Whoa!!   It worked!!  What the heck!  People have read my blog!  She is looking as self-satisfied as the time She bought her first North Face jacket (reduced outlet store) to replace her Tesco jacket.  I chewed holes in the NF one so She didn’t look self-satisfied for long.

But anyway, my blog works!!  G’day to the Aussie relatives, who I knew would be big fans, and Hola to the one person in Spain who viewed it. Random.  And 2 from India!  I wonder what they were searching for to come across boredbeagle.  Well. Thank you for reading.  Please tell your friends.

Special shout out to my young friend J in the Marsden.  Sorry to hear about the Incident in The Night Time last night, and I do hope your Pack Leader gets it together soon.  They are an embarrassment at times. Some dogs are used in hospital as Therapy Dogs, but I don’t think I’d be let in on hygiene grounds.

So, it was an exhausting day yesterday what with the power walk and setting up a blog.  I managed to stagger out of my armchair when She went off for school pick up, however, to find a couple of spearmint polos in the bedroom and a tissue in Lad’s bin.  By the way, the pack of silicon earplugs haven’t come through whole yet, but I’m wondering if I’ve had some particularly strong gastric acid going on that’s broken them down.  It could explain the smells.

She seemed a bit disorganised at teatime and started to make a Jamie Oliver roly poly with some vegetable suet She found at the back of the cupboard – I suspect out of date.  It was a shame She only started this at 5.30 and then discovered it takes 2 hours to steam.  Nobody liked it much anyway.  I think it was the stress of setting up the blog that distracted her.  Hopefully better service will resume tonight.  Tin of peaches and a yogurt.

After dinner last night it was the usual Quiet Hour.  This involves a lot of argybargy about something called homework haveyougotanynoihaven’tcheckyourbagihavecheckedmybagyoumusthavesomethingit’syear11forgod’ssake.

Eventually they all settled down and I slept while She tested Lad on Irreversible Reactions.  It was dull. Then She and Young Lad read about Alex Rider.  That seemed quite dull too.  He read the paper and did the crossword.

This morning She was more stressed than usual as She had to stand outside the Dr surgery for 20 minutes before it opened to get an appointment for Lad.  Lad has health issues which I suspect are an excuse to get out of PE.  There was a lot of moaning about stupidruddytelephonebookingsystem which is why She left early to stand in the cold.  I think the Dr is a bit like the Evil Vet, but there is never a problem getting an appointment at the Evil Vet to have my anal glands squeezed, bastards.  (Though She does have to check it’s not a Pregnant Vet on duty as it’s not nice for Pregnant Vets to squeeze anal glands.)  And I can tell you it’s not great for me either.

While She droveroundlikeabluearsedfly delivering Lad and Young Lad to schools, I had a look in the cupboard under the stairs.  Found a packet of bird seed and chucked it on the lounge floor for good measure.  Didn’t bother opening it though so She should be grateful.

Our walk today was only 2 miles as She hasn’tgottimefor3milesandwriteablogandgettowork  so I did one of my favourite tricks – waited till she was half a mile ahead, then did a poo, so She had to stomp all the way back to me with the poo bags.  This is good for her Exercise Quotient and doesn’t require all the tutting.  It was a nice walk – the Bastard Swans weren’t there today, only their offspring who are still grey, but She says will turn white soon and become Bastard Swans like their parents.  We have a strong mutual dislike of each other.  Saw my mate Lexie down there and a new chocolate lab puppy that wanted me to play, but I don’t do that.  There is no point if there is no food involved.

Despite the fields being a bit muddy I’m still very white and clean.  Lad bathed me on Sunday, and he does a lovely job of it.  He takes time and care, and doesn’t shout LOOK AT THE STATE OF YOU like She does.

Apparently She has to go to work now.  How selfish.  So I will pretend to be asleep in my chair, but plan what I’m going to do in the next 4 hours……She may think She’s covered all bases by putting the bin out and shutting bedroom doors, but I usually find something to do.  Dognextdoor has the radio left on for him when his family go out, but oh no, not me. GingerCat and I have no comforting voices.

Can’t believe anyone’s reading this; who would have thought it!  Oh well. She says GodKnowsWeAllNeedABitofALaughSometimes so maybe it’ll brighten someone’s day.  Tell your friends.  

Bye for now



Author: boredbeagle

Slightly stocky beagle who lives with a family. This is She, He, Lad and Young Lad. And Gingercat. Generally doesn't get enough attention and so writes this blog to let everyone know what his life is like. You need to start from page one (First Attempt).. Go on, it's worth the effort.

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