Quite a morning, friends!  Usual early toilet trip at 6am, but I failed to coordinate this with Gingercat wailing to be let in at 5.30am, so She had to get up twice and wasn’t happy.  However, I’ve just had a smashing long, eventful walk and I can smell Sunday lunch in the oven.  She’s multi-tasking again.  Fingers crossed.

Truly beautiful out there today;  a day simply made for a long relaxing walk.  She didn’t find it relaxing.  Had a good chat with NiceDogWalkerLady and her husband, and I really wanted to carry on walking with them and the Pack.  But oh no, we had to go over the bridge and up through the Top Field because it’s a more Physical Walk apparently.  I took some persuading but eventually followed at a distance.  This distance was great because it enabled me to find some fox poo in the bushes ( more of that later.)    Anyway, I dutifully followed her from half a mile back.  She was singing “Ma Baker” in her head this time, which appears to have a fast tempo judging by the speed at which She was marching.  Occasionally I heard my name shrieked and upped the pace a bit, but generally dawdled.  Then, from nowhere, appeared two German Shepherds and a man On A Bike!  This was too much (see previous blog re German Shepherds)  so I took a short cut through the woods and back to the safety of the more public area.  Only I didn’t let her know I was going.  So She thought I was lost and spent a lot of time screeching, blowing the whistle and frantically looking for me (maybe She does care after all.) I chose to ignore her desperate calls for, oh about 10 minutes, so then She had to run right through the field, along the lane and over the bridge to find me.  Not easy in a duffle coat and wellies, apparently.  Anyway, Exercise Quotient.  (see previous blog.)  I’ve no idea why I was called a bad name and put on the lead – I was having a nice time talking to an older lady who was worried about me.

We marched home, her complaining about the smell of the fox poo and how late Sunday lunch is going to be because of me “getting lost.”  I hadn’t wanted to go in the Top Field in the first place – why does nobody listen.  I’ve got to have a bath this afternoon, and I’m hoping Lad will do it (see previous blog).  The main problem is the shampoo.  When they first adopted me, and gave a damn, I had “hypo-allergenic/lavenderscented/treatyourdoglikeaprince” expensive shampoo.  That ran out ages ago and now I have the Value Range.  (Please note she blacked out the brand for legal reasons.)  And they wonder why I scratch all the time.  Actually it does smell really nice, and makes my fur very soft (just in case anyone from PetsRVetsRToysRus is reading.)

Nearly forgot, had a bark at a fisherman down there this morning.  You can add those to the list of minorities that I Don’t Like.  It’s the imposing rods and unnatural stillness that worries me.  Though I did steal a fisherman’s sandwiches once.

Readers, you’ll be relieved to know that Lad survived the House Party intact, and apparently it’s the Females of His Age that get blathered and are poorly in the gardens.  She didn’t have to do the midnight pick-up after all, as He was staying up till silly o’clock to watch the cricket, and “there’snobldypointinbothofusbeingup.”  So He nobly offered to fetch Lad and she went to bed.  She called this a Right Result.

This afternoon will be spent on Homework/laundry/ironingbldyschooluniforms/ but Young Lad has suggested playing a board game. They do this, about Once a Year, to look like a normal family.  Gingercat and I love these afternoons – I always lay in the middle of the money (please please be Monopoly)  and Gingercat likes to walk across the board several times, knocking all the pieces over.  Quite why they don’t get off the floor and use the table, I don’t know.

I’m sad to say She has taken on Extra Work this week.  If I hear much more of “needthechuffinmoney” I’ll scream.  The large vet bill was AGES ago and I can’t still be blamed for the economic crisis.  Just how much is an Americano?  I rest my case.  Talking of which, Homeless Guy  is still not outside Sainsburys, and She feels really, really bad now.  Is a bit worried about him.  Hopes he’s in a Shelter somewhere, and will stretch to a sausage roll in Greggs next time.

Roast potatoes smell done, but She’s completely forgotten to make the crumble topping for the Berry Crumble. (Value range, frozen berry mix, does She never learn.) So dessert will be served at tea time.  

Saw some views from Italy and Cyprus!!  What the heck!  And America/Australia hanging on in there.  Don’t think I was Germany’s cup of tea though.

See you soon – tell your friends,


Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma Baker, she taught her four sons…….  you know you’re singing it now.






Author: boredbeagle

Slightly stocky beagle who lives with a family. This is She, He, Lad and Young Lad. And Gingercat. Generally doesn't get enough attention and so writes this blog to let everyone know what his life is like. You need to start from page one (First Attempt).. Go on, it's worth the effort.

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