It’s official!


I knew it!  Beagles are good for your health!  It must be true;  it was in yesterday’s Torygraph. According to obviously highly accurate research,  owning a beagle increases a  human’s mortality by 35%. So She needs to quit the whingeing about how much work I make,  by accepting that “demanding ” dogs like me will make her live longer.  If she wants to. 

Well, much to everyone’s surprise she managed to drive to Sutton and back without thebloodysatnav. She says that the M25 in sheeting rain is much more bearable in the presence of Leo Sayer. I would think this is debatable. I had to make quite a fuss during the evening as She had a readymeal from sparks mean marks, as She was tootiredtocook. She knows quite well that I get to clean out the plastic tray of any ready meals.  Though they “practically never have them and  have wholesome home cooked food every day” She is shouting. I wasn’t happy to find the said plastic tray in the bin,  without being offered it first.  Normally I clean it completely so it can go into recycling,  which is my bit towards the environment. I had to stare at the bin and whine for AGES until She got the message.  It was ok,  but a 400 calorie Lite prawn linguine, and really I’d  have preferred the full on option.  So would She.

Her friend Gordon came to visit last night.  Seemed a lot bigger than usual and required extra ice.  This is due to “abitofaweek” apparently. 

Today is Sunday which meant a bit of a lie in.  (After breakfast and toilet at 6am). I heard some church bells ringing.  When Lad and Young Lad were younger they were dragged to Church occasionally,  but now on  Sundays Lad doesn’t get up till lunchtime and Young Lad plays on the xbox. She seems to worship at the altar of somewhere called Costalotta in town.  It’s where she goes to be reflective and pray. And “get away from everyone. ” She assuages her guilt about the price of an Americano in Costalotta by taking one to the homeless guy outside Sainsburys.  (I know for a fact she queues up in Greggs for his to save 50p.) Today the  homeless guy went into a lot of detail about his medical problem so She gave him an extra £2 and didn’t hang around. 

There will be an attempt at a family Sunday lunch in a bit,  which really just involves shouting about homework. Then Lad and He are going up the pub later to watch something called Wet Sham play football.  She and Young Lad are looking forward to this as it will be peaceful here. I’ve already had my walk; Nicedogwalkerlady said she likes my blog so I’ve told her to share it with everyone.  Incredibly there was yet Another Beagle in the far field today;  that’s 3 interlopers in the past two days!  Wonder if his pack leader has read the Torygraph article. But seriously, enough of all the beagles out there when I go out. Go somewhere else for your walk so that I get the attention. 

Mm the stuffing smells like it’s burning so here endeth today’s blog.  Tell your friends. 

See you,





Author: boredbeagle

Slightly stocky beagle who lives with a family. This is She, He, Lad and Young Lad. And Gingercat. Generally doesn't get enough attention and so writes this blog to let everyone know what his life is like. You need to start from page one (First Attempt).. Go on, it's worth the effort.

One thought on “It’s official!”

  1. Was really nice meeting you today Russell but I’m afraid your going to have to share the lovely meadow as I use it most says cos it easy for my walker to keep me contained lol. Enjoyed reading your blog lots of slobbering Benji Beagle


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