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Evening friends – a top day!!  Felt highly creative today, don’t know why, just one of those days.  Started off by photobombing her Important Picture that She needed to send to an Important Hospital In London for some research project that they’ve been  involved in.  She asked Young Lad to take a quick photo of her as they left home this morning – I felt it looked dreary, so sat behind her with my most miserable face on.   Neither She nor Young Lad appeared to notice.  Anyway, her Professional Standing won’t be at all damaged by having a suicidal beagle behind her. (I can’t show you this photo for legal reasons.)

Once they’d all gone for the day, I wandered round the house.  I fancied doing some Art and Craft so grabbed the Craft box in the study and threw it around.  (See diagram above.)   This box is chocker block full of rubbish  useful things for Art projects, such as card, paper, ripped up jeans, sequins and many other things for collage that are never needed.  It didn’t take long to pull loads of it out and spread it across the floor.  Pippa’s Pack Leader found it when she came to walk me; how she laughed.  Unfortunately she texted a photo of the carnage to my own Pack Leader at work, and She was not laughing. I felt the day needed a little more je ne sais quoi, so in the afternoon I pulled Lad’s oil pastels out of his Art box.  I threw them across the newly-steam-cleaned lounge carpet, and chewed the box up.  And guess what!  The blue oil pastel leaked again – see previous blog – and She has to clean it all up later on.  But does it end there?  No, my friends, it doesn’t.  I’ve also ripped up one of the better quality tennis balls (not the cheap ones from the pound shop.)  Plus two bags of potato peelings distributed across the back porch.  Well, it’s a simple enough task – don’t be so bone idle, take a couple of steps outside and put them IN the recycling bins.  Doh.

So all in all, a satisfying day.  It’s all because yesterday I thought She had FINALLY grasped the problem, and I spent a great day at Ebony’s house.  I didn’t do much other than sleep in their very comfortable chairs, but at least I wasn’t ALONE and UNLOVED.  But no, today we’re back to the old “bye Russell we’re off to work for 10 hours” type behaviour.

Was far too tired to blog last night due to being with Ebony.   And I’m shocked at how many of you contacted me to say why hadn’t I blogged!  I have said, clearly, that I cannot keep up the quality of this blogging at the current rate.  I’m sure Shakespeare had the odd day off, for the love of God!   It was all rather stressful at tea time, as ANOTHER gas man came round, this time to Measure Up and talk about boilers.  It was dull. I barked fiercely, as unfortunately he belonged to one of the groups of people I don’t like.  (work it out).  How She expected to make a rational decision between Worcester or Vaillant systems while making leek and potato soup, I have no idea.    After tea, Young Lad had to do an Art project which was “bldypainful” according to his mother, and Lad did a small amount of revision.

Tomorrow She is taking Lad to the Important Hospital in London, as he is having a Large Injection in the back of his head (a nerve I’m told).  This is to try and stop some of his pain, which I think STILL mostly occurs on PE days.  I would imagine he’s missing PE at school tomorrow.  Anyway, Lad is Brave and sits still while the Evil Doctor sticks a massive needle in the base of his head.  He doesn’t have to be muzzled, or sat on by 4 veterinary nurses, and doesn’t try to bite the doctor’s hand off.  After that they will go for a snack, then he has to see some different Evil Doctors in the afternoon.  Lad has been told he will be taking Revision books with him to Do On The Train – he looked pleased at this thought.  Young Lad and I will be dumped with anyone who will have us – this has happened many times over the years.  And they wonder why there are issues.

I’m looking forward to Thursday, as it is Advent Calendar day.  She has finally given up making them have traditional Religious  advent calendars, and  they now enjoy a Cadburys picture rather than a biblical scene.  But I’m looking forward to it, because at some point they’ll forget to put them UP HIGH and that will be my lucky day.  Plus She is actually at home Thursday morning, so there will be a power walk.  I hope the elderly lady isn’t down there that I saw the other day – not only was she white-haired and had a stick, but she was wearing Very Dark Glasses!!  I was terrified.  Readers, she didn’t have a dog with her and clearly had No business to be down by the river.  I was very worried for our safety so barked hysterically and aggressively at her , from a safe distance.

Well, after all my creativity today I’m pretty exhausted.  Glad to see America still popping in occasionally – Europe needs to make a bit more effort.  Do tell your friends.

Bye for now,





Author: boredbeagle

Slightly stocky beagle who lives with a family. This is She, He, Lad and Young Lad. And Gingercat. Generally doesn't get enough attention and so writes this blog to let everyone know what his life is like. You need to start from page one (First Attempt).. Go on, it's worth the effort.

5 thoughts on “Craft Club”

  1. Darling Russell, I have just about managed to get through a short interval without your blog but I am delighted to read another episode today, which has greatly elevated my mood. BTW, I am still a European at the moment, living in Dorset. We haven’t been snapped off yet! Hugs, Sally xx


  2. I don’t no if I laugh or cry! You definitely keep them busy 😁 maybe I need to take you for a run 🏃🏻‍♀️ x


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