he found the whole thing.  So last night, in addition to alltheotherbldythingsI’vegottodo  She had to get out her sewing box, blow the dust off and try to sew up Lad’s bag.  I had made it as tricky as possible, by chewing right down to the seams.  Sewing is not her thing.  Lad’s designer school bag now has some poking out bits.

I was wrong, friends, about Thursday being advent calendar day.  I had got my dates muddled up – imagine my disappointment when I woke up on Thursday and rushed downstairs, only to find it was still November.  A whole extra day before the  potential not-up-high-enough situation.  Today is the day – one Galaxy, one Cadburys – I have no preference, not that anyone asks.  Sadly at the moment the advent calendars are still Up High, but they will Come Down.  Fear not.  And I’ll be ready.

There’s been a little huffing and puffing in the last half hour as Young Lad was promised he could go to the cinema with two friends tomorrow.  Only, when She went to book the tickets, it was discovered that the film is a 12A so requires an adult with them.  As you can imagine, there is much discussion over who will be the responsible adult, ie, who wants to spend their Saturday afternoon in a loud cinema with loads of tweens.  The debate continues. 

Well, I’m hoping for a better night’s sleep tonight.  Someone still has a REALLY annoying cough which involves the whole bed shaking.   Have you ever lived with someone when they have a bad cough?  It’s the pits! It’s incredibly irritating.  And then when the coughing stops and you think peace has been restored, the snoring starts, and the horrid open- mouthed breathing noises.  And to think I get shoved in the ribs for snoring!  Plus He forgot to shut Gingercat out last night, which meant Gingercat was prancing around, miaowing and patting everyone on the face at 3am.  So I had a terrible night’s sleep and hope things are better tonight.

Need to drum up some worldwide support – have not seen America popping in much in the last few days.  As for Cyprus and Italy, they’ve gone, and Germany just didn’t understand.  A shame.  

I still want to live with Meghan Markle.

Bye for now,





Author: boredbeagle

Slightly stocky beagle who lives with a family. This is She, He, Lad and Young Lad. And Gingercat. Generally doesn't get enough attention and so writes this blog to let everyone know what his life is like. You need to start from page one (First Attempt).. Go on, it's worth the effort.

2 thoughts on “American Hot”

  1. Cyprus was Molly’s owner im back in UK yr n log so cheers n makes me chuckle makes my Molly look tame lol n thats saying something keep it going xxx


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