Evening all.  I’ve just had a very frustrating few minutes trying to kick this blanket out of my chair – She did video it, but you have to “upgrade” in order to post videos, and She’s way too tight to do that.  Anyway, it was ruddy irritating, as I make it perfectly clear that I HATE having a blanket on my chair, and I have to bark, whine, go round in circles, dig at it, kick it and throw it over my head to make the point.  Unfortunately  tonight I became rather caught up and sat for a while with it over my head.  I pretended I had meant to do this, so I didn’t look ridiculous.

This was after the usual frustrating  Friday evening twenty minutes, whereby they all collapse on the sofa with pizza (oh, and raw vegetables/dips She wants you to know).  Now, bear in mind I haven’t seen them all day, and the pizza smells pretty good, so naturally I want to sit with them  and whimper/wail/bark until they give me a crust.  I do feel it’s a bit harsh that I’m told off and ordered to sit in my chair.  I might, if they wouldn’t put the ruddy blanket on it!  And a crust of pizza really isn’t too much to ask, after I’ve been neglected all week.

Anyway.  Again, my own family were useless today but thanks to Lovelyneighbourontheright I had a little company mid-morning when they came to chuck me in the garden.  These people are SO nice that they even stopped to play with me for a while.  Then I did get a walk later on.  It’s very peaceful here tonight as He and Lad have gone to watch football – this time not at the pub, but all the way up to Wet Sham. So Young Lad and She are cuddled up with me in front of the telly for the evening and there is no arguing.  There is, however, chocolate and sugar-free Lilt  for Young Lad, and Gordon has popped round again for her.

I have NO bad behaviour to report from today!  This is very unusual.  Unless someone has been in while She was at work and tidied up, I appear not to have emptied any bins, gone through any cupboards, thrown around any recycling or dragged potato peelings across the lounge floor (recently steam cleaned, as you know.)  I’ve been known, if there is NOTHING else to do, to empty Lad’s art equipment out of the box and once chewed a bright blue oil pastel which then went all over the carpet. (She had to do a lot of googling that night, to find out How To Remove Oil Pastel from Carpet.)  Dishwasher liquid, in case you need to know.  And there was the one REALLY boring day, when I was reduced to chucking a box of paperclips round the study so that they went everywhere.  All in all, you would think I deserve a pizza crust tonight, wouldn’t you?  But no.

Lad has worn them down, I mean discussed things in a mature way, and is going to this House Party tomorrow night.   She still feels that this is a Disaster Waiting To Happen, as Lad and his friends seem to attract trouble wherever they go. However, the House Party is being held in a Nice House, and there will be Parents there, so not too much should happen.  She is thrilled at the prospect of going to collect him at midnight, because “it’sabldy40minutedrive” and it’s “meanttobeminus4tomorrownight.”  She and her friends enjoy sitting in cars in the pitch dark, waiting to collect their offspring from House Parties etc.  It’s “livingthedream” She says. Darkly.

Hopefully, it being the weekend tomorrow, I’ll get some decent walks and even a little attention.  Other than House Parties, it will be the usual round of Homework and arguments about Homework.  She may have to “pop into town” several times, and my regular readers now know what that means.  

Here’s an interesting thing.  While She and I were marooned in the kitchen on Tuesday, because Carpet Cleaner man was soaking the carpets and sofa (and making uncalled for comments about “fabric damage” on the sofa)  She started looking through some recipe books.  These don’t come out often – we know Jamie Oliver has been used recently, with limited success, but generally these sit on a dusty shelf and She makes it up as She goes along.  Well, readers, She found the notebook that is used for writing down the list of presents received by Lad and Young Lad every Christmas and birthday since they were born.  (This is to enable them to write thank you letters, which they absolutely love doing.)  Anal, isn’t She.  Also in the notebook was her “food plan” for Christmas 2008.  (How hard can it be?)   Christmas Eve supper was; “Roasted vegetable lasagne, Caesar salad, French bread”  followed by  “homemade fruit tartlets with butter pastry, and creme fraiche.”  At some point after 2008, Christmas Eve supper changed to egg and chips.  I would imagine Lad and Young Lad much prefer this.

Well, readers, I’m exhausted from begging for food and fighting with the blanket.  Not sure if blog will get done tomorrow due to “bldyridiculousdrivingtobackendofgodknowswhereatmidnight” to collect Lad.  Who, of course, won’t have been in any trouble.  Watch this space.

Tell your friends,

Bye for now (including viewer from America again!!)


Author: boredbeagle

Slightly stocky beagle who lives with a family. This is She, He, Lad and Young Lad. And Gingercat. Generally doesn't get enough attention and so writes this blog to let everyone know what his life is like. You need to start from page one (First Attempt).. Go on, it's worth the effort.

2 thoughts on “Tangled”

  1. Made the mistake of reading your antics aloud to Mollydog yesterday. Clearly not a good idea as for the first time ever she decided, as she is also left to her own devices for far too long some days, to show her lack of appreciation by eating some shortbread biscuits she found put away for Christmas! Am beyond shocked, coincidence or what, but I’m not telling her anymore what he gets up to!


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